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Now that the tedious admin involved in getting a green card for China is effectively over for me, I have more mental energy and time to start a new project. I’ve been telling myself that this year, I ought to start making YouTube videos of my Masculist-MGTOW Flyers, i.e. 2-3 page essays that I’ve been writing over the past 2 years. I have nearly 200 of them now, on my website, but no one reads nowadays, so I wanted to film them, with me reading them aloud in front of my Sony Handycam.

I have started to do that, probably at a rate of about one a day, maybe more once the teething problems are resolved and it becomes routine.  The very first one is up at

It is called “I Strongly Disagree with You Howard Dare”  Dare claims that women “cannot bring home the bacon” which makes me as a masculist see a red flag. The core idea of masculism is to force women to be FIPs (financially independent persons) so that they don’t parasite off the money of a man, as fluffies do. Those women that don’t FIPup, are punished by men by being ignored to death, forcing them to become FIPs.

A lot of you have probably been reading my comments to Sandman, TFM, MGTOW is Freedom, Howard Dare, etc. over the past 2 years or so. You will know that I’m a lot more political than Sandman, whose strength is the psychology of women, but not politics. Sandman, unlike me, is not pushing political strategies to force women to stop parasiting off men, and instead become responsible, FIP adults. Masculism forces women to grow up.

Sandman’s unconscious weakness, I have always felt, is a lack of political imagination, in merely analyzing the gender status quo, instead of (as Marx said) “changing it.” As a masculist, I will harangue a feminazi bitch to her face, putting powerful moral pressure on her if she is a fluffie feminist hypocrite, and telling her that fluffie feminist hypocrites are now genociders, because their crimes committed in the divorce courts, that they have taken over, are causing men to reject paternity, and hence wiping out whole populations.

Men are merely reacting to the primary cause of the toxicity of the divorce courts as created by the fluffie feminist hypocrites.

So, I will now have my own voice, creating my own niche, and have it up in the form of YouTube videos, not that making YouTube videos is new to me. I’ve already made over 1000 lecture course YouTube videos in math and physics as part of my “deGarisMPC” series of lecture courses in Pure Math, Math Physics and Computer Theory at MS and PhD levels

We men have the power to FORCE women to FIPup, because nearly all of us are socialized and educated to be FIPs, so we don’t need women financially to survive. However 3/4 of young women at 16 choose to study fluffie crap majors in high school, and hence become fluffies in their 30s. They then look around for some man slave to parasite upon when they want kids.


It is these young fluffies who need to be attacked by masculists, because the root of the problem starts in the high schools. There needs to be a masculist group in every high school, every college, every university, to put powerful moral force on fluffies to FIPup, or scare them shitless with the threat that if they don’t FIPup, they will be punished severely by not getting a man, and hence will be manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and spat at by a society increasingly sympathetic to masculist and MGTOW ideas.

The above is the essence of the political message that I am putting out in these “de GARIS MASCULIST MGTOW FLYERS’  on YouTube. Wish me luck.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

P.S. If you look at the first video on my Masculist-MGTOW YouTube channel, you will see my face reading my large computer screen. This makes me vulnerable to being doxed, but since I’m retired I don’t have to worry about that. In fact, I have never been attacked by a feminazi, not even once, which puzzles me a bit. I have two theories why that is. One is that the women fear that if they attack me, I will smash them back, and as a fierce professor male, I can harangue a woman far better, with greater intellect and verbal aggression than a woman can muster. The other theory, is that I’m a high status male in women’s eyes, a PhDed full research professor, whose DNA these hypergamous women would love to have for their kid. So they don’t attack a man whose DNA they hanker for, for their kids. Anyway, the fact is that I’ve never been attacked by a feminazi, not even once.

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