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The US dollar will crash soon. The world desertion of the dollar as the international reserve currency is accelerating, and its only a question of time before the US is plunged into the worst economic/social/political crisis of its history, killing millions of Americans.

This collapse has been planned by the Jewish Satanist elite for over a century. By taking control of the country’s central bank, they were able to print as much money as they wanted, bribed all the politicians, and enslaved the American people with the central bank’s (Fed’s) paper dollar debt note Ponzi scheme that steals half of Americans’ federal taxes. The Fed, the IRS, the ADL, the FBI were all set up by these Jewish banksters in the same year.

These Jewish Shabbetean Frankist Satanists central banksters and their cronies (e.g. neocons, media bosses, Hollywood producers etc) hate the goy (Jewish word for non Jew, i.e. us, all 99.8% of the world population). Their religion (Judaism) is one of the vilest that mankind has ever invented, because it preaches to religious Jews to hate the goy, that (with the Shabbetean Frankist version of Judaism, dating from the 1700s) the Jewish messiah is more likely to come to the earth if (Frankist) Jews commit as much evil as possible, and that once the Jewish messiah is here, he will make the Jews rule the earth from Jerusalem, and KILL ALL THE GOY. This sounds utterly insane to most goy, and it is, but it is nevertheless, what Jews believe.

It is therefore not surprising, that Jews have been history’s most hated people. In Europe over the past 1000 years, they have been thrown out of cities, dukedoms, countries over 100 times (according to Jewish scholars.) When they get thrown out, they (i.e. those who survive the pogroms) move to some other place that is open to them, often due to ignorance on the part of the host population of the typical pattern of Jewish communities, i.e. taking over the country with their superior Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence, and then destroying the host culture, as has happened many times in history.

Large numbers of Jews came to the US about a century ago, from Russia, after the assassination in 1905 of the Tsar by Jews. Another wave occurred in the 1930s, after the Nazi’s started throwing out Jewish civil servants who had taken over Germany, and bringing in Jewish cultural values that the Germans found repulsive. These elite Jews moved to the US which explains why Ashkenazi Jews in the US have an average IQ of 115. They are highly selected. This high average IQ also explains why they have taken over the US is such a short time, only half a century.

The typical pattern of Jewish settlement in a host culture, is that they help their coreligionists to immigrate, they then take over the culture, but since they are aliens, their primary loyalty is not to the host culture, but to themselves. Jews are fiercely tribal, and stick together. That is how they survived for 2000 years after the Romans got fed up with them, and murdered a million male Jews, to wipe them out and throw them out of Roman territories.

The same pattern in happening now to the US. The US has been taken over by the Jewish Frankist elite. They control the central bank (the Fed), they control US foreign policy (the Neocons, strongly supporting Israel, even though Israel has no oil, but the Arabs do), they control Hollywood, brainwashing/lying/abusing the gullible stupid goy, that Jews were gassed in Nazi concentration camps to extract “guilt money” ($3B/yr from the US, and $1B/yr from Germany, all going to prop up a bankrupting Israel), they control the news outlets (Reuters, AP). They control the 6 main media companies. So they have a monopoly (except for the internet, but the TTP will close that loophole soon) on sources of information for the masses, making it possible to brainwash them into believing that it is taboo to criticize Jews.

Thanks to the internet, there are now millions of people like me who have been educated into the massive crimes against humanity committed by these Jewish Frankist Satanists (generating 2 world wars, the great depression, Communist purges, paper currency debt note slavery, etc). So the backlash against them in the US is well under way. It is only a question of time before the US is added to the list of nearly every country in Europe from which Jews have been excluded, thrown out, pogromed, hated.

I’m not advocating that ordinary, average Joe, NON RELIGIOUS Jews should be thrown out of the US. 80% of US Jews marry non Jews, so at that rate US Jews will die out, being absorbed into the US population. But religious Jews I strongly dislike, because they hate the goy, and I have a real hatred against the Jewish Satanist central banksters whose crimes against humanity are simply MASSIVE.

Once the dollar crash comes, these banksters will be pogrommed. Ideally, they should be sent to the Hague (the International Criminal Court) to be tried and executed, but in the heat of the crash, they will probably be massacred. (Actually, when the crash comes, they will get out of town FAST), but Jewish institutions, such as the Fed, the Neocons, etc. will be thrown out. In effect, Jewish dominance of the US will be rejected and a massive wave of anti-Semitism will sweep across the US, the way it has done in so many other countries in the Jews’ long history.

It seems these Jewish Satanists never learn. They never seem to ask themselves “Why are we Jews the most hated people in the world? Why do we not adapt to the host culture and blend in, become accepted and happy?” Instead, their religion creates the very thing Jews fear the most, i.e. pogroms. When Judaism preaches hatred and the extermination of the goy, it is only to be expected that the goy will hate them right back. Jews are history’s most inter-culturally incompetent people.

So, lets now talk about a post pogrom US, and how that will impact MGTOW/masculism.

After the crash, and the US civil war against the Jewish Satanist financed militarized police (with their 3 billion hollow tipped bullets, their urban tanks, their 800 FEMA (concentration) camps, their police state executive orders, that the Jewish Satanist controlled puppet (Obama) has been signing for years) has killed millions of Americans, Americans, with their hundreds of millions of guns will go on the biggest pogrom in history. Only sages (intellectuals) make a distinction between ordinary, non religious Jews and the Jewish Satanist central banksters and their cronies. But Joe 6-pack with his hatred and his guns wont, and ordinary Jews will suffer greatly. Ordinary Jews should anticipate this and remove the Jewish Satanist banksters before its too late, but I don’t see that happening.

Fast forward a few decades. How will life be different for MGTOWs/masculists? The Jewish Satanist bribed politicians will all be out of office. Hopefully a new batch of truly democratic politicians will be elected, who will have a conscience, a sense of ethics, who really care about the country, after it has been purged of powerful Satanist Jews.

Divorce laws will be reformed. The Parer (paternity rejection right) will be brought in.

Those men who want children, will then accept marriage more readily, i.e. they will take the risk of having kids with a woman, knowing that if it ends in divorce, they will not lose their kids, their house, etc.

Many men, however, will prefer to continue their twaytweffing lifestyle, and retiring early, to ARC (after retirement careering) in their 40s. These MGTOW/masculist inspired lifestyles will not lose their attraction, so millions of men will not abandon them, post pogrom.

The birth rate will remain under replacement rate, and the population will continue to fall, until ironically, the Jewish Satanist plan to reduce the world population to half a billion, will probably become a reality.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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