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Philosophy of Science

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Papers on Philosophy of Science

anon, Behaviourism in the Social Sciences  (free)

anon, Evolutionary Theory and Social Science  (free)

anon, Introduction to the Philosophy of Science  (free)

anon, On the Origins of the Arrow of Time, Why there is still a Puzzle about the Low Entropy Past  (free)

anon, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Chomsky’s Linguistics  (free)

anon, Philosophy of Economics  (free)

anon, Philosophy of Science, Practice of Science,  A Collection of Quotes  (free)

anon, Philosophy of Social Science  (free)

anon, Physics and the Philosophy of Science at the Turn of  the Twentieth Century  (free)

anon, Probability Captures the Logic of Scientific Confirmation  (free)

anon, The Beginnings of Modern Science and Philosophy  (free)

anon, Whole-istic Biology  (free)

anon, Why Probability Does Not Capture the Logic of Scientific Justification  (free)

Bacon, Of Truth  (free)

Bacon, The New Atlantis  (free)

Barret, Stanford, Prediction  (free)

Barrett, The Persistence of Memory, Surreal Trajectories in Bohm’s Theory  (free)

Beck, Cosmopolitical Realism, On the Distinction between Cosmopolitanism in Philosophy and the Social Sciences  (free)

Beebee, The Problem of Induction  (free)

Bostrom, Anthropic Bias, Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy  (free)

Clark, Critique of Rumelhart and McClelland  (free)

Damasio, Brain and Language  (free)

Derrida, Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences  (free)

Domotor, Mathematical Models in Philosophy of Science  (free)

Earman, Carnap, Kuhn, and the Philosophy of Scientific Methodology  (free)

Fine, Scientific Realism and Antirealism  (free)

Freud, Lecture XXXV, A Philosophy of Life  (free)

Friedman, Integrating History of Philosophy with History of Science after Kant  (free)

Fuller, Being There with Thomas Kuhn, A Parable for Postmodern Times  (free)

Fuller, Recovering Philosophy from Rorty  (free)

Gardner, Is Quantum Logic Really Logic  (free)

Goldman, The Psychology of Folk Psychology  (free)

Hacking, Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science  (free)

Hanson, The Irrelevance of History of Science to Philosophy of Science  (free)

Harre, Behaviourism in the Social Sciences  (free)

Higginbotham, Some Philosophy of Language  (free)

Hull, Darwin’s Science and Victorian Philosophy of Science  (free)

Johnson-Laird, The Mental Representation of the Meaning of Words  (free)

Kantorovich, Philosophy of Science, From Justification to Explanation  (free)

Kasser, Philosophy of Science, Part 1  (free)

Keely, Neuroethology and the Philosophy of Cognitive Science  (free)

Koster, Is Linguistics a Natural Science  (free)

Latour, The Impact of Science Studies on Political Philosophy  (free)

Lennox, History and Philosophy of Science, a Phylogenetic Approach  (free)

Levy, Evolutionary Psychology, Human Universals and the Standard Social Science Model  (free)

Little, Philosophy of Social Science  (free)

Lodder, Law, Logic, Rhetoric, A Procedural Model  of Legal  Argumentation  (free)

Machamer, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion  (free)

Mahner, Bunge, Function and Functionalism, A Synthetic Perspective  (free)

Meyerson, Identity and Reality  (free)

Mormann, Husserl’s Philosophy of Science and the Semantic Approach  (free)

Norris, Deconstruction, Postmodernism and Philosophy of Science, Some Epistemo-Critical Bearings  (free)

Pelletier, Elio, Human Performance in Default Reasoning  (free)

Plantinga, Darwin, Mind and Meaning  (free)

Plantinga, Evolution, Neutrality, and Antecedent Probability  (free)

Plantinga, Naturalism Defeated  (free)

Plantinga, When Faith and Reason Clash, Evolution and the Bible  (free)

Prasad, The Science of Breath and the Philosophy of the Tatwas  (free)

Putnam, Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Science  (free)

Radder, Philosophy and History of Science, Beyond the Kuhnian Paradigm  (free)

Reiser, The Problem of Time in Science and Philosophy  (free)

Russell, Icarus, Or the Future of Science  (free)

Salle, Reconsidering Kant, Friedman, Logical Positivism and the Exact Sciences  (free)

Sartori, Philosophy, Theory and Science of Politics  (free)

Schacter, Neuropsychological Evidence for a Consciousness System  (free)

Scott, Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Language  (free)

Skinner, Critique of Psychoanalytic Concepts and Theories  (free)

Skyrms, Darwin Meets the Logic of Decision, Correlation in Evolutionary Game Theory  (free)

Slowik, Myth, Music, and Science, Teaching the Philosophy of Science through the Use of Non-Scientific Examples  (free)

Sprinker, The Royal Road, Marxism and the Philosophy of Science  (free)

Stich, Autonomous Psychology and the Belief-Desire Thesis  (free)

Thagard, Computing in the Philosophy of Science  (free)

Tresch, On Going Native, Thomas Kuhn and Anthropological Method  (free)

Tversky, Kahneman, Probabilistic Reasoning  (free)

van Fraassen, The Pragmatics of Explanation  (free)

Verdson, Boas and Holism, A Textual Analysis  (free)

Viskovatoff, Foundations of Niklas Luhmann’s Theory of Social Systems  (free)

Weber, Determinism, Realism, and Probability in Evolutionary Theory, The Pitfalls, and How to Avoid Them  (free)

Willard, Knowledge and Naturalism  (free)

Williamson, Dynamic Interaction between Machine Learning and the Philosophy of Science  (free)

Media on Philosophy of Science

anon, 28 Audio Books, Great Ideas of Philosophy, Social Machine, Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan and Science of Statecraft

anon, Great Ideas of Philosophy, 11 of 50, Mind and Body, Hippocrates and the Science of Life

anon, Great Ideas of Philosophy, 42, Section VII, Science and Scientism

anon, Java for Artists, The Art, Philosophy and Science of Object Oriented Programming

anon, Lect. 3, Further Thoughts on Demarcation

anon, Lect. 4, Einstein, Measurement, and Meaning

anon, Lect. 7, Logical Positivism, Science, and Meaning

anon, Lect. 9, Discovery and Justification

anon, Lect. 11, Some Solutions and a New Riddle

anon, Lect. 12, Instances and Consequences

anon, Lect. 14, Revolutions and Rationality

anon, Lect. 15, Assessment of Kuhn

anon, Lect. 17, Sociology, Postmodernism, and Science Wars

anon, Lect. 18, (How) Does Science Explain

anon, Lect. 21, Laws and Regularities

anon, Lect. 23, Reduction and Progress

anon, Lect. 25, New Views of Meaning and Reference

anon, Lect. 26, Scientific Realism

anon, Lect. 30, Probability

anon, Lect. 31, Bayesianism

anon, Lect. 33, Entropy and Explanation

anon, Lect. 52, Philosophy of Science, The Last Word

anon, Philosophy of Science (2)

anon, The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film.rar

anon, C++ for Artists; The Art, Philosophy and Science of Object Oriented Programming

anon, C++ The Art, Philosophy and Science of Object Oriented Programming

Kasser, Philosophy of Science, Course Description

Kasser, Philosophy of Science, Course Summary

Kasser, Philosophy of Science

Robinson, Lect. 11, Hippocrates and the Science of Life

Books on Philosophy of Science

Achinstein, Particles and Waves, Historical Essays in the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Agutter, Wheatley, Thinking about Life, The History and Philosophy of Biology and other Sciences  (unfree)

Aliseda-Llera, Seeking Explanations, Abduction in Logic, Philosophy of Science and Artical Intelligence

Anstey, Schuster (eds.), The Science of Nature in the Seventeenth Century, Patters of Change in Early Modern Natural Philosophy  (unfree)

Applebaum, The Scientific Revolution and the Foundations of Modern Science  (unfree)

Azzouni, Knowledge and Reference in Empirical Science  (unfree)

Balashov, Rosenberg (eds.), Philosophy of Science, Contemporary Readings  (unfree)

Barrow, Impossibility, The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits  (unfree)

Benjamim, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Birx (ed.), Encyclopedia of Time, Science, Philosophy, Theology and Culture, Vols. 1-3  (unfree)

Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy  (unfree)

Boyd et al (eds.), The Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Brown, Conceptual Systems  (unfree)

Brown, Smoke and Mirrors, How  Science Reflects Reality  (unfree)

Bunge, Philosophy of Science, The Historical Background

Burdzy, The Search for Certainty, On the Clash of Science and Philosophy of Probability  (unfree)

Buzalgo, The Logic of Concept Expansion  (unfree)

Cajori, Sir Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and his System of the World, Vol. I, The Motion of Bodies  (unfree)

Cajori, Sir Isaac Newton’s, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and his System of the World, Book 2, The  System of the World  (unfree)

Callender, Huggett, Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Scale, Contemporary Theories in Quantum Gravity  (unfree)

Carnap, Philosophical Foundations of Physics  (unfree)

Chalmers, The Scientist’s Atom and the Philosopher’s Stone, How Science Succeeded and Philosophy Failed to Gain Knowledge of Atoms  (unfree)

Clark, Mindware, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science  (unfree)

Cohen et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science VI  (unfree)

da Costa, French, Science and Partial Truth, A Unitary Approach to Models and Scientific Reasoning  (unfree)

Derry, What Science is and How it Works  (unfree)

Earman et al (eds.), Vol. VIII, Foundations of Space-Time Theories  (unfree)

Eddington, The Philosophy of Physical Science  (unfree)

Ekegren, The Reading of Theoretical Texts, A Critique of Criticism in the  Social Sciences  (unfree)

Feigl, Brodbeck (eds.), Readings in the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Feingold (ed.), Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters  (unfree)

Fenstad et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science VIII  (unfree)

Fetzer, Science, Explanation, and Rationality, Aspects of the Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel  (unfree)

Fodor, Concepts, Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong  (unfree)

Fodor, In Critical Condition, Polemical Essays on Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Mind  (unfree)

Friedman, Foundations of Space-Time Theories. Relativistic Physics and Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Friend et al (eds.), Induction, Algorithmic Learning Theory, and Philosophy  (unfree)

Fuller, Collier, Philosophy, Rhetoric, and the End of Knowledge, A New Beginning for Science and Technology Studies  (unfree)

Gaukroger, The Emergence of a Scientific Culture, Science and the  Shaping of Modernity 1210-1685  (unfree)

Gillies, Philosophy of Science in the Twentieth Century, Four Central Themes  (unfree)

Goldman (ed.), Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive Science  (unfree)

Goldman, Simulating Minds, The Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience of Mindreading  (unfree)

Gordon, The History and Philosophy of Social Science  (unfree)

Groff (ed.), Revitalizing Causality, Realism about Causality in Philosophy and Social Science  (unfree)

Gruber, Bodeker (eds.), Creativity, Psychology and the History of Science  (unfree)

Gutting (ed.), Continental Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Hacking, Representing and Intervening, Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science  (unfree)

Haffer, Ornithology, Evolution and Philosophy, The Life and Science of Ernst Mayr, 1904-2005  (unfree)

Harding, Hintikka, Discovering Reality, Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Harre, Cognitive Science, A Philosophical Introduction  (unfree)

Hegel, Science of Logic  (unfree)

Hickey, Philosophy of Science : An Introduction  (unfree)

Hitchcock (ed.), Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Irzik, Guzeldere (eds.), Turkish Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Johnson, The Wedge of Truth, Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism  (unfree)

Kellert et al (eds.), Scientific Pluralism  (unfree)

Korzybski, Science and Sanity, An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and  General Semantics  (unfree)

Kromer, Tool and Object, A History and Philosophy of Category Theory  (unfree)

Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions  (unfree)

Kuipers (ed.), General Philosophy of Science, Focal Issues  (unfree)

Kukla, Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Ladyman, Understanding Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Lakatos,  Musgrave (eds.), Problems in the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Lapointe et al (eds.), The Golden Age of Polish Philosophy. Kazimierz Twardowski’s Philosophical Legacy  (unfree)

Losee, A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, 4th. edn.  (unfree)

Machamer et al, Scientific Controversies, Philosophical and Historical Perspectives  (unfree)

Machamer, Silberstein (eds.), The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Majer et al (eds.), Games, Unifying Logic, Language, and Philosophy  (unfree)

Marcum, Thomas Kuhn’s Revolution, An Historical Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Marcus et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science VII  (unfree)

McCormmach, Speculative Truth, Henry Cavendish, Natural Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Theoretical Science  (unfree)

Miller, C++ for Artists, The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming  (unfree)

Mittelstaedt, Weingartner, Laws of Nature  (unfree)

Muray, Liberal Protestantism and Science  (unfree)

Nagel et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Newton-Smith (ed.), A Companion to the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Okasha, Philosophy of Science, A Very Short Introduction  (unfree)

Olsson, Enqvist (eds.), Belief Revision Meets Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Omnes, Quantum Philosophy, Understanding and Interpreting Contemporary Science  (unfree)

Pearcey, Thaxton, The Soul of Science, Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy  (unfree)

Peat, From Certainty to Uncertainty, The Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century  (unfree)

Pickover, Archimedes to Hawking, Laws of Science and the Great Minds Behind Them  (unfree)

Prawitz et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science IX  (unfree)

Psillos, Curd (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Rahman et al (eds.), Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science  (unfree)

Ronzitti (ed.), Vagueness, A Guide  (unfree)

Rosenberg, Philosophy of Science, A Contemporary Introduction  (unfree)

Ryckman, The Reign of Relativity, Philosophy in Physics, 1915-1925  (unfree)

Sanders, The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film  (unfree)

Sarkar, Pfeifer (eds.), The Philosophy of Science, An Encyclopedia  (unfree)

Segal, Business Feel, From the Science of Management to the Philosophy of Leadership  (unfree)

Sellars, Science, Perception and Reality  (unfree)

Shanker (ed.), Philosophy of Science, Logic and Mathematics in the Twentieth Century  (unfree)

Stadler et al (eds.), The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Suppes et al (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science IV  (unfree)

Symons et al (eds.), Otto Neurath and the Unity of Science  (unfree)

Taleb, The Black Swan, The Impact of  the Highly Improbable  (unfree)

Thagard (ed.), Philosophy of Psychology and Cognitive Science  (unfree)

Toulmin, The Philosophy of Science, An Introduction  (unfree)

Turchin, The Phenomenon of Science, A Cybernetic Approach to Human Evolution  (unfree)

Vamvacas, The Founders of Western Thought, The Presocratics, A Diachronic Parallelism between Presocratic Thought and Philosophy and the Natural Sciences  (unfree)

van  Rootselaar, Staal (eds.), Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science III  (unfree)

van Benthem et al, The Age of Alternative Logics, Assessing Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics Today  (unfree)

Wagman, Historical DIctionary of Quotations in Cognitive Science, A Treasury of Quotations in Psychology, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence  (unfree)

Weinert, Copernicus, Darwin and Freud Revolutions in the History and Philosophy of Science  (unfree)

Winch, The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy  (unfree)

Yahya, The Religion of Darwinism

Zhmud, The Origin of the History of Science in Classical  Antiquity  (unfree)

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