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I think the time in now ripe for the MGTOW movement to politicize. I think it should and it can. Since talking about the should is a waste of time if there is no can, then I will begin with the can, i.e. means that the MGTOWs have to politicize and to politicize very effectively.

I’m talking about MGTOW’s (and masculism’s) most powerful argument, and it is indeed VERY powerful, which goes as follows – “If you gender politicians don’t menfair the gender laws and society in general, then we MGTOWs/masculists will wipe out the whole population by continuing to reject paternity.” Anyone reading this will be convinced that it is indeed a powerful argument, that the MGTOWs can use as their primary strategy to get the gender politicians, and our increasingly gynocentric society, to menfair the gender laws and to menfair society as a whole.

It’s ironic that this most powerful of MGTOW arguments arose out of a feeling of political impotence on the part of the MGTOWs. Traditionally MGTOWs reasoned as follows. There is no point trying to politicize like the MRAs (men’s rights advocates) or the masculists, because any time or energy devoted to such politicking would be a total waste of time and effort, because the gender politicians are controlled by the female vote, and since there are more female voters than male voters, even if male gender politicians become sympathetic to men’s gender issues (e.g. the financial massacring of men in the divorce courts, or the blatant sexual discrimination against men having no Parer (paternity rejection right) whereas women have a legislated Marer (maternity rejection right, a.k.a. abortion right)) they will not give men what men want, through fear of losing their next election due to the backlash from women, who like being able to financially massacre their ex-husbands, and freak out at the concept of a Parer, which would force all women to become FIPs (financially independent persons), so MGTOWs reason, with such political realities, it is pointless trying to persuade the gender politicians to give men gender justice.

So, MGTOWs do the only thing they can do, and that is to walk away, to reject the gynocentric culture we live in, by refusing to marry (given that divorce is so toxic), refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves. Millions of young men in the US and Japan are now doing this, in fact, the large majority of young men (< 35), i.e. about 70%. Young Japanese men who do this are called Herbivores. They have been rejecting marriage and paternity for about a decade longer than American men, so have had more impact on Japanese politicians. The Japanese population has even begun to fall as a result. At its peak it was 128 million, and has dropped a million in just a few years. In two decades, the baby boomers will have died off, dropping the population to about 80 million, i.e. a drop of about a third.

Japanese politicians are very aware of this fact, and are pulling their hair out. They have even appointed a Minister of State for population, and gender equality to address this problem. It is only a question of time before the same level of awareness occurs to American politicians, and that they too start thinking hard about how to stop the population from crashing.

Here is where MGTOWs can politicize. They can use their strongest argument i.e. the “population annihilation argument” to frighten the gender politicians, that if they don’t menfair the gender laws and menfair society in general, then the whole population will be killed off by the MGTOWs/masculists, by continuing to refuse to be fathers. Already 70% of young American men refuse marriage and paternity. Within a decade, that figure will probably be over 90%. So it’s only a question of time before the gender politicians wake up to the fact that the US population is starting to fall, due to lack of babies, and indirectly, due to the gynocentric culture that denigrates men.

The “population annihilation argument” is so powerful, that anyone hearing it for the first time, given the population statistics, is forced to take it seriously, and will become alarmed. It is indeed a very powerful argument, and should be pushed hard by the MGTOWs and masculists in a very political way.

Here are some suggestions on how this could be done. Firstly, the idea needs to be spread amongst the MGTOWs, so that they become convinced that their former attitude towards politicking is no longer appropriate. These former apolitical, politically passive MGTOWs need to become convinced that they now have a powerful intellectual tool to politic with, which ironically, arose out of their reaction to their feeling of political impotence.

In other words, the very reaction of MGTOWs themselves towards the gynocentrism of our culture, i.e. their walking away from marriage and paternity, is ITSELF that new powerful intellectual tool, that can be used by MGTOWs to politic with.

Next step, once many MGTOW sages (intellectuals) become convinced of the power of the “population annihilation argument” as a political tool for MGTOW/masculism, they can then start preaching it to the MGTOW masses, and motivate them to start politicking for MGTOW causes.

Once a lot of MGTOWs become political, they can start setting up MGTOW/masculist groups in every high school, college, putting powerful moral pressure on female students to stop studying fluffie crap and to major in math and sciences to study STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) at college. MGTOWs can approach the media with the message that if society, and the gender politicians, don’t menfair the gender laws and menfair society in general, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to wipe out the whole population.

Since the survival of humanity is the top goal for humanity, people will listen. They will be forced to, because there is nothing more important to human beings, than the survival of human beings. Society will wake up, and see the population dropping and start becoming conscious that there is a terrible problem, that young men are rejecting marriage and paternity. WHY? This is where the MGTOW/masculist sages come in, getting on the media and explaining why men are deserting fatherhood. It is not in their self-interest to run a one chance in four of being financially massacred as a married man by a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court.

These MGTOW/masculist sages need to push for fundamental reforms in our culture, pushing women to be FIPs, or they don’t get a man. Young women will need to be socialized and educated to be FIPs, choosing FIP majors at high school and college so that they can become career competent FIPs as adults and not parasite on men. The gender laws need to be changed to make them menfair. Divorce laws need to be made menfair – so no alimony; bringing in automatic joint custody; the original owners of the house keep it; divorcing couples should be encouraged to buy a cheap nearby apartment that they alternate in, one week, the father is with the kids in the house, while the mother is in the apartment, and the following week, they swap places.

The Parer needs to be legislated, so that men can reject paternity. If the woman goes ahead with the pregnancy that he does not want, then he signs a form, so that the woman then has full financial responsibility of the kid. The legislation of the Parer will revolutionize society. It will force all women to be FIPs, which is why the fluffies fight it tooth and nail. They like being lazy and having men work for them. This fluffie immorality is one of the major reasons why the masculists’ primary political goal is to wipe out fluffiedom, wiping out the fluffies by refusing to have anything to do with them, not even sexing them as punishment for them being immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin.

There is a lot of politicking to be done by the MGTOWs/masculists. We should be making real efforts to get on the broadcast media, so that our ideas can be spread to the masses, the millions, the billions. Once most journalists have absorbed MGTOW/masculist ideas, they will soon pass them on to the general public. That is their job, so journalists should be targeted by politically minded MGTOWs/masculists, so that MGTOW/masculist ideas really get out there.

MGTOWs/masculists on campus should push their presidents to hire men’s studies professors to talk about men’s issues. MGTOWs/masculists need to speak up vigorously, to counter the impression of many feminists that they have a monopoly on gender issues which they clearly don’t. Any feminist who thinks so is obviously ignorant of MGTOW/masculist ideas, and needs to be taught, which is another reason why MGTOWs/masculists need to become a lot more political.

If we MGTOWs/masculists don’t push for change, there will be no change, and our current gynocentric culture will continue to be the status quo. To change things, we need to reengineer society into a “FIP Society” with menfaired laws and attitudes.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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