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Lecture Topic : (Math Physics) QUANTUM  FIELD THEORY (QFT)  (M2, Ticciati)

Prerequisites : Quantum Field Theory (QFT) (M1,2); Quantum Mechanics (M2);

Recommended Text(s) :

“Quantum Field Theory for Mathematicians”, R. Ticciati,Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Approx price new on (hard copy) :   $127

Approx price second hand on (hard copy) : $132

Availability free on (e-format) : Yes

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Lectures and Links :


Lecture 1  (link)

Ch.1   Relativistic Quantum Mechanics


Lecture 2  (link)

Ch.2   Fock Space, the Scalar Field, and Canonical Quantization


Lecture 3  (link)

Ch.3   Symmetries and Conservation Laws


Lecture 4  (link)

Ch.4   From Dyson’s Formula to Feynman Rules


Lecture 5  (link)

Ch.5   Differential Transition Probabilities and Predictions


Lecture 6  (link)

Ch.6   Representations of the  Lorentz Group


Lecture 7  (link)

Ch.7   Two-Component Spinor Fields


Lecture 8  (link)

Ch.8   Four-Component Spinor Fields


Lecture 9  (link)

Ch.9   Vector Fields and Gauge Invariance


Lecture 10  (link)

Ch.10   Reformulating Scattering Theory


Lecture 11  (link)

Ch.11   Functional Integral Quantization


Lecture 12  (link)

Ch.12   Quantization of Gauge Theories


Lecture 13  (link)

Ch.13   Anomalies and Vacua in Gauge Theories


Lecture 14  (link)

Ch.14   SU(3) Representation Theory


Lecture 15  (link)

Ch.15   The Structure of the Standard Model


Lecture 16  (link)

Ch.16   Hadrons, Flavor Symmetry, and Nucleon-Pion Interactions


Lecture 17  (link)

Ch.17   Two-Level Applications of the Standard Model


Lecture 18  (link)

Ch.18   Regularization and Renormalization


Lecture 19  (link)

Ch.19   Renormalization of QED : Three Primitive Divergences


Lecture 20  (link)

Ch.20   Renormalization and Preservation of Symmetries


Lecture 21  (link)

Ch.21   The Renormalization Group Equations


Lecture 22  (link)

Ch.22   Appendices


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