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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer imagines male and female life styles in a post gender liberation world, i.e. in which feminism and masculism are no longer needed, because both movements have more or less achieved what they set out to achieve.

Women have already achieved what they set out to do in the second wave of feminism, i.e. obtain equal rights for women, equal access to the professions etc. The feminists wanted the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy, which they obtained. Unfortunately for men, women went overboard and turned their women’s lib movement into a gynocratic (rule by women) movement achieving female privileges at the expense of men, resulting in a massive backlash and punishment of women by men, who still held the financial power and were able to force women to FIP up (i.e. become financially independent persons) by threatening women with manlessness, and hence babylessness if women did not.

At the time of writing (2017) this male backlash is only just getting off the ground, as the broadcast media is really only this year, starting to pay attention to men’s issues. It will take a few more years for nearly all men and women to become familiar with masculist and MGTOW (men going their own way) arguments, so that they can think about them.

But once men have restored the over swing of the feminazi pendulum, what will male and female lifestyles be like? Answering that question is what this flyer is about.

But before attempting answers to this question, we need to get to that situation, so what needs to be done first to get there, especially from men’s point of view?

The main objective of the men’s lib movement is the menfairing of the gender laws, and the teaching of women that women do not have a monopoly on gender discourse. There is also men’s lib, i.e. the MGTOW movement, and the masculist movement. Men too have their gender issues.

One of the basic realities in the gender lib debate is that men have the financial power to force women to FIP up, i.e. become FIPs, otherwise women will not get a man. Persuading men to ignore fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man) is one of the primary goals of the masculists. Men need to be made very conscious that they have the power to wipe out fluffies by ignoring them to death.

A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some gullible manslave, who is prepared to be parasited upon by a fluffie, the enemy of the masculists, the type of woman that the masculists aim to wipe out, not by killing them, but by simply ignoring them to death, not even pumping and dumping them, forcing such women to rot on the shelf to extinction, having their fluffie parasite genes removed from the gene pool.

Men are capable of doing this due to the fact that nearly all men are FIPs, because boys are socialized by parents and educated by teachers to be FIPs. As nearly all men in the next few years wake up to the fact that men have the power to wipe out fluffie parasitism, then fluffies will be wiped out.

The masculists are now working on women to become female masculists as a strategy to get more women to take the side of men, i.e. removing the excesses of the feminazis who want female power at the expense of men, particularly in the divorce courts, where such massive gender injustices are committed daily, financially crucifying one married father in four in the western countries, with him losing his kids with a 90% probability, losing his house to his fluffie ex-wife, half his possessions, paying child support for kids he will barely see, and often alimony so that his hated fluffie parasitic ex-wife can remain a parasite off his money after the divorce the way she did before the divorce.

Another glaring injustice against men is the lack of a legislated Parer (paternity rejection right) whereby a man would be given the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy by simply filling in a paternity rejection form, so that if the woman goes ahead with the pregnancy, then the full costs of the upkeep of the child fall legally on her shoulders.

What so angers the masculists is the social attitude that treats women as fluffies, i.e. parasites on men, child-minded women who are seen to be children, and not responsible adults, capable of fending for themselves financially.

Masculism forces women to grow up, to be responsible adults, who take care of themselves financially, and not expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man. Those women who are not FIPs i.e. fluffies, are severely punished by masculists by not getting a man, forcing fluffies to rot on the shelf, and spat at for being immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out.

So many feminists are still fluffie hypocrites, wanting to have their cake and eat it too, i.e. wanting equal rights with men, but rejecting equal obligations with men, i.e. rejecting the idea that women have a powerful moral obligation to get off their fluffie parasitic arses and pull their financial weight, by bothering to get a career competent education so that they can be FIPs as adults, not parasiting off the income of a man.

Most feminists are fluffie hypocrites, supporting the financial massacring that occurs daily in the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce courts. Masculists are out to stop this abomination, by applying enormous moral pressure on fluffies and smashing the hypocrisy of the hated fluffie feminists.

The hatred coming from the male victims in the divorce courts is reaching murderous levels. As masculist ideas spread throughout the male population, instead of men suiciding at about 10 times their normal rate, just after a divorce, they will express their shock and outrage in masculist ways and simply murder their fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers. It is to be expected over the coming few years that 1000s of these hated fluffie feminist divorce court judges and lawyers will be murdered, in the sex war.

In the next few years, the media will latch on to the masculist case, and give the masculists and MGTOWs huge publicity, because the MGTOW paternity rejection is the biggest story of the century, because there is nothing more important to humanity than the survival of humanity, and it is precisely that, that is being threatened by the MGTOW and masculist rejection of paternity.

The hated feminazi bitches have made divorce so toxic for males, that they have made marriage toxic for males, so much so that in a string of major western countries now, two thirds of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves.

Young women are really starting to panic now as they wake up the idea that they are NOT GOING TO HAVE BABIES. This reality is forcing women to become female masculists, so that they can join forces with the MGTOWs and masculists to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, in order to counter the gynocracy of the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites who see men as the enemy, as subhuman cash machines, to be abused in the divorce courts for the benefit of their fluffie ex-wives by being financially crucified, thus causing men to have a burning hatred for these fluffie feminazi hypocrites.

Masculists are now aiming as much at women as men, in getting their masculist message out to the general public. It is in the self-interest of the masculists to do this. Women are 51% of the voters, and a higher proportion of women vote than men, so when push really comes to shove, i.e. when there is a divorce, women want to keep their privileges as obtained by the fluffie feminists in the 70s, i.e. to be able to rob a man of his resources and give them to his fluffie ex-wife. Women want this privilege and not be forced to become adult and FIP up. Women want the best of both worlds, i.e. have equal rights, AND be able to continue to parasite off the labor and money of a man. They want to keep this gynocratic lifestyle.

But, the masculists will not tolerate this hated hypocrisy on the part of the fluffies. Men have the financial power to force fluffies to FIP up or they rot on the shelf. Masculists push men to become conscious of this power that men have over women, and to use it to wipe out the fluffies. The threat of babylessness caused by men who rebel against being manslaves to fluffie women, is forcing women to become female masculists, agreeing with the idea that men deserve to be treated with respect just as much as women.

These young women are scared that they will not have babies, as more men go MGTOW and masculist. Already two thirds of young men refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. In a decade, that percentage will probably be over 90%, so by then women will be truly panicking.

The result of this panic, will be that there will be a clamor in the broadcast media for the menfairing of the gender laws, and the bringing in of the Parer. Schools and parents will be pressured to FIP up their daughters, scaring them that if they don’t get a career competent education that will make them FIPs as adults, then they will be doomed to manlessness, spat at by men for being hated fluffie parasites.

Soon, the sexbots and artwombs (artificial wombs) will be with us. Life-size lifelike sex dolls are already coming onto the market. AI is getting better at generating near human level conversations, so the sex bots and AI will combine so that men can have more agreeable relationships with sexbots than women. These sexbots have luscious curvy bodies, film star faces, creamy grippy vaginas, that women cannot compete with.

Japanese scientists have already grown a goat in an artwomb, so human babies can’t be far off. Once women lose their two traditional monopolies of womb and vagina, feminism will disappear overnight, as women claw at each other for men’s dwindling attention. When men can grow their own kids and prefer to sex their bots than women, then many men will simply cross women off as ignorable, due to women’s very negative qualities, such as nagging, being irrational, emotional, hysterical. Men despise these qualities in women.

So, the gender lib pendulum is swinging back to restore a balance between men’s and women’s needs.

Let us imagine a decade or so into the future so that there has been enough time for the above social dynamics to have played themselves out, so that the gender dust has settled. What will men’s and women’s post gender lib life styles be like?

Here is my answer to the above critical question. Nearly all women will be FIPs by then, with a strong social and moral expectation on them to be FIPs, even if it runs against the evolved grain of women, who tend to judge men by men’s level of sexploitability by women. Women will be forced to suppress this tendency to want to parasite off men. If they don’t, they will pay a heavy price. They just won’t get a man, and they will be spat on by society.

So women pour into STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) and the professions. Fluffies have pretty well died out due to the enormous moral pressure against them. Men won’t tolerate them and hurl moral abuse at them for being fluffie parasites, expecting to sit on their fat parasitic arses and live off the labor and money of a man. Such women by then will be treated as vermin.

Men have been given menfaired gender laws. There is no more alimony in the divorce courts. Custody of children is given jointly by default. When the gender politicians started changing the divorce laws, a lot of fluffie feminist hypocrites protested in the streets only to be shocked by even angrier masculists who bitch slapped them to oblivion so that such protests by feminazis quickly died out.

No woman wants to be bitch slapped a second time by a man. When a man uses the full force of his chest muscles to slap a woman, she is hurled across the room, an extremely painful experience. Bitch slapping became a symbolic act of the masculists, when expressing their hatred for the hypocritical injustice of the feminazi bitches.

The Parer was brought in. Women were expected to be FIPs, so that if a woman continued a pregnancy that her boyfriend rejected (usually resulting in the breakup of the relationship) then she was capable of paying for the kid herself, because she was a FIP.

The statistics on the proportion of young men and women studying math and the sciences at high school rose steadily and equally across both sexes. A similar story occurred at colleges and universities as well. The masculists on the broadcast media put enormous pressure on women to FIP up or not get a man, using such slogans as “FIP up or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby!” “Fluffies rot on the shelf!” etc.

After some years, a fairly standard pattern emerged for the new conventional life styles of men and women. It took the following form. Both sexes became FIPs. Women all became conscious that men would not tolerate being manslaves to hated fluffie parasites, so the fluffies disappeared or went underground and hid their faces remaining manless and poor.

The gender laws were menfaired systematically across the board. Parliamentary committees were set up to do this in most countries. Sexual discrimination on the statute books disappeared. So men felt much safer about having kids, so the birth rate started climbing again.

To get the birth rate back to replacement rate, governments set up “baby farms” where women were given hefty subsidies to have children. Smarter women were given higher subsidies so that higher IQ, higher class women would be encouraged to grow smart babies and in large numbers.

Young men invested more in being fathers, spending more time and energy with their kids. Young men felt much safer because the feminazi horror of the divorce courts of their father’s generation had disappeared. Divorce was no longer toxic for men the way the hated feminazi hypocrites had made it a generation previously.

Young women tended to get well qualified and work a few years to get a taste of being in a career, then stopped work temporarily for a few years to have their two kids, and receive government “young mother” subsidies for loss of income. They usually had kids at about age 30, and were back at work by 35, with a nanny, and two FIP incomes, so they could afford it. AI and robotics had removed a lot of the low IQ jobs, so many low IQ women were happy to be nannies to two FIP couples.

With two FIP incomes in the family, young men relaxed a bit, and became less career driven, knowing that their life partner was also a FIP, an equal, a responsible adult, who faced up to her adult responsibilities, so the level of respect by men for women grew. Men saw women much less as child-minded dependents, as financial burdens.

From 35 to 75, these women then worked in their careers. Once their children were off their hands at age 50, many of them with their male partners, decided to earn less and semi retire, trading income for more free time. Men were thus freed up from manslavery to a large extent, because their female partner was a FIP who did not expect to manslave him, to be a parasite off him.

When relationships failed, and there were kids, the two former partners usually stayed living in the same city, so that they could be active parents to the kids. Typically, with both partners FIPs, they could afford to buy a small apartment near the family house, so that each former partner could spend a week with the kids in the house while the other ex-partner stayed in the apartment, and a week later they would swap places, with the kids staying in the house for stability.

Feminism died out. Its excesses, particularly its hypocritical gynocratic aspects were despised. Most women became EMO FIPs (equal moral obligation) FIPs, i.e. these women had the moral expectation that they should share the burden of earning the living and not expect to parasite off a man. Even most women learned to spit at fluffies, so that fluffie feminists were doubly spat at, i.e. by both sexes, and for being both immoral and hypocritical. The hypocrisy of fluffie feminists was truly hated.

The quality of relationships between the sexes improved a lot. Men respected women more, despite the genetic superiority of men at the top end of the performance scales. But that concerned only a small minority of the highest fliers. For most people, the overlap of the performance Bell curves for the two sexes was nearly complete.

Sure, women are dumber than men by about 4 IQ points on average, but that did not stop women from being FIPs. Women pulled their weight, and so men were freed from manslavery by women. Fluffie manslavers were wiped out by the masculists. They become museum pieces. Old people would reminisce “You remember when women were fluffie parasites?”

Women became more realistic, more humble. The scientific evidence showed clearly that the genii were males. Men continued to win all the science Nobel prizes and the math prizes. Women continued to not be genii. Such realities were generally accepted, because it was what science showed, so women were forced to accept it, the way blacks were forced to accept that they were the dumbest people in the world. Realities were realities, and it was pointless to fight against them, because to do so was to invite being accused of living in an isscienate fairyland, and not be taken seriously.

The gender dust settled, and people just got on with their lives. The old gender craziness, the hypocrisy of the fluffie feminists in the divorce courts, the masculist murders of the hated gender politicians and fluffie feminist hypocrite divorce court judges and lawyers, now seemed distant memories of a bygone, more primitive age. People were more civilized now, they had moved on, to a higher form of moral existence. Women had become FIPs and men were freed from manslavery. Things were better all round.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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