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My PhD Thesis

MY PhD THESIS (On Artificial Brains)

I was a mid career switcher. I started doing a PhD thesis rather later in life (i.e. at 40, in 1987). My first year was rather wasted on doing machine  learning related to supervised learning and all in LISP. I then got interested in genetic algorithms and neural  networks,  and had the idea of combining them. I had seen a few papers on the evolution of static neural  nets, but noone at the time as far as I know had thought of the idea of evolving dynamic neural nets, i.e.  nets whose outputs changed with time, and thus could be used to control dynamic behaviors. If I  could evolve one behavior,  I  could evolve a whole library of them. I could also evolve pattern detectors, and link them via logic circuits to make a network of evolved neural  networks,  or  as I  called such things “artificial brains”. My work  in the 1990s and 2000s on artificial brains thus  developed from my original ideas from my PhD thesis.



Hugo de Garis,
Brussels University,
January 1992


Genetic Programming :
Artificial Nervous Systems,
Artificial Embryos


John Koza and I began using the term Genetic Programming (GP) independently in 1990.
I no longer use this term, due to confusion created by Koza’s use of GP.
For the past few years I have been using the term
“Evolutionary Engineering” to describe my work.

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Title Page  (link)

Acknowledgements  (link)

Contents  (link)

Ch.1   Introduction  (link)

Ch.2   Neural Networks  (link)

Ch.3   Genetic Algorithms  (link)

Ch.4   Artificial Life  (link)

Ch.5   Genetic Programming  (link)

Ch.6a   Single GenNet Applications Pt.1  (link)

Ch.6b   Single GenNet Applications Pt.2  (link)

Ch.7   LIZZY : An Artificial Nervous System  (link)

Ch.8   Artificial Embryology  (link)

Ch.9   Other Work  (link)

Ch.10   Strength and Weaknesses of Genetic Programming  (link)

Ch.11   Conclusion and Future Ideas  (link)

Postscript  (link)

Appendices  (link)

References  (link)

Glossary  (link)

P.S. Some of the mathematical symbols in this book need work. That will come..

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