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My MPC and Masculist Video Pages on YouTube, Minds, Patreon, BitChute

My MPC and Masculist Video Pages on YouTube, Minds, Patreon, BitChute

YouTube is censoring the contents of masculist and MGTOW videos, so I am copying my MPC (math, physics,  computing) and masculist videos to other platforms, e.g. Minds, Patreon, BitChute, etc.  Below is a list of my links to these alternative video hosting sites.






I have a page you can click on –

It contains my “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” (100s of them) in text and video formats.

I am fed up with YouTube’s (JewTube’s) censorship and demonetization, so I’ve copied my hundreds of MGTOW Masculist Flyers to

Mind’ advertises that they do not censor, so that is a big plus. That means that my Flyers have accompanying ads, that make me a bit of money on the side – nice!

I predict that YouTube will slowly die as more of the bleeding edge thinkers, such as the MGTOWs and masculists move to where they will NOT be censored, and WILL be monetized.

Without the bleeding edge thinkers, YouTube will get the reputation of being rather tame and dull as a result. Advertising revenue will go down, and YouTube will die, as it deserves to.

YouTube has been taken over by the Jewish illuminati, in the form of Google, which is a prominent member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which is the shadow government, the deep state, of the US, selecting and assassinating US presidents according to the Jewish illuminati’s will.

I hope is not Jewish controlled. I need to do some research on that, and will update this page when I get some information, on this point. Either way, its news. If is not under Jewish illuminati control, then that’s good, but if Minds grows, then the illuminati will take it over, the way Google bought YouTube, so that it can now be controlled and censored by the Jewish feminazi who is the CEO of YouTube (JewTube).

If is already Jewish illuminati controlled, then the MGTOW/masculist communities will know to keep looking for an alternative video hoster to upload their videos to.

I also have a page containing the same content, at

I also have a page containing the same content, at




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