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Prentice Hall Book Series List (philosophy) (m)

Prentice Hall Book Series List (philosophy) (m)


Aesthetics  (1)  (link)

Asian Philosophy  (1)  (link)

Death and Dying  (3)  (link)

Environmental Philosophy  (2)  (link)

Epistemology  (3)  (link)

Existentialism  (2)  (link)

Feminist/Gender Philosophy  (5)  (link)

Metaphysics  (3)  (link)

Philosophy of Anthropology  (1)  (link)

Philosophy of History  (1)  (link)

Philosophy of Human Nature  (3)  (link)

Philosophy of Law  (4)  (link)

Philosophy of Love and Sex  (2)  (link)

Philosophy of Mind  (2)  (link)

Philosophy of Religion  (5)  (link)

Philosophy of Science  (6)  (link)

Philosophy of Science and Technology  (2)  (link)

Philosophy of Sport  (1)  (link)

Science, Technology, and Society  (1)  (link)


Applied Ethics  (11)  (link)

Business Ethics  (20)  (link)

Computer Ethics  (5)  (link)

Engineering Ethics  (2)  (link)

Environmental Ethics  (4)  (link)

Ethical Theory  (5)  (link)

Ethics of War and Peace  (2)  (link)

Introduction to Ethics  (22)  (link)

Legal Ethics  (2)  (link)

Medical Ethics  (8)  (link)

Nursing Ethics  (1)  (link)

Professional Ethics  (5)  (link)

Social and Political Ethics  (5)  (link)

History of Philosophy

17th Century Philosophy  (1)  (link)

19th Century Philosophy  (7)  (link)

20th Century Philosophy  (3)  (link)

African Philosophy  (1)  (link)

American Philosophy  (2)  (link)

Analytic Philosophy  (1)  (link)

Ancient Philosophy  (16)  (link)

Continental Philosophy  (2)  (link)

History of Philosophy (Survey)  (2)  (link)

Latin American Philosophy  (1)  (link)

Medieval Philosophy  (7)  (link)

Modern Philosophy  (11)  (link)

Renaissance Philosophy  (5)  (link)

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy  (92)  (link)

Primary Sources  (60)  (link)


Critical Thinking  (19)  (link)

Deductive Logic  (1)  (link)

Formal Logic  (4)  (link)

Informal Logic  (9)  (link)

Introduction to Logic  (8)  (link)

Social and Political Philosophy

American Political Thought  (1)  (link)

Political Philosophy  (7)  (link)

Social Philosophy  (2)  (link)

Social and Political Philosophy  (7)  (link)

Western Political Thought  (1)  (link)



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