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40% of women over 40 in the US live alone. Since the numbers of both sexes are about the same, then roughly 40% of men over 40 live alone. Why do second halvers (i.e. people older than 40) choose, in nearly half of cases, to live alone? There are probably several main reasons, so I’ll concentrate on those I think are probably the most prevalent, and from the male angle. One of the main ones, is that men simply prefer to live alone than to live with the child like minds of women. Many of these 40% of men, who live alone, have probably been divorced, and have chosen not to relive the mistake they made in living with a female whose behavior was totally alien to them (i.e. femalien – moody, nagging, sex withholding, illogical, child like.)

Many of these men have been financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, and do not want to repeat this bitter experience, so stay away from women. They may date, to get a bit of sex from time to time, but avoid like the plague ever paying again for a fluffie, who then stole his house, took his kids, expects child payments, instead of paying for the kids she took for herself, and if she’s a real fluffie, she lives off his alimony for the rest of her life, with no legal or moral obligations on her to get off her fluffie parasitic arse and get a job.

These former manslaves have learned a bitter lesson, and pass it down to their sons. “Son, look what happened to me. Don’t marry. Don’t have kids. If you’re married you have a one in four chance of being financially massacred by your fluffie ex-wife. Have relationships only with FIP women. Fluffies are vermin, to be wiped out. If you’re going to date, date only FIP women. At least they pull their weight financially, but women are women, with child-like minds, and will drive you crazy if you don’t keep them at a manageable distance.”

“Son, women have child minds. They evolved to be baby growers and child raisers, and you don’t need a male adult mind to do that. Women don’t need to understand the threatening realities of the hunt, because they’re always looking after children. They don’t need male adult minds to do that, and in fact, if they did, that would make them worse child minders, because they would soon get bored by the babblings of small ankle biting children, the way men do. Men like kids, but in small doses, not all day every day, the way women are evolved to like. Women are happiest when they’re looking after a bunch of their own kids. That’s what they evolved for.”

“Women are not adult, not like men. They behave like children, by not taking responsibility for their own lives, always putting the blame for their situation on others, preferably men. Look at the feminists. They put the blame for everything on men, and never on themselves. It would be refreshing for example to hear a feminist say that women are less valued in society, because their contribution is less, that the genii are males and so it is the males who invent everything, create everything, build everything.”

“You’ll never hear a feminist, or even any woman, make such a statement, because they are not responsible adults. They have child minds and behave like children, not owning up to their own inferiorities. So keep these femaliens at a distance. Fuck em, sure, but don’t live with them. They’ll only nag you to death, treating you as a cash machine all the time, and not respecting you for who you are. They will only see you as some exploitable resource, and if they can’t extract anything from you, you will be seen by them as useless, worthless. That’s the way women are.”

“So my advice to you son, is to live in your own apartment, and date only a FIP woman who has her own apartment. The masculists call it “twaytweffing” (2A2F = two apartments, two FIPs) so that if your girlfriends starts nagging you – “Oh let’s have a baby! Why don’t you ever give me anything? I have a headache. Why don’t you make more money?!”, or anything like that, then just dump her, and find another FIP female to twaytwef with.”

“The great advantage of twaytweffing is that you get to dictate your terms. If the woman starts pissing you off for whatever reason, you can walk. She knows that and that’s why she will be motivated to stay nice to you, through fear of you dumping her. Now that’s a two way street. You have to be nice to her too, or she might dump you. But that’s a good thing. It keeps the twaytweffing civil, cordial, civilized, and represses bad tempered behavior. That’s good.”

“Nearly half of older men (second halvers, over 40 years old) choose to live alone, to not live with a woman, especially a fluffie parasite. I suggest you take the advice of a more experienced, older male like your father, and live my life style while you’re young as well. Watch out for women in their 30s, when their biological clock is ticking. Their child like minds will not allow them to behave responsibly, ethically, when it comes to them getting pregnant when they know their fertility window is closing. They may try to trick you, lie to you about taking the pill, and “Oops, I guess I must have forgotten to take my pills for a few days (actually a whole month) and now I’m pregnant, so now you have to pay for the baby!”

“So always use a condom, and flush it straight after, so she can’t sperm-jack you. Don’t trust women in their 30s at all. They behave like psychopaths sometimes, not giving a shit about the man whose life she ruins by getting pregnant. In our gynocentric culture, we men don’t have the Parer (paternity rejection right) the way women have the Marer. Society stinks, that way.”

“So get your sex, but don’t pay the traditional horrible price, the way I did. Look at me and learn. Learn the smart way, by listen to good advice. Don’t learn the hard way, the way I did, by being financially massacred by that bitch of your mother. You’re her kid, so of course she cares about you, but other than herself, for no one else, certainly not for men. She doesn’t give a shit about men, otherwise she would not have financially massacred me, that fluffie, parasitic, immoral bitch.”

So reject the female child mind. Force them to rot on the shelf, and even wipe out the whole population if necessary, until those bastards, the gender politicians, who gave the fluffie feminists carte blanche in the divorce courts to do whatever they want with their ex-husbands, are forced to menfair the gender laws, or the whole population will get wiped out.”

“With billions of MGTOWs/masculists wiping out fluffies through genetic selection (i.e. only having babies with FIP women) the genes of the fluffie parasites, will be selectively killed off, so that future women will be more FIP like in their personalities. They will be less parasitic on men, and judge men less by how good men are as cash machines for women. Genetically filtered FIP women will have more adult minds. They will take more responsibility for their own lives. They won’t be fluffie children!”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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