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I suppose that a lot of you who read my regular comments on Sandman’s site are wondering why I place so much emphasis on women being FIPs (financially independent persons). I can imagine that some of you are thinking “What’s the point of women being FIPs, if having a kid with them still lands you into the manslave role when that FIP female decides to take you to court for child support in a court system still dominated by the fluffie feminists?”

I don’t deny that objection. I think it’s valid, but the situation doesn’t need to be black or white, there are grey regions between the two that are still superior to the black region.

It may be a decade or more before the gender politicians make the gender laws menfair, either through them becoming shit scared that the MGTOWs/masculists are succeeding in crashing the population, and/or through public threat by the masculists of persuading society that the male-feminist, man-traitor gender politicians are genocidal criminals and vote them out of power.

In the meantime, what are men to do, more specifically, what are MGTOW/masculists to do? They don’t dare have kids with women, because then they expose themselves to roughly a one chance in four of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist dominated family court that will destroy his life. So MGTOWs/masculists should continue their policy of avoiding having kids, which serves at least two purposes. It protects them from the fluffie feminist divorce court and being financially massacred, and longer term, it puts tremendous political pressure on the gender politicians to men fair the gender laws (especially re divorce and the Parer (paternity rejection right)) by continuing to crash the population.

But what about having sex with women? That’s another matter. Males are hard wired to want to penis attractive females. So if MGTOWs/masculists try to deny themselves this powerful drive, they will suffer. BUT, there is no need to suffer. There is a simple solution to this problem, that is in the title of this comment, and it’s “twaytweffing” (i.e. “2A2F” spoken quickly, i.e. 2 apartments, 2 FIPs, i.e. a man and a woman, both FIPs having an apartment each, have a relationship. The man gets the regular sex he needs plus has the advantage that he is NOT parasited upon by a fluffie. His female partner is a FIP with her own apartment who earns good money because she bothered to get a good FIP major (professions or techs) education.

The huge advantage for a man to twaytwef is that he can throw the woman out of his apartment or walk out of hers, very easily. There’s no marriage, so no divorce, no alimony, because she is a FIP, no child support, because no kids. The only thing holding the relationship together, i.e. keeping the two partners together is the quality of the relationship. If that quality drops then the man (or the woman) can just walk out of the relationship, and easily. So the man gets the regular sex without having to be a manslave to some bloody fluffie. He can live modestly, in a modest apartment, save and invest heavily and retire in his 40s and live the rest of his life (the second half) free, free from wageslavery, and free from manslavery.

About the only thing that a twaytweffing male has to be careful about is when his female partner is feeling her biological clock ticking. If men are hardwired to penis women, women are hard wired to want to get pregnant before their infertility sets in. There is a serious risk that she may sperm-jack him to get pregnant, so the twaytweffing man needs to be very attentive to her complaints about not having a kid with him. The moment she starts making such complaints, she should be immediately dumped. She is probably aware of this masculist/MGTOW strategy so will keep her frustrations to herself but plan to sperm-jack anyway, so the man should be very careful where he leaves his sperm, certainly not in her, and always use a condom. Once he has ejaculated, he should flush the condom down the toilet immediately. If she complains that he does this, implying he does not trust her, he should say, that that is true. If she complains, dump her. This approach of the twaytweffing man will keep her in line, unless she decides to dump him, but she will probably think, that if she dumps him because he refuses to get her pregnant, then he will talk to his circle of friends, so any other man she tries to get her pregnant, in much the same circle will have been forewarned, so she may not get another twaytweffing relationship, and be viewed as yet another of the evil fluffies and hence remain manless.

So, I think MGTOWs should be talking more about the twaytwef lifestyle. Women can behave well to men if they are motivated. The advantage of twaytweffing is that it is set up in such a way that it motivates women powerfully to be nice to men, to treat them well, and not nag them, and not parasite on them, because if she falls to the temptation of relaxing and her true genetically based parasitic nature surfaces, then the man can simply get disgusted and walk away. The woman knows this and fears that possibility, so she remains nice to him.

So the usual MGTOW disdain for women’s nature, i.e. the red pill (i.e. being aware that women don’t love men, but love their exploitability by women), women’s hypergamy (the idea that women will readily drop coldly her current male exploited partner in favor of a richer more exploitable male partner if the opportunity realistically presents itself) need not keep MGTOWs from avoiding women. The twaytwef lifestyle for men, prevents women from behaving in the above ways. If she starts heading in that direction, the man’s shit detector will go off, and he can give his female partner a warning. “You’re starting to behave like a fluffie. The whole point of me living the twaytwef lifestyle is to avoid such females. If you continue like this, I’m walking out, so be nice!”

You now understand why I place such emphasis on women being FIPs and not being fluffies. If there are lots of FIP females around, then it is possible for men to get regular sex and not be parasited upon by fluffie vermin, by adopting the twaytwef lifestyle. It is a god saver for men for the next decade or so, before the gender laws get menfaired.

So, to summarize the argument – a man should avoid having babies until the gender politicians make the gender laws menfair. That may take a decade or more, so with millions of men refusing to be fathers, the population will soon start crashing and the gender politicians will be FORCED to menfair the gender laws. This has to happen. Its only a question of time. But men can still have regular sex with women, by twaytweffing with FIP females (avoiding fluffies like the plague.) As word gets out to the fluffies who are twiddling their thumbs, manless, rotting on the shelf, that only FIP women are getting penised and getting relationships with men, that will put more moral pressure on them to become FIPs themselves, and hence reduce the level of manslavery of men in the culture as a whole.

So, guys, I think you should be emphasizing the importance of twaytweffing in your discussions. It is not the case that your choices are between A) having regular sex in a marriage with kids AND a one in four chance of being financially massacred by your fluffie or fluffie feminist wife or B) being a MGTOW monk, with no relationships at all with women and no sex. There is an alternative C) i.e. twaytwef with a FIP female. You wont have kids, that’s true, but at least you’ll get regular sex without being a manslave to some bloody fluffie. It may not be your ideal, and will remain that way, until the gender politicians menfair the gender laws, but at least you get the regular sex that you as a male evolved for, and without the traditional manslave price.

When the gender politicians do get round to menfairing the gender laws, men will still want to have relationships only with FIP women, and continue to avoid fluffies like the plague. Fluffies are bad news even when the divorce laws have been made menfair, and the Parer (paternity rejection right) has been passed. Of course, getting a fluffie pregnant will not be the disaster for a man that it is today, but its still a pain in the butt. Also, a decade from now, the stigma attached to having a relationship with a fluffie for a man will not be pleasant. Fluffies are still fluffies, they are still manslaving, parasitic, immoral, vermin, and what self respecting male, who is fully aware of MGTOW/masculist ideas would want to be associated with a type of woman that society is trying to wipe out. How many negro slavers are there in the western world nowadays!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

P.S. Please, someone comment to this comment so that I know they are not being censored.

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