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Lecture Topic : (Math Physics) QUANTUM  OPTICS (M2, Loudon)

Prerequisites : Quantum Mechanics (M1); Optics (Sen); Optics (M1);

Recommended Text(s) :

“The Quantum Theory of Light”, 3rd Edn., Rodney Loudon,OxfordUniversity Press, 2000.

Approx price new on (hard copy) : $63

Approx price second hand on (hard copy) : $45

Availability free on (e-format) : Yes

eMule search key word(s) : Loudon, Quantum Theory Light

Lectures and Links :


Lecture 1  (link)

Ch.1   Planck’s Radiation Law and the Einstein Coefficients


Lecture 2  (link)

Ch.2   Quantum Mechanics of the Atom-Radiation Interaction


Lecture 3  (link)

Ch.3   Classical Theory of Optical Fluctuations and Coherence


Lecture 4 (link)

Ch.4   Quantization of the Radiation Field


Lecture 5  (link)

Ch.5   Single-Mode Quantum Optics


Lecture 6  (link)

Ch.6   Multimode and Continuous-Mode Quantum Optics


Lecture 7  (link)

Ch.7   Optical Generation, Attenuation, and Amplification


Lecture 8  (link)

Ch.8   Resonance Fluorescence and Light Scattering


Lecture 9  (link)

Ch.9   Nonlinear Quantum Optics


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