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OUP’s “Philosophy of Perception” Series Book List

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OUP’s “Philosophy of Perception” Series Book List (9)

OUP’s Series List (link)

Aquinas’s Theory of Perception, An Analytic Reconstruction, Lisska  (unfree)

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality, Consciousness and Fundamental Reality, Goff  (unfree)

Descartes, Malebranche, and the Crisis of Perception, Ott  (unfree)

Emotions, Value, and Agency, Tappolet  (unfree)

Impossible Puzzle Films, A Cognitive Approach to Contemporary Complex Cinema, Kiss, Willemsen  (unfree)

Sensory Blending, On Synaesthesia and Related Phenomena, Deroy  (unfree)

The Given, Experience and its Content, Montague  (unfree)

The Oxford Handbook of Probability and Philosophy, Hajek, Hitchcock  (unfree)

The Rationality of Perception, Siegel  (unfree)

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