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“Perspectives in Logic” Books List

“Perspectives in Logic” Books List (16)

CUP’s “Perspectives in Logic” Books List  (link)

Admissible Sets and Structures, Barwise  (unfree)

Computability in Analysis and Physics, Pour-El, Richards  (unfree)

Constructibility, Devlin  (unfree)

Degrees of Unsolvability : Local and Global Theory, Lerman  (unfree)

Essential Stability Theory, Buechler  (unfree)

Fundamentals of Stability Theory, Baldwin  (unfree)

General Recursion Theory : An Axiomatic Approach, Fenstad  (unfree)

Higher Recursion Theory, Sacks  (unfree) look inside

Lambda Calculus with Types, Barendregt et al  (unfree) look inside

Metamathematics of First-Order Arithmetic, Hájek, Pudlák  (unfree) look inside

Model-Theoretic Logics, Barwise, Feferman  (unfree)

Proofs and Computations, Schwichtenberg, Wainer  (unfree) look inside

Proper and Improper Forcing, Shelah,  (unfree)

Pure Inductive Logic, Paris, Vencovská  (unfree) look inside

Recursion-Theoretic Hierarchies, Hinman  (unfree)

Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic, Simpson  (unfree) look inside



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