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“Pheonix Books” Books List (philosophy)

“Pheonix Books” Books List (philosophy)

“Pheonix Books” Books List (34)  (link)

The Age of Nothing, Watson  (unfree)

Benjamin Franklin in London, Goodwin  (unfree)

The Christmas Files, The Philosophy of Christmas, Law  (unfree)

The Coincidence Authority, Ironmonger  (unfree)

Democritus, Cartledge  (unfree)

Descartes, Cottingham  (unfree)

Eastern Philosophy, Ram-Prasad  (unfree)

The Great Philosophers, Magee (unfree)

The Heart of Things, Grayling  (unfree)

The Hedgehog and the Fox, Berlin  (unfree)

Hegel, Plant  (unfree)

How Babies Think, Gopnik  (unfree)

How Jesus Became Christian, Wilson  (unfree)

I Ching, Farnell  (unfree)

Ideas that Matter, Grayling  (unfree)

Kant, Walker  (unfree)

Locke, Ayres  (unfree)

Marx, Eagleton  (unfree)

The Meaning of Things, Applying Philosophy to Life, Grayling  (unfree)

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius   (unfree)

The Mystery of Things, Life, and What it Means, Grayling  (unfree)

The Outsider, Wilson  (unfree)

The Reason of Things, Living with Philosophy, Grayling  (unfree)

Rorty, Calder  (unfree)

Russell, Monk  (unfree)

The Solitaire Mystery, Gaarder  (unfree)

Sophie’s World, Gaarder  (unfree)

Spinoza, Scruton  (unfree)

Vita Brevis, A Letter to St. Augustine, Gaarder  (unfree)

Voltaire, Gray  (unfree)

What Evolution is, Mayr  (unfree)

What is Good?, Grayling  (unfree)

Wicked Company, Blom  (unfree)

Wittgenstein, Hacker  (unfree)


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