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“Pluddites” (Paper Luddites)

“Pluddites” (Paper Luddites)

 Pluddites = Publishers of copyrighted paper academic books



Lately, Google has been putting up links to the FULL CONTENTS of books. This is ongoing. So if you want to do your own searching, just cut and paste the author and title of a book in my e-libraries into the Google search window. You may find something newer than what I have provided.


 Pluddites in a Nutshell :

*  Pluddites imprison knowledge.

*  Pluddites keep the world ignorant by copyrighting knowledge contained  in PAPER products that they charge high prices for.

*  Why should anyone  pay $100 for one PAPER academic book when they can download 50,000 e-books for FREE?!

*  Indirectly, the Pluddites keep the world at war, since with no copyrights on (scanned and uploaded) academic paper books  –> world-wide free university-level education, based on the internet and smart (cell) phones  –> the rise of a world wide educated middle class –> the middle classes push for world wide democracy –> advanced democracies do not go to war with each other –> world peace –> no more wars, no  arms trade, no ignorance, no poverty.

*  Any book,  given its title and/or author, can be downloaded for free from  internet file  sharing sites (such as e.g. the books listed in my two e-libraries (Topics, Publishers) or any other bibliography (provided of course that the book exists on the file sharing site at the time of search), thus revolutionizing peoples university level education, because they have access to the  knowledge formerly locked up behind copyrighted paper academic books. Individual scholars are now able to download books from file sharing sites and build up their own private libraries consisting of 10,000s of books and research papers, all for free.

*  Thousands of volunteers take these electronic book lists (e.g. those e-libraries on my web site, or any bibliography) and check whether particular books are available on the file sharing sites. If not, they borrow them from libraries, scan them into electronic form, and upload them to the file sharing sites. Eventually, this process of starting from e-lists to upload books that are missing on the file sharing sites, will put all knowledge online, so that it can be downloaded for free by everyone. World wide education is being revolutionized.

*  Billions of people will soon be downloading the electronic form of academic books (that were scanned in paper form, and uploaded to file sharing sites) which is currently causing the pluddite publishing  companies to go bankrupt, as they should, because paper is dying, in the same way that papyrus, parchment, and hand copied paper books also died. Information should be electronic and therefore free.

*  The “two billion hungry minds” who  are capable  of benefiting from free world wide internet university level education will become an unstoppable  force as they push relentlessly for free university level education as a human right. Politicians around the world will be forced to bow to their pressure, which will be “a force of nature.”


Here is a PowerPoint talk I gave at a conference, “THE PAPER WAR, FIMmers vs. Pluddites, Free Information Movement members vs. Paper Luddites, Bankrupting the Pluddites to Give Everyone a Million Dollar Education and a War Free World” (link). A YouTube video of this talk can be seen (here).

Click (here) for an essay entitled “How Much Longer Can the Pluddites Survive? The Death of the Paper Publishers”.

The paper technical book publishers (whom I label contemptuously, “pluddites” (paper luddites))  make me angry. I’ve become conscious how much damage to worldwide free-education, the paper technical book publishers are causing. I’m very much aware that if  I  and others could  put links to e-books (and especially e-textbooks) on our websites, it would hugely educate the planet, especially the third world, which cant afford $50 paper technical books.  Soon, nearly everyone on the planet will  have internet phones, allowing global free-education, hence the rise of  the middle class, world wide democratization,  and since advanced democracies don’t go to war with each other, we will have world peace, no arms trade, no ignorance, no poverty, so there’s a LOT at stake. You can  see why I  really want the pluddites  to die. Recently, I went searching to  find opinions similar to mine and  learned that the paper book stores are dying in the US (e.g. Barnes and Noble and  Borders, both major book  stores in the US when  I was living  there 6+ years ago, have recently gone/going  bankrupt.) Good, so that means the paper publishers will also soon go bankrupt and be forced to become e-book publishers. e-books cost nothing to copy, so their price should become next to nothing. Once  the paper publishers die off, I hope their copyrights on their pre-bankruptcy paper technical books will disappear, so people  like me (i.e. “globacators” (global  educators)) can  be  free to  link to their electronic versions without the  risk  of being legally hassled. World free-education can then be revolutionized.

I would love to be able  to put links to the  actual content of the books, but in today’s world,  the paper technical book  publishers still have not died off, so they continue to have a copyrighted “knowledge access monopoly (KAM).” Anyone who wants to learn the  contents of such books must buy them, in paper form, which can  cost $50-$100 each, which is profoundly harmful and anti socialist in today’s era of global “webucation.”

In today’s internet world, why should anyone be legally obliged to spend $50 for one paper book, when it is technologically possible  for him to download 50,000 e-books for FREE. Of course, all students are doing this privately (i.e. downloading the contents of e-books illegally in their own domicile), and so the book stores are dying, through lack of sales, e.g. Borders, a huge book store chain in the  US went bankrupt recently, and the other big  book store chains are headed the same way.

Once the big book store chains die, the paper technical book publishers will also die, and hopefully the copyrights on  their paper technical books will be lifted, so that the concept  of KAM (knowledge access monopoly) can also die. It will then be possible for me and other globacators, without being fined, to put direct links to the contents of these technical e-books, which would HUGELY raise the educational level of the  planet, and hence increase the size of the educated middle class world wide, and hence strengthen the spread of democracy world wide, and  since advanced democracies dont  go to war with each other, we would see the creation of world  peace. (See the “Pluddite” tab on my main  menu).

So, over the  years, as the  paper technical book publishing companies go bankrupt (killed off by the private decisions  of millions of readers who download technical e-books for free using only a book’s title or  its author on the many free e-book sites such as,, etc), I will progressively change the book  links from that to to those of files of the actual contents of the books. In today’s world, information should be free. The pluddites are the main  obstacle to the achievement of this goal (i.e. free access to all  information  at all levels, from kindergarten to professorial.)

Fortunately, for the sake of the planet’s free education, the pluddites have only a few more years to live. They are already dying. As I said above, why should anyone (especially an intelligent $2/day third worlder with an internet phone) be  forced to spend $50 for one (copyrighted) paper book, when he  can download 50,000 e-books for free, and hence, via education,  pull himself out of his third world ignorance  and  poverty. There  is a LOT at stake in the desired death of the pludites. See my “Pluddite” tab on my main menu.

Ive read on the web that Americans use the  term “Paper Mafia”. Imagine the book links Im  giving were to the  contents of the books. Imagine the richness of the  education that would  be  possible! Thus the pluddites are keeping  the world ignorant,  and  hence undemocratic, and  hence at war.  They are truly the enemy of the the  globacators and the Globists and need to go bankrupt quickly, so that  the world can educate itself, democratize itself, and rid  itself of war.


The next logical  step in the process of creating a free-education world, where students world wide can get free access to the  information  contained in copyrighted paper technical books, i.e. to break the knowledge access monopoly (KAM) of the pluddites, would be for some government to establish a “FREE EDUCATION SERVICE” by creating web servers that contain the contents of these paper technical books that the world  can  access freely. Students and volunteers could upload and download such e-books freely. Such a government  would be performing a major service to humanity and would become famous, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for educating humanity.

When one does a cost-benefit analysis, i.e. the costs to the paper technical publishers (i.e. their bankruptcy) vs. the benefits to humanity of free education, the latter hugely outweighs the former, so the former should go bankrupt and the contents of their copyrighted paper technical books should be made freely accessible to  the  world. Future e-technical  books could be self published by their authors with the help of  scientific communities whose aim would be to provide technical education to the planet for free.

So if you are a politician of a country which  cares more about the education of the whole planet than the profits of a tiny  minority, then  I appeal to you to start up a Free Education  Service for the world. Being a sovereign government,  noone could touch you, not  even the  WTO (World  Trade Organization) because you have the political power as a government, and the “moral high ground” (why should anyone be forced to pay $50 for a single paper technical book to get at its contents, when in the modern internet age it is possible for an individual to download 50,000 e-books for free, using such sites as,, etc.)

Once such a service is established, third world countries would support it quickly,  since it is largely their citizens who would benefit from it the most. Soon, nearly all the earth’s citizens will have an internet phone, so can educate themselves for free, if the service is there. They can teach themselves English, the world language, using free language courses on the internet, then have free access to the world’s knowledge. This would change billions of lives, the greatest social revolution since the invention of the contraceptive pill.

Once a large number of other governments join the free education band wagon, the first world countries will come under greater moral pressure to support it too, since their citizens also will benefit. In time, the whole world will take free education for granted and look back at our current  time and judge us as “benighted.”

Free and Unfree

To express the antagonism that exists between globacators and pluddites, I will link the books and papers in this deGarisMPCP tab as either (free) or (unfree). A free link means that you can click on it to see the contents of the reference. An unfree link means that there is a copyright on the reference (usually a paper technical  book) so I link the  reference to which gives a description of the paper technical book, which  is better than nothing.  With these 1000s of unfree links, imagine the impact on world education once all these copyrights die away as the pluddites go bankrupt and extinct, the way they  should, given  that they are paper luddites. They keep the world ignorant, and hence indirectly at war, so indirectly they are mass killers, like the tobacco companies, who kill half their customers.

Knowledge Gaoling Extortionists

Ive been looking for a catchy term to label paper technical book  publishers who extort the learners of the planet. So  much of the world’s knowledge is locked up (imprisoned) inside paper technical books and journals, that the world is kept ignorant by this practice. The knowledge access monopoly held by the pluddites makes them extortionists – “you want the knowledge locked up in one of our paper books or journals,  then  you have to pay the price of that paper book or journal. If you download it for free, we will prosecute you” Such people I label “knowledge gaolers” because they  imprison knowledge, and release it only at an extortionist price. Such people need to  be purged. This purging is going on, quietly, effectively, by millions of people in  their own domiciles, downloading free knowledge from scanned paper technical books using file sharing sites, thus forcing the knowledge gaolers out of business. The knowledge creators will have to put their knowledge into electronic form and distribute it free to the world. The knowledge creators have  no  choice about this. If they attach a price to their work, then the world  community will  simply scan it into electronic form and distribute it across the planet for free.

Two Billion Hungry Minds and the Education Policies of Governments

There are two billion hungry minds in the world pushing for tertiary education, to better their  lives. In a mere few years,  nearly everyone  on the planet will  have an internet phone so will be able to download information, and hence free education. When these two billion people wake up to the  fact that they are being deprived of a free education by the copyrights on the technical  books and journals imposed by the pluddites,  the collective wrath of the two billion will turn against them and cause the education policies of governments to change. Education transforms lives. It allows rapid upward mobility and is highly sought after by those capable of higher education,  i.e. about two billion  people or more. As their anger at being deprived of a higher education by the pluddites, becomes a tidal wave, the dam will burst, and politicians will have to give the two billion what they want or be voted out of office. There are 130+ democracies in the world. 90% of people living outside China live in  democracies. When the dam breaks, the pluddites will be forced to give up their copyrights, and disappear from  the scene. Information, and hence education, should then be like air, free and precious.

Weapons in the Paper War

To simplify the discussion, I will refer to the pluddites as the “gaolers” and the people who want knowledge to be free, the “freers” (pronounced “free-ers”). The gaolers’ main weapon is the law court. They have been suing copyright infringers for decades. A recent spectacular case illustrates the idea. Aaron Swartz, one of the fathers of “Reddit,” argued that the research that led to the results published by Jstor was paid for by the public and hence should  be  freely distributed to the public, so he did just that. Jstor hit back viciously against him in the courts, to such an extent that Swartz eventually  suicided. Gaolers such as Jstor, are fighting for their lives. Their survival is at stake as paper goes extinct, and people increasingly feel  that  information should now be free in the era of the internet. The freers main tools are the scanner and the file  sharing sites on the internet. A scanner costs only about $100, so freers can scan any paper book or journal and send the electronic file to the various file sharing sites (e.g. etc).

Both sides, the gaolers and the freers accuse each other of theft. The  gaolers argue that the freers are parasiting on the work of the gaolers (the paper book and journal publishers) who have created the book or journal and then want a financial  reward for their effort. When  the freers then distribute these products for free, the gaolers scream “theft.” From the  gaolers perspective, they are right. In the paper era, they performed a valuable service. They packaged the intellectual content of the authors and distributed it in  the only way readily available in the paper era, namely paper. But now we live in the internet era, in which  it costs nothing  to copy a book or journal. The gaolers are seen by the freers as “knowledge gaoling extortionists” because they are locking up (gaoling) so much of the world’s knowledge in paper form and then extorting the public by saying, if you  want access to this information (over which  we paper publishers have a monopoly) then you will have to pay the price, i.e. of the paper packaging. The freers are angry at this, arguing – why should anyone have to pay $50 for a single paper book  or journal article, when in the  internet era, one can  download 50,000 e-books and papers for free. The  freers feel that the days of the paper publishers are numbered, that they should exit the industry and do something positive for humanity, rather than extorting the public. To freers, the gaolers are the “paper mafia.”

Force of Nature

The freers have the wind in their sails. They know the gaolers are dying. As mentioned  above, when 2 billion people become  conscious that  free education will soon be possible, no force on earth is going to stop them getting what they want. The gaolers will be  crushed in the stampede  The freers will feel they have the “moral high ground” using the argument that “an educated world is a democratic  world, and a democratic world is a war free world.” They will feel they are on a moral crusade, and will  scan their paper documents in their millions and upload them to the file sharing sites for the world to download, as well as pushing their politicians to kill the so called “intellectual copyright system”. The gaolers do not create the  intellectual content. The  authors do that. The gaolers are mere packagers and distributors of the intellectual content, but the shift from paper to electronic publishing means that this packaging  and distribution can be done by anyone and for free. Unfortunately for the  2 billion hungry minds,  so much  of the world’s knowledge is imprisoned in paper that is copyrighted, that a “Paper War” is inevitable. The gaolers will fight to preserve the copyright system,  because it  is their livelihood,  their existence. The freers want that imprisoned (gaoled) information to be made free. These two goal sets are diametrically opposed. The freers will win of course, because of their vast numbers, 2 billion of them. In a democratic world,  the elected politicians will  have to bow to this “force of nature,” this clamor of the 2 billion to be educated for free and  thus to improve their lives. The gaolers, if they have any sense, will see the writing on the wall, and get out of the industry.

Free Information Movement (FIM) and the FIMmers

The Free Information Movement (FIM) consists of people who want information to be free, who are opposed to the pluddites, whom the FIM sees as imprisoning knowledge inside paper books and journals or even electronically, and then charging people to access them. This is seen as extortion by the FIMmers (advocates of FIM). FIMmers feel themselves on a moral  crusade to drive the pluddites out of business, so that information can be free and distributed freely to the world, to  help create a world  wide educated middle class,  which then pushes for world wide democracy and hence a war free world. This is such a noble and achievable goal that it motivates the FIMmers powerfully. The FIMmers then use their scanners to scan the world’s knowledge and upload it to file sharing sites, for the world to use. In a mere few years, nearly everyone on the planet will have an internet phone, so can access this free knowledge. Universities and “freeprofs” like myself are putting their lecture videos on YouTube for the world to educate itself. Once the 2 billion hungry minds wake  up  to the fact that  they  can  educate themselves out  of poverty, into a better life, their motivation to do just that will be enormous. They will become an unstoppable  force.

Authors will  need to publish their technical works for free, e.g. my third book (a collection  of my essays) will be put on my website and will be  free. The previous two books (published in 2005 and 2010) were in paper format and used middle men (paper packagers and distributors) but such people are no longer needed. The internet has empowered individuals to publish their own work for free. This is the new norm. Anyone attaching a price to a piece of intellectual writing will have it taken by the world and distributed for free.

For researchers and professors, the prestige of being published by a prestigious publisher, such as Cambridge University Press will need to be replaced by new institutions, run by the research community itself, which gives its stamp of approval, but attaches no price to the work. The  efforts  of  the FIMmers will ensure that no price can be attached to an intellectual work. In the past, authors of intellectual and technical works earned very  little  money from their efforts. They were in it for the prestige, for promotion at their jobs at universities etc. The new institutions proposed above can continue this process, without locking up the information into  extortionist packages by the  pluddites. Some publishing companies now are charging $30 just to download ONE electronic journal article. These companies are criminals and need to be  purged. That is the  job of the FIMmers, to force them  out of business – grass roots justice.

Free Information and Governments

In today’s world, what is the primary  function of  governments? I would say it is essentially economic, stimulating high  economic growth so that  people can have a better richer life. Within a few years, billions of people will catch on  to the idea that they  can have a richer better life by getting a free education on the internet. Once this happens, billions of people will pressure their governments to remove the obstacles to free education,  namely the pluddites, the paper publishers who  imprison knowledge behind copyrights and hence extort the people. Once the billions become conscious  of this idea,  their anger will have a target, and god help the pluddites. They will be  brushed aside,  and educational paper books will become  museum  pieces. The contents  of paper books and journals  will be scanned into file sharing sites and later, government  repositories with free access, so that their populations can have the  means to educate themselves to a far higher level than  was possible in the copyright era. From this, one can conclude that one  of the most important functions of future governments will be providing free education to the billions. The pluddites will become  not only an  enemy of the billions but of governments as well. Political  pressure from the grass roots level  to make  information free will be so  strong, that governments will have to listen and do what the billions want. We will then  live in an  information free, de-copyrighted world.

We are All Missing Out on  a Million Dollar Education

What I mean by this is that if we lived in a copyrightless world, then it would be possible for everyone to have an education that would cost a million dollars to buy all the books and journals that would  allow such a high quality education. Hopefully in a few years, paper will die, and so too the pluddites, so that paper books and journals become uncopyrighted. Students around  the world could then download legally to their hearts content from file sharing sites such as, etc,  hugely increasingly their education level. For example, imagine I could legally put up links to all the books in the e-library on this  site. This would  hugely benefit those people wanting a solid PhD level education in pure math, math physics, philosophy etc. The people standing in the way of giving a “million dollar education to the whole planet” are the  pluddites. I am impatient for them to go bankrupt,  so that the world can move on to a much higher level of education than is the  case today. So if you are a young pluddite, my advice to you is to get out of your immoral profession and do something else that benefits humanity rather than holds it back.


Cheers, Prof. Dr. Hugo  de Garis



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