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Globism and Cosmism


I believe that the 21st century will be dominated by two major ideologies –

a) Globism

b) Cosmism

Globism is the ideology in favor of the creation of a fully democratic world state, with a global media, a world language, a global culture and culturally homogenized. Achieving this goal is the aim  of the  Globists, of which  I  am one.

Cosmism is the ideology  in favor  of humanity building artilects (artificial intellects, i.e.  god  like massively intelligent  machines). Building artilects implies the acceptance of the idea of creating  a new dominant  species, which  leads to the “Species Dominance Debate”. Many people  will  not tolerate becoming the number 2 species and will, in  the  limit,  go to  war to preserve human dominance, leading to  the “Artilect War” between the  Cosmists (those people who want to build artilects) and the Terrans (those opposed), killing billions in the most passionate war humanity has ever had, because the stake has never been  so high,  not the survival of nations, but the  survival of  the human species.

I have written 2 books, one on each of these  two dominating ideologies. The first book, “The Artilect War, Cosmists vs. Terrans, A Bitter Dispute Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike  Massively Intelligent Machines” is selling steadily and has nearly completed its first printing, but the second “Multis and Monos, What the Multicultured Can Teach the Monocultured, Towards the Creation of  a Global  State” has fallen, as happened to Hume, “stillborn from the press.”  This is frustrating for me, since I feel its ideas in time  will become one of the two dominating ideologies of our century, as I said above.

In an effort, to get more people to buy the book and be stimulated by its ideas, I place below, its table of contents, and the first chapter. The book is available on (author: Hugo de Garis, title: Multis and Monos).

Contents of “Multis and Monos” (link)

Chapter 1: Introduction (link)

(Written somewhat later) Ive decided to release the full  copy of this e-book for free, as part of my recent conversion to being a FIMmer (Free Information Movement member). You can download the whole book  for free (here).

While I’m at it, I  do  the  same for the book “The Artilect War”, i.e. its table of  contents and the  first chapter.

Contents of “The Artilect War” (link)

Chapter 1: Introduction (link)

You can download the whole book  for free (here).

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