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Oxford University Press (OUP) Graduate Mathematics Texts Lists (m)

Oxford University Press (OUP) Graduate Mathematics Texts Lists (m)

Oxford Applied Mathematics and Computing Science Series (OAMCSS)  (link)  60

Oxford, Cambridge and Dublin Messenger of Mathematics (OCDMM)  (link)  12

Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics (OGTM)  (link)  done

Oxford Handbooks in Mathematics (OHAM)  (link)  20

Oxford History of Mathematics (OHIM)  (link)  20

Oxford Logic Guides (OLG)  (link)  80

Oxford Lecture Series in Mathematics and its Applications (OLSMA)  (link)  70

Oxford Mathematics (OM)  (link)  <100

Oxford Mathematical Monographs (OMM)  (link)  140

Oxford Mathematics Dictionaries  (link)  <30

Oxford Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation  (link)  5

Oxford Quarterly Journal of Mathematics (OQJM)  (link)  30

Oxford Science Publications – Mathematics  (link)  20

Oxford Texts in Applied and Engineering Mathematics (OTAEM)  (link)  30

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