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Number Theory, Combinatorial

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Papers on Number Theory, Combinatorial

Agarwal, An Analogue of Euler’s Identity and New Combinatorial Properties of n-Colour Compositions  (free)

Ahlgren, Multiplicative Relations in Powers of Euler’s Product  (free)

Ahlgren, The Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Powers of Ramanujan’s Theta Function  (free)

Alzer, Ruscheweyh, A Subadditive Property of the Gamma Function  (free)

Archinard, Exceptional Sets of Hypergeometric Series  (free)

Baruah, Saikia, Some General Theorems on the Explicit Evaluations of Ramanujan’s Cubic Continued Fraction  (free)

Benke, Chang, On the Sum of Sine Products  (free)

Berndt et al, Theorems on Partitions from a Page in Ramanujan’s Lost Notebook  (free)

Bowman, Choi, G-Continued Fractions for Basic Hypergeometric Functions II  (free)

Callan, A Combinatorial Proof of Suns Curious Identity  (free)

Chan et al, Cubic Singular Moduli, Ramanujan’s Class Invariants lamda(n) and the Explicit Shimura Reciprocity Law  (free)

Chan et al, Domb’s Numbers and Ramanujan-Sato Type Series for inv(pi)  (free)

Chan et al, New Ramanujan-Kolberg Type Partition Identities  (free)

Chan et al, Quadratic Iterations to pi Associated with Elliptic Functions to the Cubic and Septic Base  (free)

Chan et al, Seven-Modular Lattices and a Septic Base Jacobi Identity  (free)

Chan, Huang, On the Ramanujan-Göllnitz-Gordon Continued Fraction  (free)

Chan, Lewis, Partition Identities and Congruences Associated with the Fourier Coefficients of the Euler Products  (8p)  (free)

Chan, Lewis, Partition Identities and Congruences Associated with the Fourier Coefficients of the Euler Products (7p)  (free)

Chan, Liaw, Cubic Modular Equations and New Ramanujan-Type Series for inv(Pi)  (free)

Chan, Liu, Analogues of Jacobi’s Inversion Formula for the Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the First Kind  (free)

Chan, Representation of Integers as Sums of Squares  (free)

Chandra, Multipliers for the Absolute Euler Summability of Fourier Series  (free)

Chang, New Results on the Erdös-Szemerédi Sum-Product Problems  (free)

Chapman, A New Proof of Some Identities of Bressoud  (free)

Chapman, Cubic Identities for Theta Series in Three Variables  (free)

Chapman, Evaluating Zeta(2)  (free)

Chapman, Partition Identities Arising from Involutions  (free)

Chen, Sun, Generalizations of Knopp’s Identity  (free)

Coffey, On some log-cosine Integrals related to zeta(3, zeta(4), and zeta(6)  (free)

Cooper, Cubic Theta Functions  (free)

Denis et al, On Certain Transformations of Poly-Basic Bilateral Hypergeometric Series  (free)

Ehrenborg, Determinats Involving q-Stirling Numbers  (free)

Fu, Lascoux, q-Identities from Lagrange and Newton Interpolation  (free)

Hashimoto et al, On some Slowly Convergent Series Involving the Hurwitz Zeta-Function  (free)

Joshi, Vyas, Extensions of Certain Classical Integrals of Erdélyi for Gauss Hypergeometric Functions  (free)

Kadell, A Simple Proof of an Aomoto-Type Extension of Askey’s Last Conjectured Selberg q-Integral  (free)

Kaneko, On the Local Factor of the Zeta Function of Quadratic Orders  (free)

Kanemitsu et al, On the Values of the Riemann Zeta-Function at Rational Arguments  (free)

Krattenthaler, Rao, Automatic Generation of Hypergeometric Identities by the Beta Integral Method  (free)

Krattenthaler, Rosengren, On a Hypergeometric Identity of Gelfand, Graev and Retakh  (free)

Lachaud, Spectral Analysis and the Riemann Hypothesis  (free)

Miller, On a Kummer-Type Transformation for the Generalized Function 2F2  (free)

Milne, New Infinite Families of Exact Sums of Squares Formulas, Jacobi Elliptic Functions, and Ramanujan’s Tau Function  (free)

Ono, Penniston, Congruences for 3F2 Hypergeometric Functions over Finite Fields  (free)

Ramanathan, Some Properties of an Extended Wigner Function  (free)

Rivoal, Selberg’s Integral and Linear Forms in Zeta Values  (free)

Roblet, Combinatorial Interpretation of Continued Fractions  (free)

Schlosser, A Nonterminating 8phi7 Summation for the Root System Cr  (free)

Tóth, Bukor, On the Alternating Series  (free)

van Assche et al, K. Srinavasa Rao and his Work  (free)

van den Berghe, de Meyer, A Special Identity between Three 2F1(a,b;c;4) Hypergeometric Series  (free)

Waldschmidt, Algebraic Values of Analytic Functions  (free)

Warnaar, The Generalized Borwein Conjecture, II, Refined q-Trinomial Coefficients  (free)

Yang, Approximations for Constant e and their Applications  (free)

Yang, Partitions into Primes  (free)

Yang, Taylor Expansion of an Eisenstein Series  (free)

Yee, A Combinatorial Proof of Andrews’ Partition Functions Realted to Schur’s Partition Theorem  (free)

Yee, Combinatorial Proofs of Generating Function Identities for F-Partitions  (free)

Books on Number Theory, Combinatorial

Erdos, Graham, Old and New Problems and Results in Combinatorial Number Theory  (unfree)  (unfree)  (full-text)

Geroldinger, Ruzsa, Combinatorial Number Theory and Additive Group Theory  (unfree)

Honsberger, Mathematical Gems 1, From Elementary Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Geometry  (unfree)

Honsberger, Mathematical Gems III, From Elementary Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Geometry  (unfree)

Kisacanin, Mathematical Problems and Proofs, Combinatorics, Number Theory and Geometry  (unfree)  (full-text)

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