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Numerical Methods

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Papers on Numerical Methods

anon, Adaptive and Recursive Monte Carlo Methods  (free)

anon, Numerical Methods for Stress Analysis of Axisymmetric Shells  (free)

anon, Relations between Load and Settlement of Circular Foundations on or in Dense Sand  (free)

anon, Stochastic Models and Monte Carlo Methods in Numerical Mathematics and Mathematical Physics  (free)

Belmiloudi (ed.), Heat Transfer, Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Information Technology  (free)

Benner, van Dooren, Advanced Computational Tools for Computer-Aided Control System Design (CACSD)  (free)

Bristeau et al, Numerical Methods for the Navier Stokes Equations, Applications to the Simulation of Compressible and Incompressible Viscous Flows  (free)

Ciarlet, Lions, General Preface  (free)

Clark, Numerical Methods for Stochastic Volatility, Fourier Methods, PDEs and Monte Carlo  (free)

Collins, Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis  (free)

Faires, Burden, Answers for Numerical Methods, 3rd. edn.  (free)

Handlovicova et al, Variational Numerical Methods for Solving Nonlinear Diffusion Equations Arising in Image Processing  (free)

Hjorth-Jensen, Computational Physics  (free)

Ishii, Baba, Advanced Computational Methods in Lightning Performance, The Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC-2)  (free)

Johnson, Advanced Methods in Scientific Computing  (free)

Jones, The Adaptation of Babylonian Methods in Greek Numerical Astronomy  (free)

Kadiyala, Karlsson, Numerical Methods for Estimation and Inference in Bayesian VAR-Models  (free)

Larsson, Fornberg, A Numerical Study of some Radial Basis Function Based Solution Methods for Elliptic PDEs  (free)

Margrave, Numerical Methods of Exploration Seismology, with Algorithms in MATLAB  (free)

Mattiussi, A Reference Discretization for the Numerical Solution of Physical Field Problems  (free)

Mattiussi, The Geometry of Time-Stepping  (free)

Moss, Numerical Methods for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Scattering in Complex Media  (free)

Oden, Finite Elements, An Introduction  (free)

Russell, Khalili, A Unified Bound Surface Plasticity Model for Unsaturated Soils  (free)

Smith, Mice, A Survey of Numerical Methods in Offshore Piling  (free)

Weiss, Numerical Analysis of Lattice Boltzmann Methods for the Heat Equation on a Bounded Interval  (free)

Windcliff et al, Numerical Methods and Volatility Models for Valuing Cliquet Options  (free)

Young, Mohlenkamp, Introduction to Numerical Methods and MATLAB Programming for Engineers  (free)

Books on Numerical Methods

Aberth, Introduction to Precise Numerical Methods, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Acton, Numerical Methods that Work  (unfree)

Allgower, Georg, Numerical Path Following  (unfree)

anon, Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Variational Problems  (unfree)

Appleby et al (eds.), Numerical Methods for Finance  (unfree)

Babuska, Osborn, Eigenvalue Problems

Bachanan, Turner, Numerical Methods and Analysis

Bangash, Earthquake Resistant Buildings, Dynamic Analyses, Numerical Computations, Codified Methods, Case Studies and Examples  (unfree)

Bensoussan, Zhang (eds.), Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. XV, Special Volume, Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods in Finance

Bernardi, Maday, Spectral Methods  (unfree)

Beutler, Methods of Celestial Mechanics, Vol. I, Physical, Mathematical, and Numerical Principles  (unfree)

Billo, Excel For Scientists and Engineers, Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Björck, Dahlquist, Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing, Vol. II   (unfree)

Bjorck, Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems  (unfree)

Boyanov et al (eds.), Numerical Methods and Applications  (unfree)

Bramble et al, Multiscale Problems and Methods in Numerical Simulations  (unfree)

Breton, Szajowski, Advances in Dynamic Games, Theory, Applications, and Numerical Methods for Differential and Stochastic Games  (unfree)

Buchanan, Turner, Numerical Methods and Analysis  (unfree)

Caloz, Rappaz, Numerical Analysis for Nonlinear and Bifurcation Problems

Cebeci, Turbulence Models and their Applications, Efficient Numerical Methods with Computer Programs  (unfree)

Chapra, Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Chapra, Applied Numerical Methods, Solutions Manual

Chapra, Canale, Numerical Methods for Engineers, 6th. edn.  (unfree)

Chapra, Numerical Methods for Engineers, Solutions Manual   (unfree)

Chapra, Solutions Manual to Accompany ‘Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists’  (unfree)

Chari, Salon, Numerical Methods in Electromagnetism  (unfree)

Christiansen, Limit Analysis of Collapse States

Ciarlet, Basic Error Estimates for Elliptic Problems

Ciarlet, Lions (eds.), Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. II, Finite Element Methods, (Part 1)  (unfree)

Ciarlet, Lions (eds.), Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. IV, Finite Element Methods (Part 2), Numerical Methods for Solids (Part 2)

Cohen, Numerical Approximation Methods  (unfree)

Cohen, Numerical Methods for Laplace Transform Inversion  (unfree)

Constantinides, Mostoufi, Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers with MATLAB Applications  (unfree)

Cordier et al (eds.), Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic and Kinetic Problems  (unfree)

Cuyt, Wuytack, Nonlinear Methods in Numerical Analysis  (unfree)

Dahlquist, Bjorck, Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing, Vol. I

Dahlquist, Bjorck, Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Datta, Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems  (unfree)

Davis, Rabinowitz, Methods of Numerical Integration, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Dennis, Schnabel, Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and Nonlinear Equations  (unfree)

Dimov et al (eds.), Numerical Methods and Applications  (unfree)

dos Passos, Numerical Methods, Algorithms and Tools in C#  (unfree)

Dubin, Numerical and Analytical Methods for Scientists and Engineers Using Mathematica  (unfree)

Ehlers (ed.), Theoretical and Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics of Porous Materials  (unfree)

Faires, Burden, Numerical Methods, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Fortin, Glowinski, Augmented Lagrangian Methods, Applications to the Numerical Solution of Boundary-Value Problems  (unfree)

Fujita, Suzuki, Evolution Problems

George, Automatic Mesh Generation and Finite Element Computation  (unfree)

Gilli et al, Numerical Methods and Optimization in Finance  (unfree)

Glowinsk, Le Tallec, Augmented Lagrangian and Operator-Splitting Methods in Nonlinear Mechanics  (unfree)

Glowinski, Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Variational Problems  (unfree)

Gottlieb, Orszag, Numerical Analysis of Spectral Methods, Theory and Applications  (unfree)

Hairer, The Numerical Solution of Differential-Algebraic Systems by Runge-Kutta Methods  (unfree)

Hamming, Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers  (unfree)

Haslinger et al, Numerical Methods for Unilateral Problems in Solid Mechanics

Hirsch, Numerical Computation of Internal and External Flows, Vol. 2, Computational Methods for Inviscid and Viscous Flows  (unfree)

Hoffman, Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Johnston, Numerical Methods, A Software Approach  (unfree)

Karniadakis, Sherwin, Spectral hp Element Methods for CFD  (unfree)

Komzsik, MSC.Nastran Numerical Methods User’s Guide  (unfree)

Krauskopf et al (eds.), Numerical Continuation Methods for Dynamical Systems, Path Following and Boundary Value Problems  (unfree)

LeVeque, Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws  (unfree)

Levy, Computational Finance, Numerical Methods for Pricing Financial Instruments  (unfree)

Li (ed.), Frontiers in Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Li et al, Generalized Difference Methods for Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis of Finite Volume Methods  (unfree)

Mathews, Fink, Numerical Methods Using MATLAB, 3rd. edn.  (unfree)

Meinardus, Approximation of Functions, Theory and Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Meyer, Wavelets and Fast Numerical Algorithms

Miranker, Numerical Methods for Stiff Equations and Singular Perturbation Problems  (unfree)

Modersitzki, Numerical Methods for Image Registration  (unfree)

Monahan, Numerical Methods of Statistics, 2nd. edn.  (unfree)

Moore, Methods and Applications of Interval Analysis  (unfree)

Morgan, Numerical Methods, Real-Time and Embedded Systems Programming  (unfree)

Mysovskih, Lectures on Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Novales et al, Economic Growth, Theory and Numerical Solution Methods  (unfree)

Otto, Denier, An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB  (unfree)

Pytlak, Numerical Methods for Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints  (unfree)

Quarteroni, Valli,  Numerical  Approximation of Partial Differential Equations  (unfree)

Rabier, Rheinboldt, Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Differential-Algebraic Equations

Rabinowitz (ed.), Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Algebraic Equations  (unfree)

Rice, Numerical Methods, Software and Analysis  (unfree)

Risler, Computer Aided Geometric Design

Roberts, Thomas, Mixed and Hybrid Methods 

Roff, Modeling Evolution, An Introduction to Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Sakkeh et al, Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++

Salvi (ed.), The Navier-Stokes Equations, Theory and Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Samarskii, Vabishchevich, Numerical Methods for Solving Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics  (unfree)

Schilders, ter Maten (eds.), Handbook of Numerical Analysis, Vol. XIII, Special Volume, Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics  (unfree)

Schwartz, Biological Modeling and Simulation, A Survey of Practical Models, Algorithms, and Numerical Methods  (unfree)

Selleh et al, Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++  (unfree)

Small, Wang, Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Estimating Equations  (unfree)

Trabucho, Viano, Mathematical Modelling of Rods

van der Vorst, Computational Methods for Large Eigenvalue Problems

Wahlbin, Local Behavior in Finite Element Methods

Woodford, Phillips, Numerical Methods with Worked Examples, Matlab Edition, 2ed. edn.  (unfree)

Yang et al, Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB  (unfree)

Zienkiewicz, Origins, Milestones and Directions of the Finite Element Method, A Personal View  (unfree)

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