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Papers on Monodromy

Katz, Affine Cohomological Transforms, Perversity, and Monodromy  (free)

Books on Monodromy

Arnold et al, Singularities of Differentiable Maps, Vol. 2, Monodromy and Asymptotics of Integrals  (unfree)

Ebeling, The Monodromy Groups of Isolated Singularities of Complete Intersections  (unfree)  (free29p)

Katz, Moments, Monodromy, and Perversity, A Diophantine Perspective  (unfree)  (free)

Simpson, Asymptotic Behavior of Monodromy, Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations on a Riemann Surface  (unfree)

Zoladek, The Monodromy Group  (unfree)  (free)  (free)

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