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I am now an ARCer (after retirement careerer). I retired in 2010 from being a brain building professor, and am now free from “waging”. I now do what I like, living cheaply in China, with my  American savings (that  go 6 times further,  given that China is a 3rd world country with much  lower living costs)  (Actually, my American savings I transferred to China because I anticipate a dollar crash in the next few years and the total wipeout of American savings and culture.) Since I have longevity  genes (my father is 94 and nothing  wrong with him) I expect to live another 20-30 years in good health. I am now  no longer locked into the traditional careerist path, where one must stick (more or less) with one’s specialty, that one devotes one’s (waged) career to.  As an ARCer, I am free to choose any new career that I want. I chose to return to  my old love of pure math and math physics (so that I dont have to have an IQ of 200 to get a top math physics job). So for several years now, I have lived a new life style, that the photos below depict.

The ARCer Impact

With the (baby) “boomers” retiring in their billion in the next few years, they will have a huge impact on society. They will be ARCing for as many years as they were “waging” (in paid employment), but since they are now free to persue their own passions, they will “career” more effectively and with  greater motivation,  since they are doing what they want, rather than what some employer boss tells them to do. I am now  one of these ARCers, and feeling a surge of creativity that had too little time to express itself when I was a wage slave locked into a mono dimensional  careerist/wagist groove.

God Spot

Here are some photos that depict my current life style. I spend my afternoons (if the weather is suitable) in my favorite beautiful park, studying and reading PhD level pure math and mathematical physics. My favorite spot I label my “God Spot” (see its photo). You will be able to see why I labeled it that way. At night I study in my library (see photos).

My body lives in China, but my mind lives in the internet and in my 12,500 (paper) books and 50,000  (emule) e-books and e-papers on my iPad and mass storage disks.


Starting in 2012, I began to make YouTube lecture course videos in PhD level Pure Math, and Math Physics, and an e-library with 10,000s  of links to papers and books in my fields of interest. The goal is to provide free education to the planet at PhD level. I label myself a globacator (global educator).  Im hoping globacation will help build a world wide educated middle class, that always pushes for democracy, and since advanced democracies dont go to war with each other, we could live in a war free globacated world.

Prof. Hugo de GARISs “God Spot”

Prof. Hugo de GARIS studying afternoons in the park
Prof. Hugo de GARIS studying nights at home

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  1. GWN August 30, 2016 at 9:37 PM

    Please understand what a fantastic impact you have made!
    Come to America and do a lecture tour-its almost 2017!
    How can I help make that happen?

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