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Papers on Plotinus

anon, Hermetic Philosophy and the Mystery of Being  (free)

Armstrong, ‘Emanation’ in Plotinus  (free)

Crystal, Plotinus on the Structure of Self-Intellection  (free)

de Haas, Did Plotinus and Porphyry Disagree on Aristotle’s Categories  (free)

Dodds, Tradition and Personal Achievement in the Philosophy of Plotinus  (free)

Dorter, Metaphysics and Morality in Neo-Confucianism and Greece, ZHU Xi, Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus  (free)

Geisler, Christian Apologetics, Experientialism  (free)

Geisler, Christian Apologetics, Pantheism  (free)

Green, The Kabbalah-Emanations from the Source  (free)

Guthrie, Plotinus, Complete Works, Vol. II  (free)

Guthrie, Plotinus, Complete Works, Vol. IV  (free)

Koons, Medieval Philosophy, Lecture #3, Plato, Plotinus, Pseudo-Dionysius, John Scotus Eriugena  (free)

O’Meara, Scepticism and Ineffability in Plotinus  (free)

Opsomer, Proclus vs Plotinus on Matter  (free)

Plotinus, First Ennead, Sixth Tractate, Beauty  (free)

Plotinus, First Ennead, Sixth Tractate, On Beauty  (free)

Plotinus, The Ethical Treatises, Being the Treatises of the First Ennead  (free)

Plotinus, The Six Enneads (431p)  (free)

Plotinus, The Six Enneads (500p)  (free)

Plotinus, The Six Enneads (565p)  (free)

Plotinus, The Six Enneads (723p)  (free)

Plotinus, The Six Enneads (Selections)  (free)

Rist, Integration and the Undescended Soul in Plotinus  (free)

Rist, Monism, Plotinus and some Predecessors (17p)  (free)

Rist, Monism, Plotinus and some Predecessors (18p)  (free)

Rist, The Indefinite Dyad and Intelligible Matter in Plotinus  (free)

van Riel, Horizontalism or Verticalism, Proclus vs Plotinus on the Procession of Matter  (free)

Wassmer, The Trinitarian Theology of Augustine and his Debt to Plotinus  (free)

Watson, Philosophy of Plotinus  (free)

Wilberding, Creeping Spatiality, The Location of Nous in Plotinus’ Universe  (free)

Witt, Plotinus and Posidonius  (free)

Yoffe, Plotinus’s Theory of Mimesis and its Implications for the Actual Composing of Music  (free)

Books on Plotinus

Armstrong, Plotinus  (unfree)  (free)  (full text)

Blumenthal, Soul and Intellect, Studies in Plotinus and Later Neoplatonism  (unfree)

Bobonich, Destree (eds.), Akrasia in Greek Philosophy, From Socrates to Plotinus  (unfree)  (free)

Bussanich, Plotinus’s Metaphysics of the One  (unfree)

Corrigan, Reading Plotinus, Practical Introduction to Neoplatonism  (unfree)

Edwards, Neoplatonic Saints, The Lives of Plotinus and Proclus by their Students  (unfree)

Emilsson, Plotinus on Intellect  (unfree)

Gatti, Plotinus, The Platonic Tradition and the Foundation of Neoplatonism

Inge, The Philosophy of Plotinus  (unfree)  (free)

King, Aristotle and Plotinus on Memory  (unfree)

Ousager, Plotinus, On Selfhood, Freedom and Politics  (unfree)

Rappe, Reading Neoplatonism, Non-Discursive Thinking in the Texts of Plotinus, Proclus and Damascius  (unfree)  (free)

Rist, Plotinus and Christian Philosophy  (unfree)

Slaveva-Griffin, Plotinus on Number  (unfree)

Wagner, The Enigmatic Reality of Time, Aristotle, Plotinus, and Today  (unfree)  (free)

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