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Mirror Symmetry

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Papers on Mirror Symmetry

Fukaya, Deformation Theory, Homological Algebra and Mirror Symmetry  (free)

Haessig, Equalities, Congruences, and Quotients of Zeta Functions in Arithmetic Mirror Symmetry  (free)

Hori, Mirror Symmetry & Quantum Geometry  (free)

Kapustin, Strassler, On Mirror Symmetry in Three Dimensional Abelian Gauge Theories  (free)

Katzarkov et al, Hodge Theoretic Aspects of Mirror Symmetry  (free)

Yau, Mirror Symmetry and Localization  (free)

Books on Mirror  Symmetry

Cox, Katz, Mirror Symmetry and Algebraic Geometry  (unfree)  (full-text)

Fukaya et al (eds.), Symplectic Geometry and Mirror Symmetry  (unfree)  (full-text)

Gardner, The New Ambidextrous Universe, Symmetry and Asymmetry, From Mirror Reflections to Superstrings  (unfree)  (free)

Hori et al, Mirror Symmetry  (unfree)  (full-text)

Kapustin, Kreuzer, Schlesinger (eds.), Homological Mirror Symmetry, New Developments and Perspectives  (unfree)  (full-text)

Sabinin, Mirror Geometry of Lie Algebras, Lie Groups and Homogeneous Spaces  (unfree)

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