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As millions of men become conscious of the idea that women don’t love them, but only love men’s exploitability, men will become increasingly hostile towards women when they see women acting on their genetic (evolved) instincts, judging men by how much money they can extract from them to pay for fluffie parasitic women to have babies and live in a middle class home, then they will lash out at such women, refusing to be cash machines to immoral, parasitic, manslaving bitches.

I’m married, but barely. It’s a borderline marriage that might end soon, because I’m fed up with my current wife who is a real MOB female, i.e. she definitely judges a man by how much money he makes, and does not give a shit about a man’s other qualities, which in my case are heavily on the “brains” side. Perhaps I should be labeling such women MOPs (money over personality) but my values are oriented strongly towards brains and intellect, so I use MOB, and women’s MOB psychology, which has interesting multi-meanings.

When I got fired for breaking Chinese law (by telling my Chinese university president that few western researchers would come to our Chinese city to build up China’s artificial brain center, because of China’s lack of democracy, lack of free speech, internet censorship, Mao’s 80 million deaths of Chinese citizens, etc.) I then became rather poor. My previous Chinese wife stole half my savings, when she put that money into shares IN HER OWN NAME and just asked me to sign. She had done all the Chinese character admin work for me, so I was in the habit of just signing. It did not occur to me she would put all that money in her own name. When that marriage broke down (due to her showing her true colors of being a middle class lazy Chinese female, who lied to me about intending to get a PhD, etc.) I could not get that money back via the Chinese courts, because they are so corrupt, favoring their own nationals, plus the fact that she was the daughter of a general who was on the Long March with Mao and probably got her CCP card carrying lawyer big sister to do some guanxi (string pulling, corruption).

When the current Chinese wife met me she saw her future husband as a high prestige male, PhD, full professor, earning two and a half time her assistant professors salary. Her vagina wetted, being the true hypergamous female all women are (by evolved nature, by their DNA.)

A few months later, I’m fired, and the truth begins to dawn on her that her husband is rather poor, and spends his time in retirement studying PhD level pure math and  math physics, so that he can make YouTube lecture videos so that students around the world at PhD level in those subjects can study them for FREE. Most males would admire such a man, doing such a thing, pioneering free online education for potentially a million PhD level math/physics students. They would admire and praise, but they are men. After she starts seeing me as poor, the sex dries up. Im still the same person, but not in her female eyes.

Men care about the broader qualities of other men, but how about women?! They don’t give a shit. Their horizons are too limited. All they REALLY care about in a man is his income level. All the other admirable qualities a man may have are unimportant to her, relative to his income level, which for her is far and away her top priority.

I bitterly resent this, and feel so strongly about it, I may just leave her, and go fully MGTOW (once I’ve got my green card). I feel degraded in many ways. Anyone with half a brain would admire what I’m doing, but not a female, not a wife. Women evolved to be parasites on men, to be prostitutes to men (because human babies need to be born prematurely, so their skulls can fit through the birth canal, then after birth the baby’s brain can continue to grow. But prematurely born babies are useless, so women have to stay with them for several years, and then the next baby comes. Women in Stone Age times became highly dependent on men to bring them protein so that they and their kids could survive. As a result, women evolved into the sexiest of mammals, with their period of being in sexual “heat” becoming the whole month, unlike dogs or monkeys.

Women evolved to be prostitutes to men – female sex in exchange for male protein, male resources. This MOB psychology of women is not some social whim, this is deeply ingrained in women’s DNA. They evolved that way. They judge a man by his resources, and will vagina wet when they come across a rich, smart, handsome man who has the potential to give her fine children, and the resources to keep her and her babies alive.

Given this deeply ingrained biological reality that women have when judging men, how can MGTOWs/masculists combat it? How do you fight biology? How to fight instincts in women that millions of years of evolution have hardwired/programmed into them?

It may seem hopeless, but in reality it’s not, because that larger human brain that was so strongly selected for, has a feature that MGTOWs/masculists can use very effectively. That feature is adaptability. The human brain is the most intelligent on the planet, of all species. It is capable of learning, so MGTOWs/masculists can teach women that if they give free rein to their hypergamous natures, and then as a result, abuse men, then men will punish them.

With the fluffie feminist dominating the divorce courts, divorce has become so toxic for men, that two thirds of young men in the US and Japan, refuse to marry and have kids. These young men are prepared to wipe out whole populations unless the gender politicians menfair the gender laws (e.g. regarding divorce, the Parer (paternity rejection right) etc.) so millions of men are now developing new male life styles.

One of the most popular (going under various names) is “twaytweffing” (i.e. 2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) in which a male FIP (financially independent person) has a relationship with a female FIP, each having their own apartment. When the relationship almost surely fails, they return to their own apartments, cost free to the man. With twaytweffing, the man gets the regular sex he needs, and some female companionship.

The great advantage of twaytweffing for men is that it provides a means for men to force women to be nice to them, not to nag, not to withhold sex, not to try to mold them, because if the twaytweffing woman does try those things, he can tell her “Be nice, or I’ll just walk away.”

Soon, millions, later billions, of men will be doing this, if the gender laws are not soon made menfair. So men have a powerful new tool to combat the MOB psychology of females. If she starts nagging him to have a baby, or she complains to him that he chooses to live a frugal, minimalist life style (saving and investing most of his money, so that he can retire early in life and then ARC (after retirement careering) doing what he loves, wage-lave free, man-slave free) then he can so easily walk.

When millions of women experience this kind of twaytwef rejection, time and time again, they will learn to adapt, and will learn not to express their genetic based MOB nature, their MOB programming.

Men will have the means to punish women for being MOB. MGTOWs/masculists can put enormous public pressure on women to be FIPs, and for women to suppress their MOB values. Men HATE being treated as cash machines, as merely an exploitable resource by fluffie parasites. Men hate it, and despise and reject MOB women who treat them so badly.

The MGTOW/masculist virus is so virulent, that in a few years, nearly all young men and most older men, will have been infected by it, so will have their men’s lib consciousnesses raised. They will know about women’s MOB nature, about women’s hypergamy (the tendency of women to be constantly on the lookout for a more sexploitable male, which is also an evolved trait in women). Men will hurl abuse at women when they feel women are attracted only to men’s exploitability and not to men’s other admirable qualities. Women who express freely their MOB psychology will be labeled by men as being shallow minded, materialistic, exploitative, and criminally parasitic. Women will come under enormous moral pressure from men from all sides.

Now that women can be FIPs, they must be FIPs, or will rot on the shelf to extinction if they aren’t.

With women as FIPs, women no longer need their MOB psychology, so women soon in their billions, will have to learn to be FIPs and to suppress their true MOB natures, otherwise they will not have any kind of relationship with men. They won’t even be sexed, because men will be so disgusted with them, that they don’t even want to fuck them.

In summary, men have the means to punish women for expressing their MOB psychology. It takes the form of a 3 point program. 1) Push for all women to be FIPs or they won’t get a man. High school fluffie crappers must stop studying fluffie crap, and study STEM majors to earn good money. 2) Women will learn that the only kind of relationship they can have will be to twaytwef, because young men refuse to marry and have kids (70% of them today, and within a decade, it will probably be over 90%). Fluffies will have no man, so will have to become a FIP to have any chance of twaytweffing. 3) Once a woman is in a twaytwef, she will be forced to suppress her MOB psychology, because she knows that if she doesn’t, that her male twaytweffing partner can easily dump her. She knows that most of the other man she could twaytwef with will have the same hostility towards female MOB psychology as well, so she has no choice but to suppress it in the presence of men.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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