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Publications of the Newton Institute

Publications of the Newton Institute

Contact and Symplectic Geometry, Thomas  (unfree)

Duality and Supersymmetric Theories, Olive, West  (unfree)

Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations, Grenfell,  Dobson  (unfree)

Geometry of Constrained Dynamical Systems, Charap  (unfree)

Higher Order Operational Techniques in Semantics, Gordon, Pitts  (unfree)

Idempotency, Gunawardena et al  (unfree)

Intermittency in Turbulent Flows,  Vassilicos  (unfree)

Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics I, Analytical Methods and Numerical Models, Norbury, Roulstone  (unfree)

Large-Scale Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics II, Geometric Methods and Models, Norbury, Roulstone  (unfree)

Lectures on Solar and Planetary Dynamos, Proctor, Gilbert  (unfree)

Mathematics of Derivative Securities, Dempster, Pliska  (unfree)

Models for Infectious Human Diseases : Their Structure and Relation to Data, Isham, Medley  (unfree)

Nonlinear and Nonstationary Signal Processing, Fitzgerald et al  (unfree)

Numerical Methods in Finance, Rogers, Talay  (unfree)

On-Line Learning in Neural Networks, Saad  (unfree)

Prediction of Turbulent Flows, Hewitt, Vassilicos  (unfree)

Real-Time Computer Vision, Terzopoulos, Brown  (unfree)

Representations of Reductive Groups, Carter, Geck  (unfree)

Risk Management, Dempster  (unfree)

Security Market Imperfections in Worldwide Equity Markets, Keim, Ziemba  (unfree)

Semantics and Logics of Computation, Pitts, Dybjer  (unfree)

Solar and Planetary Dynamos, Proctor et al  (unfree)

Turbulence Structure and Vortex Dynamics, Hunt, Vassilicos  (unfree)

Worldwide Asset and Liability Modeling, Ziemba, Mulvey  (unfree)

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