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Young men at high school need to have their MGTOW/masculist consciousnesses raised, so that they do not fall into the trap set by their fluffie crapper classmates, enticing them into marriage, paying for a middle class house that their fluffie wives can raise their kids in, and a decade later, when she is bored with him, she can take him to the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system and rob him of his kids, his house, and force him to pay her child support and alimony for the rest of her fluffie parasitic life.

One married man in four roughly, will be financially massacred in the US by these fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts. This is such a massive gender injustice against men that it screams out to be reformed. Young men need to be very conscious that this “murder of men” is taking place on a daily basis at the rate of over a million men a year in the US, having their lives ruined.

The MGTOW/masculist message of “don’t marry, don’t have kids, spend your money on yourself, avoid fluffies like the plague, don’t allow yourself to be manslaved by a fluffie parasite” is not yet fully known amongst male high schoolers. Admittedly 70% of young men under 35 in the US and Japan refuse to marry, and refuse to have kids, but there is still a lot of ignorance about the fluffie crapper nature of most high school females. If you have a look at the following link, you will see that about two thirds of US male and female high school graduates studied chemistry, and about 40 % of both sexes studied physics. Only about 15% of both sexes studied calculus.

Young men need to study more math, so that they can enter a STEM field at university, so that they can become good FIPs as adults, earning good salaries, so that until the gender laws and society are made menfair, they can earn hard, save hard, invest hard, not marry, not have kids, avoid fluffies like the plague, and save up enough to retire early in life, say in their 40s and then spend the second half of their life doing what they love as ARCers (after retirement careerers).

With only about 15% of high school males AND females studying calculus, that leaves 85% of female high schoolers who do NOT study high school calculus, who then will be excluded from studying a STEM field at university, so that instead they will study fluffie crap and end up with a fluffie crap diploma, making them a fluffie in their 30s, unable to afford to pay for a middle class house on their own fluffie crap salary, so then they will look around desperately for some gullible manslave to parasite upon, hoping that he will pay for the house she wants to raise HER kids in.

To avoid the fluffie crapper trap, high school males need to be taught the above ideas, so that they do not have to learn the hard way, i.e. by being exploited by a fluffie parasite, being divorced, having his kids ripped from him, his house stolen by his fluffie ex-wife, and made poor by having to pay her child support and alimony so she can continue being a fluffie parasite off his money, after the divorce, the way she did before the divorce.

High school males, need to be taught the basics of the gender injustices against men, so that they can avoid the fluffie traps. High school males need to learn a lesson from young British males, who according to a recent survey, care MORE about the FIPness level of prospective girl friends, than the women’s looks, which was the top criterion. This is a healthy development.

High school males need to be taught enough about the gender injustices against men that they become angry and then organize collectively, to change society, to change the social expectations on young women, so that both parents and teachers teach their daughters and female students to be both FIPs and EMOs, i.e. to be financially independent persons, and to expect to have equal moral obligations with men, i.e. they believe in equality between the sexes, not in the current gynocentric culture, that the fluffie feminists so hypocritally push. A blatant example of this fluffie feminist hypocrisy is the lack of the Parer (paternity rejection right) which would give men the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy, the same way women have the Marer (aka abortion right.)

High school males need to have their consciousnesses raised so that they refuse to be judged as future manslaves, they refuse to be seen as exploitable males by their fluffie crapper class mates. They need to see MGTOW/masculism as a rebellion by men against working for women. Thanks to the contraceptive pill, women choose to have 0, 1,2 kids, hence have a career window of some 40+ years. The masculists assert that “Now that women can work, they must work. Anything else is exploitation off the labor of men. Manslavery is slavery, slavery is a war issue. The MGTOWs/masculists are at war against the fluffies.

High school males need to be taught that the primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe out fluffiedom, by wiping out fluffies, not by killing them, but simply ignoring them totally, so that they rot on the shelf to extinction.

High school males who are MGTOWs/masculists are able to retaliate very effectively against the young “princess mentality” of high school women. These high school MGTOW/masculists are intellectually armed. They know what terms like “MGTOW, masculist, fluffie, fluffie crapper, FIP, EMO, Parer, twaytwef, etc” mean and can lash back at fluffie feminists if they feel the need. Most feminists are fluffies, so are hypocrites. They want equal rights for women, but are not EMOs, i.e. they support the gynocracy and are opposed to true equality of rights between the sexes. They oppose the Parer, and the principle of EMO, for example.

High school males need to be taught that they have tremendous power. They can force women to be FIP-EMOs, or these women rot on the shelf. Until the gender laws are made menfair, the best that a woman can hope for from a man, is to twaytwef with him, i.e. have a sexual relationship with him, with both having their own apartments, and both being FIPs. When the relationship ends, they walk back to their own apartments, cost free to the man. Twaytweffing (= 2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) keeps women being nice to men, no nagging, no withholding sex, no molding him the way she wants, otherwise he dumps her. There will be no baby, no marriage, no money to her. She is expected to be a FIP. A MGTOW/masculist will not go near a fluffie, and will check carefully, the FIP status of a prospective girlfriend. If she’s not FIP-EMO, then she will be rejected.

As high school males learn MGTOW/masculist ideas, they will express them, and increasingly collectively, and thus change society. They will put enormous moral pressure on their fluffie crapper class mates, telling them, “You will not have a baby. The supply of manslavable men is drying up. We are waking up to the massive gender injustices against men, and we are angry. We want changes, and we have the power to force these changes. If we have to, we will wipe out whole populations, by continuing to reject paternity. We men will get what we want. We have the power.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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