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Resource-Rich PhD-Level Free Self-Education



(Masters, PhD Levels,  Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, Philosophy, Brain Theory, etc, 10,000s of Full Text, Full Content (or Closely Related) Links to Papers and Books According to Topic)


(Masters, PhD Levels,  Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, Philosophy, Brain Theory, etc, 10,000s of Full Text, Full Content (or Closely Related) Links to Publisher Book Series)

I spent five years, 2013-7 building two e-libraries of (journal) articles and links to books in Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, Philosophy, Brain, etc. The fist was a “Topics” e-Library that arranged research papers and books according to topic. The second was a “Publisher Series” e-Library that arranged book series by publisher. The aim of creating these two e-libraries is to give you, my “alfa” students (i.e. with an IQ in the top percentile, thus making you a precious intellectual and economic resource for your country) the means (i.e. the rich intellectual resources)  to educate yourself to PhD level, with just a click of the mouse or a swipe of the fingers. The journal articles you can read directly because their content is accessible from this site. The books you can either buy second hand from or download from a file sharing site such as

However, lately, has been putting up so many millions of links to full content books, that I am currently redoing my whole 2 e-libraries, putting up full text links when they exist. This work will take me many months, because it is tedious and slow, but extremely valuable to students, who then get to read the WHOLE CONTENTS of books.

I took off five years from making YouTube lecture course videos to do this (and to annotate my paper books, make Chinese vocab lists, learn topics for future YouTube lectures, write three free self published e-books, put up lots of MGTOW comments, etc), arguing that it would be of immediate benefit to the planet, and could be done fairly quickly, whereas the video courses will take me decades, if I live long enough. So, Ive given you a fabulous resource. If your interest is primarily in math and physics, then there is a wealth of material for you to read and educate yourself on this site. (Just click on one of the two tabs “deGarisMPCPBE” and follow the links.)

Each topic in the Topics e-Library is split mainly into papers and books, The “papers” are free (uncopyrighted) and include some  books that never found a publisher, or are so old that the copyright has run out (90 years). These “papers” can be read by clicking on their individual links. The books are “unfree” (copyrighted), so since I dont want to be hassled by the pluddites (the paper luddites, who impose a copyright on their paper products in the internet age, when educational information should be free, thus imprisoning knowledge and keeping the world ignorant, and indirectly at war) I provide links to  Once the pluddites die off, and they are, it will be possible for me in the hopefully not too distant future to put links to the book contents directly, but that day has not yet arrived unfortunately.

Of course, anyone who knows how to use a file sharing site, such as microTorrent or can take any bibliography and download any book from it (e.g. using the titles and authors of the books in these two e-libraries), so long as it is on the file sharing site at the time. But this is definitely less convenient than being able to click on a free file which is directly accessible.

There are 10,000s of links in these two e-libraries, so you should be able to give yourself a “resource rich education” by reading and studying the wealth of material provided. Personally, I lie in bed with my rotatable Dell large (28″) 4K screen and mouse, or my iPad, or my SONY “DP” (digital paper e-ink A$ page size, incredibly light e-reader)and read and study this e-library that I made in 2013-2017. It is having  a huge impact on my own education, due to the huge quantity of material in it. I hope you have a similar “resource-rich self-educational” experience with them. The Topics e-Library is also fairly comprehensive, covering most of the main texts in a given subtopic (except for the damned copyright problem with the books) but even limited to the “papers” one can still get quite a good education.

Once all the (full text) links are in place, Im hoping that the numbers of hits I get on this site will increase sharply, so that most graduate students in pure math and math physics will use it and find it very useful, having so much material “on tap.” I guestimate that there are about 10,000 universities in the world, of which half have graduate programs, and nearly all of those graduate schools would have a math and a physics department, with say 20 graduate students in each, so that’s 5000*40 = 200,000 grad students, plus those people simply interested in the material. Thats a lot of potential hits.


I’m also hoping that other retired professors will be inspired to do the same in their fields, so that all theoretical topics that traditionally were taught with text books and research papers in class and seminar rooms, can now be taught using lecture videos and e-libraries.  This will have a huge impact on the planet, e.g. most universities will go bankrupt as they lose their fee base, thus freeing up parents from the considerable burden of paying $200,000+ for the undergraduate education of their child; paper libraries will become ghost towns; paper publishers will go bankrupt; and a rising world wide educated middle class will rise up and throw off their few remaining dictatorships (i.e. a third of countries in the world), leading to a war free planet, since advanced democracies don’t go to war with each other. Helping to achieve the dream of a war free world is my main motivation in being a globacator (global educator).


There’s another motivation behind what I’m doing as a globacator, and that is to hit back  at what I call middle  class mindlessness, that I have despised all my life. The reality of the Bell curve is that most people are peakers, with average abilities (IQs) lying in the peak of the Bell curve. Hence society caters to them far more  than  it  caters to the sages (i.e.  intellectuals in the top percentile of IQ). As a sage myself, I’m tired of having to listen to peakered pop music in the supermarkets, to unwatchable peakered crap on TV, to peakered Hollywood movies that bore me or annoy me with their stupidity. As a sage I always felt neglected. Society did not  cater to me. I wanted to be given “brain food”, interesting stuff that would  stimulate my brain and create a sense of awe and wonder that made me hungry to learn more.

Well, now that we have the internet, cloud computing, webcams, file sharing sites, etc, I can now, as an individual, educate the world with material suitable for alfas (i.e. top percentilers). I have created a website with YouTube lectures at grad level (Ms and PhD) and e-libraries containing full-content links to 10,000s of papers and books in several topics that interest me (Pure Math, Math Physics, Computer Theory, Philosophy, Brain Theory, etc). I only wish I had had such material as a youth and young man. It would have changed my life. So now I can  say “Screw the peakers!”  There is plenty of junk for them. I’m aiming at the alfas. I’m producing material  for the alfas aimed at alfa level intelligence. Society doesn’t  do this,  so I will, now that the technology allows it.

I hope  other freeprofs like myself will do the same so that the sages of  the world will no longer feel neglected and ignored by society, because we are too tiny a percentage of the population to be  bothered with (which is a mistake by the way,  since it is the alfas who win the Nobel Prizes, the Abel Prizes, who invent the transistors, and write the symphonies. We are the creators and shakers of society. We should not be ignored, we should be worshiped, because it is we who pull  the rest of society (the betas) behind us, whether they like it or not.)


Now that I’ve put up (nearly) all the links to articles and books in my two e-libraries, I’m now freer to benefit from them. With just a click of the mouse, I can now look at tens of thousands of articles and books. If something is not clear with one author, I can try another. I’m finding the experience intoxicating. I’m getting a real feel for what full text e-libraries at PhD level can do for humanity. I hope you have a similar experience with their enormous intellectual richness and convenience.

I hope other retired professors will do the same in their subjects, so that the whole planet can get a PhD level education for free. In fact, why wait until you reach conventional professorial retirement age? Perhaps you could retire early, and spend the final decades of your life doing what I’m doing but in your field of specialty. Creating intellectual content (e-libraries) and YouTube lecture videos in a systematic fashion, covering the many topics of your specialty, will have a far greater educational impact on the planet, than your conventional teaching to a few dozen students in a class room. With the internet, file sharing sites, YouTube, free website storage companies like WordPress, a handycam, whiteboard, tripod, free video processing software like MovieMaker, etc you can teach hundreds of thousands of students, so I suggest you benefit humanity a lot more by retiring early, and become a “free prof” like myself.


I’m noticing, now that smart phones are very cheap, the number of hits I’m getting from India, which can benefit readily from the English language papers and texts and YouTube videos, is steadily climbing. India is now in 6th place in terms of the number of hits I’ve had over the past year. (US 16,400; Canada 1800; UK 1700; Germany 1200; Australia 1050;  India 950. Given that India has almost as many people as China (which still blocks YouTube and WordPress, so that Chinese students cannot benefit from the kind of thing I’m doing, unless they use a VPN (virtual private network) to avoid the Chinese government’s censorship, thus stunting the intellectual growth of its citizens) I’m expecting India to rise to the top of the heap, surpassing the US, which currently is far and away in first place (the US has the third largest population in the world).


A lot of the above has dated a bit, given that has been putting up millions of FULL CONTENT links to books. This service provided by google allows globacators (global educators) like myself, to revolutionize high level education. I’m now going through my two e-libraries systematically, putting up full text links, when I find them on What is so revolutionary about these full content links, is that they allow students access to the FULL CONTENT of books. Students can read these books, i.e. Ms and PhD level books, FOR FREE, and hence can educate themselves to PhD level FOR FREE. That’s a revolution!

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