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Lecture Topic : (Math Physics) PHYSICS AND LIE THEORY (M1, Sattinger)

Prerequisites : Abstract Algebra (Sen, M1); Quantum Mechanics (Sen, M1);

Recommended Text(s) :

“Lie Groups and Algebras with Applications to Physics, Geometry, and Mechanics”, D. H. Sattinger & O. L. Weaver, Springer, 1986.

Approx price new on (hard copy) : $68

Approx price second hand on (hard copy) : $63

Availability free on (e-format) : Yes

eMule search key word(s) : Sattinger, Lie Groups

Lectures and Links :


Lecture 1  (link)

Ch.1   Lie Groups


Lecture 2  (link)

Ch.2   Lie Algebras


Lecture 3  (link)

Ch.3   Lie Groups and Algebras : Matrix Approach


Lecture 4  (link)

Ch.4   Application to Physics and Vice Versa


Lecture 5  (link)

Ch.5   Calculus on Manifolds


Lecture 6  (link)

Ch.6   Symmetry Groups of Differential Equations


Lecture 7  (link)

Ch.7   Invariant Forms on Lie Groups


Lecture 8  (link)

Ch.8   Lie Groups and Algebras : Differential Geometric Approach


Lecture 9  (link)

Ch.9   General Structure of Lie Algebras


Lecture 10  (link)

Ch.10   Structure of Semi-Simple Lie Algebras


Lecture 11  (link)

Ch.11   Real Forms


Lecture 12  (link)

Ch.12   Representation Theory


Lecture 13  (link)

Ch.13   Spinor Representations


Lecture 14  (link)

Ch.14   Applications


Links to Other Lecturers on this Topic :

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