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The sharpest ideological difference between the MGTOWs and the masculists is that the MGTOWs are a-political, and the masculists are very political, angry and place heavy moral pressure on their enemies (the fluffie parasites, the fluffie feminist hypocrites, and the truly hated gender politicians) to accept masculist ideas. The MGTOWs argue that the tactics of the masculists are a waste of time and energy, and hence are stupid, due to the MGTOW “51% female voter” argument, which says that 51% of voters in the US are female and that more women vote than men, so that if some gender issue (e.g. divorce reform that would menfair the divorce courts) were a zero sum game between women and men, then the gender politicians would vote in favor of women, because they know that women make up the majority of the voters, who actually vote, so that taking a pro masculist political stance, would get these gender politicians voted out by the female bloc vote.

This argument sounds plausible at first sight, so this flyer is devoted to refuting it, attempting to convert those wavering MGTOWs who think that MGTOWs should do more politically, to help other men in their suffering due to the gynocentric oppression of the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites, the hated feminazi bitches.

As a masculist, this “51% female voter” argument is a thorn in my side, so it needs to be refuted if that is at all possible. If it can’t be refuted, then the MGTOWs have a point, and their strategy of simply, quietly, a-politically, going their own way, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, spending their money on themselves, utterly rejecting paying for a woman, who is ignored my MGTOWs as a matter of policy, perhaps pumped and dumped but never paid for – may be the only thing that men can do. But as a masculist, I disagree with this MGTOW fatalism.

There are however a string of masculist counter arguments that refute the “51% female voter” argument, that this flyer presents and discusses. So can the masculists overcome this argument? The answer is “It depends!” It depends on a lot of things.

For example, it depends on how effective the masculists are in getting on the broadcast media, persuading male journalists to present the masculist ideas to the masses, to the millions, and worldwide to the billions. It depends on how effective the masculists can become at persuading the general population that parents need to socialize their daughters and that teachers need to teach their female students to FIP up (i.e. become FIPs (financially independent persons)) so that they do not become fluffies (i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off a man) as adults.

If the masculists can change the gender climate so thoroughly, that nearly all young women become FIPs and agree with the masculists that fluffies should be seen as being “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin” then the masculists will have a good shot at overcoming the “51% female voter” argument.

There are several strong arguments that the masculists have that can be used, to so change the gender climate, so as to refute the 51% argument. The first is the most powerful, but will take some time to become really effective. It is the “nuclear weapon” i.e. the strongest argument of the masculists, and the MGTOW, called the “population annihilation” argument, which goes as follows. “If the gender politicians don’t menfair the gender laws, (e.g. make divorce law menfair, bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right) equivalent to women’s Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right), menfairing the gender laws across the board) then the masculists and MGTOW will continue to reject paternity, and hence WIPE OUT WHOLE POPULATIONS!”

Since there is nothing more important to human beings than the survival of human beings, this most powerful of the masculist arguments will eventually prevail. The hated gender politicians will be FORCED to menfair the ender laws, or the gender politicians will be assassinated. When populations seriously start falling badly, this desperate situation will demand desperate measures, such as assassination of the gender politicians. Tremendous moral and political pressure will be placed on the gender politicians to treat men with equal dignity and respect as they do for women, otherwise it will cost them their lives, as vigilante groups take the law into their own hands, given that the current law is so heavily gynocentrically biased.

The next powerful masculist argument is the “we men have the financial power to force women to FIP up” argument. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can manage to get her financial claws into some gullible, ignorant, manslave who has not had his masculist/MGTOW consciousness raised. However thanks to the many YouTube videos made by the MGTOWs and masculists, young men in a string of major countries have now woken up to how toxic the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites, the hated feminazi bitches, have made the divorce courts for men, so that in countries such as the US, Japan, Germany etc, two thirds of young men under 35, are now MGTOW in practice, if not in philosophy, i.e. they refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and avoid fluffies like the plague.

Unfortunately, the MGTOWs, do not make an effort to contact the broadcast journalists to persuade them to teach young women to FIP up, or to rot on the shelf. Masculists on the other hand do make the effort to do this, as a matter of policy.

In a decade, probably over 90% of young men will refuse to pay for fluffies, so that fluffies will be FORCED to FIP up, or be spat at by men. So women don’t have a choice. Some feminazis naively believe that women have a choice whether to be careerists or to be housewives. No they don’t. If men don’t agree to be manslaved by fluffie parasites, then fluffies will rot on the shelf, utterly rejected by men. It is the men who have the power to decide whether some women will be housewives, since housewives are paid for by manslaves, whose supply is almost dried up.

Another strong masculist argument is the “Be FIP or be manless!” argument, that is related to the previous argument. Masculists place enormous moral pressure on fluffies to FIP up, to get a career competent education at high school and college, so that they can be FIPs as adults, and pull their own financial weight and not parasite off the money of a man. Masculists tell women, that they will be viewed as “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin” if they become fluffies and not FIP up.

There is a long way to go in this regard, because in the US for example, about ¾ of young women at age 16 choose the intellectually easy, intellectually lazy “soft option” of studying memory based, non-analytical, majors, such as English literature, geography, languages, etc instead of math and the sciences. This results in these young women being forced to study more “fluffie crap” at college, because they are rejected from studying STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) majors and the professions, because they do not have the appropriate high school prerequisites, resulting in them getting a fluffie crap diploma which will make them fluffies in their 30s, when their biological clocks are ticking hard, so they then look around for some gullible manslave to parasite upon, to have him pay for the middle class house that she can raise her kids in. A decade later, she will drag  him through the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, and have him financially massacred, taking his kids, his house, half his possessions, forced to pay child support and often alimony, with no moral nor legal obligation on her to FIP up and get a job.

Masculists are pushing hard for the establishment of masculists groups in every high school and college, so that young men can put powerful moral pressure on women to FIP up, to study career competent majors, or be rejected by men.

Masculists aim, with the above arguments, to change the “gender climate” i.e. to make both sexes aware that men’s lib means business, and that if women don’t FIP up and help menfair the gender laws, then, women are going to be severely punished by men, by not having one. Men will merely pump and dump women, and leave them rotting on the shelf.

Another argument the masculists and MGTOWs use is the “When the sexbots and the artwombs come in a decade or so, women will be ignored.” This will cause women to become “female masculists” in order to attract men’s interest. When men can get better sex from their sexbots, and can grow their own kids, women will become largely irrelevant to men. Feminism will die out quickly, and women will be fighting each other desperately for men’s dwindling attention. It will become strongly in women’s self-interest to become “female masculists” to help the masculists to push the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, otherwise the masculists and MGTOWs will continue to ignore women, who after all, have severe negative qualities, e.g. nagging, being irrational, emotional, hysterical, etc.

Thinking women, will become well informed of masculist/MGTOW ideas and some of them will agree with the masculists that men need to be treated ethically, and not be abused by the hated fluffie feminist hypocrites (who want equal rights with men, but reject equal obligations with men, i.e. sharing the burden of earning the living, by bothering to educate themselves with career competent majors, so that they can become FIPs as adults, and not expect, fluffie style, to be able to parasite off the money of a man.) These sympathetic women, will be “female masculists” and will want to help men achieve gender equality with women, concerning the gender laws, which is far from being the case in today’s world, especially in the divorce courts, and the lack of a Parer, etc.

So, putting all these arguments together, the 51% figure will be significantly lowered. There will be many female masculists who will want men to be given equal rights with women, so that men will be more prepared to interact with women, to sex women, to give women babies. The gender climate will be very different a decade from now as the masculist/MGTOW ideas spread and spread, so that nearly all women (and men) know about them, and are influenced by them.

Gender politicians, being politicians, will feel the moral pressure on them from both sexes. They will sense which way the gender wind is blowing, and become more prepared to menfair the gender laws, when they see that more and more women are turning to female masculism, than is the case today. When say, 30% of women are female masculists, and nearly 50% of men are, then that’s 65% of the electorate who are in favor of menfairing the gender laws, so they will be menfaired, if the gender politicians do not want to lose their next election.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

(YouTube Flyers) “de Garis Masculist MGTOW Flyers” “de Garis Essays”

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