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Model Theory

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Papers on Model Theory

Abbott, Hauser, Realism, Model Theory, and Linguistic Semantics  (free)

Badesa, The Birth of Model Theory  (free)

Goranko, Otto, Model Theory of Modal Logic  (free)

Hodges, Introduction to Model Theory  (free)

Lakatos, Model Theory and the Mordell-Lang Conjecture  (free)

Mazur, Abelian Varieties and the Mordell-Lang Conjecture  (free)

Weiss, Fundamentals of Model Theory  (free)

Books on  Model Theory

Bell, Set Theory, Boolean-Valued Models and Independence Proofs, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Chang, Keisler, Model Theory, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Dickmann, Large Infinitary Languages Model Theory  (unfree)

Ebbinghaus, Flum, Finite Model Theory, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Esparza et al (eds.), Finite and Algorithmic Model Theory  (unfree)

Flum, Ziegler, Topological Model Theory  (unfree)

Gradel et al, Finite Model Theory and its Applications  (unfree)

Haskell et al, Model Theory, Algebra, and Geometry  (unfree)

Hodges, A Shorter Model Theory  (unfree)

Hodges, Model Theory  (unfree)

Jensen, Prestel (eds.), Set Theory and Model Theory  (unfree)

Lawvere et al, Model Theory and Topoi  (unfree)

Marker, Model Theory, An Introduction  (unfree)

Muller, Linear Model Theory, Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models  (unfree)

Padfield, Helicopter Flight Dynamics, The Theory and Application of Flying Qualities and Simulation Modelling  (unfree)

Prest, Model Theory and Modules  (unfree)

Saracino, Weispfenning (eds.), Model Theory and Algebra  (unfree)

Shelah, Classification Theory and the Number of Non-Isomorphic Models, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)


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