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Post-Pluddite Super-Education

Post-Pluddite Super-Education

At the time of writing (March 2017) I have been spending night after night, putting up links to technical books published by the major publishers (e.g. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Springer Verlag, etc) in my “Publisher Series” e-library. This is a two step process for me. The first step is to put up the links to the samples of the books provided by the publishers themselves. The second step is to use to find full text links to the full content of these books, and put up those links.

Doing this is deeply impressing me. I keep thinking, “My god, all this knowledge, accessible at the click of a mouse. How wonderful, and what a revolution it will have on the world, in time, once the hated pluddites (paper luddites) have gone bankrupt, so that the “imprisoned knowledge” contained in their expensive, copyrighted, PAPER, technical books becomes freely accessible to the planet, causing a revolution in education, and as a result of that, in global politics. (An educated middle class does not tolerate dictatorship, so pushes for democracy, so we will sooner or later live in an entirely democratic world, and hence a peaceful one, since advanced democracies do not go to war with each other.)

So I look forward to a “post-pluddite” era, in which what I’m experiencing now, as the first globacator, (using my own e-libraries) becomes universal, to anyone with a good, intellectually-hungry, brain, and access to the internet.

Having access to the full content of 10,000s of technical books, at the click of a mouse, is truly revolutionary, and gives me a real taste of the educational style of the near future. It is so vastly superior to the classroom-paper-text-book style of education that I had, that the two are like night and day.

This new style of education, that I call “Massoftlie” (Massive Source, Full Text Link, Internet Education) is a type of “Super-Education” and will become commonplace once the pluddites have died off (i.e. have gone bankrupt, due to the billions of people who swap e-technical books amongst themselves, either directly, or via file sharing sites), hence the term “Post-Pluddite Super-Education” occurred to me.

It will take me many more months to complete putting up these links, but I already have a strong sense of what it will be like to be able to click on 10,000s of full text links, and be able to give oneself a Super-Education. It is intoxicating. It is revolutionary. I just wonder how long it will take for people to wake up to its fabulous possibilities, both educational, and political. Time will tell.

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