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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


After the bankruptcy of VID.ME, the search is on for a replacement for the hated, censoring, JewTube as the favored video hosting company for MGTOWs and masculists. This flyer suggests that that favored video hosting company be which is working steadily on improving its software and is now quite user friendly, so that I’m now uploading my 270 or so masculist MGTOW flyer videos to it.

I suggest that other MGTOW content producers, with hundreds of videos, do the same, because advertises heavily that it does NOT censor, unlike JewTube. now has a user friendly upload icon (a paper clip) for easy upload, similar in procedure to YouTube. Once you click on it, you are asked for the video file to be uploaded. is not like is a video hosting company, just as is YouTube, so you can upload your videos to it and store them there, but with one huge advantage over YouTube (aka JewTube) namely, that it does not censor, and advertises that fact.

I have now put up all my masculist MGTOW flyer videos (about 270 of them as I write this) to Patreon (with links to YouTube), and already notice a satisfyingly large growth rate in the number of viewers, compared to what I have with JewTube, because JewTube algorithmically “desubscribers” me.

I have two channels on JewTube, “de Garis Essays” and “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” The former is not algorithmically desubscribered, in fact hardly anyone unsubscribes themselves having subscribed. That is the pattern for my first channel, whereas for my masculist channel, I regularly and consistently see my subscriber count go down, so that my hit rate remains almost negligible.

In the first week that my Masculist channel was up on JewTube, its hit rate growth was quite healthy, then suddenly, I began to be desubscribered, and the total hit rate remained tiny. I had been censored by JewTube, which of course makes me hate them.

When Jews do that kind of thing, i.e. abuse the goy like that, no wonder Jews have been the most hated people in history. They have been thrown out of nearly every country in Europe over the past 1000 years, over 100 times, according to Jewish scholars.

So, I am now punishing JewTube by taking my videos to another video hosting company, i.e. and I recommend that other MGTOW content providers do the same, so that the two communities, MGTOW and masculist can go to it as the new favored MGTOW, masculist video hosting company.

Even though my videos listed on Patreon are linked to YouTube, my hit rate on Patreon is growing healthily, because Patreon is not desubscribering me, so I hope and expect my hit rate will grow substantially, similarly with, and for the same reason, i.e. both these companies have no policy of censoring, i.e. they explicitly state in their ads, that they offer freedom of speech, especially

This is a big plus, which will cause to overtake YouTube in time as the largest and most favored video hosting company. JewTube’s strategy of censoring their videos is a stupid, short sighted, policy that will eventually kill them.

MGTOW/masculism addresses itself to the gender issues of half the world’s population, so is of critical importance.

As MGTOW/masculist internet traffic grows and grows, JewTube will feel in time that it has shot itself in the foot, and may come to regret its CEO’s Jewish feminazi’s decision to censor MGTOW videos. Recently Big John of “MGTOW is Freedom” had his channel deleted. “Angry MGTOW” has now moved away from JewTube. I’m doing the same.

So, the MGTOW/masculist avalanche away from JewTube is now well under way. I hope it will become a flood, especially when has full monetization operating, as they say they will. They are still rather in beta test mode, but already offer quite a good service and improving.

So guys, consider as your video hosting company of preference, to make it the favored video hosting company of the MGTOW/masculist communities.

I expect to have uploaded all my “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” video to in about a month. Once I have done that, I will feel much safer, that all my work that went into making these hundreds of videos, will not be destroyed by fucking JewTube.

There is now a viable, reasonable, non-censoring, freedom of speech offering, video hosting company alternative that I recommend to MGTOW content providers to use. It is called

There is however one possible downside to using and that is its upload speed. There are times during the day, when it is painfully slow, but that might be due to the fact that I’m using a VPN (virtual private network) in China.

Or, it might be worldwide, due perhaps to two phenomena, firstly that does not have the huge computational infrastructure that Google (owner of JewTube, being a Jewish company itself) has, and secondly, perhaps is being swamped by massive upload demand, as 1000s of content providers like myself are fed up with JewTube and are transferring large numbers of videos to, thus forcing to limit traffic flow for each user?

I’d be curious to hear, in the comments section, how people are experiencing upload speeds with


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

(YouTube channels) “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers”) (270+ videos)

(YouTube channel “de Garis Essays”) (150+ videos)



P.S. I wonder how much longer my “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” channel on JewTube will survive before it too is deleted. I suspect that JewTube has a plan to remove all MGTOW content from itself. With Big John and Angry MGTOW already removed from JewTube, the writing is now clearly on the wall – it’s time to move, guys!

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