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If you’re a real MGTOW, and not very well educated, you may be wondering what the connection is with the above title and MGTOW!?

Actually a lot. Canada, the US, Australia, NZ, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, etc are all ZOGs (Zionist Occupied Governments) i.e. they are countries taken over and controlled by Jewish banksters, who control the issuance of money in those countries, and via that immense power, are able to bribe the politicians as much as they want, because these Jewish banksters can create as much money out of thin air as they want. They thus destroy democracies. The US has not been a democracy since at least 1913, when the Rothschilds and their US agents (Warburgs, Schiffs, Rockefellers, etc) set up the Fed (i.e. a private company of Jewish banksters) designed to finance world wars. As soon as the Fed was set up, it was able to lend the UK, $400M to go to war with Germany, which was outstripping the UK militarily, scientifically, economically, etc. It is no surprise that WW1 broke out in 1914.

The connection between these Jewish bankster Satanists and MGTOW is that MGTOWs live in a society whose politicians are not society’s representatives, but are utterly corrupted, bribed, who are dishonest, immoral, people, selected by these Jewish banksters for high office. To be selectable, these politicians need some major bribable feature or they do not get selected. In Obama’s case, he is a gay, and his wife is a man, with a man’s hands, shoulders, and penis bulge with his dresses (YouTube it!).

These Jewish banksters use a divide and conquer strategy to undermine the cultures they parasite upon. They have been doing this for several thousand years, so have developed techniques that have been time tested over many centuries. They hate the goy. It is an important part of the Jewish religion (Judaism) to hate the goy. Judaism’s Talmud (their main religious text(s)) is full of expressions of vitriolic hatred against the goy (YouTube it.) So, to undermine the dominant culture of their host country (e.g. the US, with its former white Christian majority) these Jewish banksters pushed hard to foster hatred between US blacks and whites (i.e. they set up the NAACP, led it, financed it, behind the scenes. They were also the dominant pushers of immigration reform, which would bring in non white, non Christians, to cause the white Christian majority to become a minority, which the US will soon be.

The ultimate divide and conquer strategy for the US would be to get men and woman hating each other, and the most cost effective method to cause that would be to bribe a handful of gender politicians to rewrite the divorce laws, making them highly favorable to fluffie divorcing women, and highly unfavorable to their ex husbands. Thus the real source of the problem in the divorce courts, is the Jewish bankster divide-and-conquer strategy to undermine the dominant white Christian majority. It also distracts attention away from their massive crimes against humanity – the world wars they have largely generated/manufactured; their theft of half our taxes; their inflation of the currency, destroying peoples savings; their debt enslavement of the population with their paper currency, debt note, Ponzi schemes; their destruction of democracies; their abusive lies re the holocaust hoax; and worst of all, their longer term plan to fulfill their Talmudic prophecy to rule the world from Jerusalem (the new world order) and then to wipe out the goy, to have the earth to themselves.

Anyone who makes the effort to learn these things, obviously learns to hate the Jewish bankster Satanists, who believe that they should commit as much evil as possible to hasten the coming of the Jewish messiah, who will conquer the goy, create Jerusalem as the capitol of the Jews, and then wipe out the goy.

Once the highly religious Mayer Rothschild realized that by controlling the issuance of the money of a country, one could control it, he hired Weisshaupt to found the Illuminati. Mayer Rothschild was an adherent of Jacob Frank, the Jewish satanist. All three of them, Rothschild, Frank and Weisshaupt were in Frankfurt, in Germany, in the later 1700s. Rothschild asked (as far as I understand in my present state of knowledge) Weisshaupt to formulate a plan to take over the world for the Jewish Frankist Satanists, which became the infamous “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which spells out step by step how the Jewish bankster Satanists could create a new world order that would fulfill the Talmudic prophecies.

Global political events have followed this step by step plan very closely, too closely to be a coincidence. Henry Ford learned to hate the Jewish banksters in his day, when they tried dirty tricks to take over his car company. He was so pissed, he put a free copy of the Protocols in every T-Ford he sold. When the Jewish banksters tried to sell the idea that the Protocols is a fake, Ford merely commented that global political events seemed to have followed the Protocols’ steps pretty closely. A century later, that comment is now blatantly obvious.

So, given all the above, what can MGTOWs/masculists do to help stop these Jewish bankster Satanists from destroying whole countries and continents by destroying their economies and particularly the value of their currencies? The US is about to be destroyed, when the US dollar is no longer accepted by the world as the world reserve currency in international trade. Jewish banksters have been pushing the idea for decades to send US manufacturing capacity outside the US where labor costs are cheaper. That happened in the 80s and 90s. When the dollar crashes, the US will not be able to simply print dollars to pay other countries for their goods, that the other countries need to sell to the US to get dollars to buy oil from the Arabs (Saudi Arabia principally), which is usually called the petrodollar scheme, a massive scam by US Jewish banksters against the rest of the world. The US Jewish banksters told the Saudi royal family “Sell your oil only in dollars, and the US will crush any uprising against you from your people!” The Saudi royal family agreed. So for many decades, the world has been robbed of its goods by the US Jewish banksters, to get dollars (printed out of thin air by Jewish banksters) to be able to buy oil, that all countries MUST have. These Jewish banksters are truly EVIL GENII.

When the dollar crashes, the US will have little manufacturing capacity, to sell goods to the world so as to be able to earn money to buy imports from the rest of the world. The US will soon fall to third world living standards. Millions of Americans will then become very angry, and with more guns than people in the US, will start killing the Jewish banksters and their cronies. There will be an American pogrom, and a civil war, because the Jewish banksters will not give up their dictatorship of the most powerful and richest nation in the world (the US) easily.

They have been preparing for this civil war/pogrom for many years, hence the 800 FEMA concentration camps and the 3 billion hollow tipped bullets built/bought by the Jewish bankster controlled Dept of Homeland Security; the millions of 4 body plastic coffins; the militarization of the police force; the 1000s of suburban “tanks”; the police state executive orders that have been signed by Obama (who was selected by these Jewish banksters to do just that), etc.

It should be obvious to any thinking MGTOW/masculist that the problems that MGTOWs/masculists are having with their male gender issues are chickenfeed, small potatoes, when compared with the above problems, with the Jewish banksters about to destroy the economies of the US, Europe and Japan, then take them over with a Jewish bankster controlled police state.

Yes, indeed, so what can MGTOWs/masculists do to stop this horrible near term reality from happening? By education. By becoming aware of what is going on behind the scenes. By educating yourself with YouTube videos on these themes. (You wont hear about these developments on the broadcast media, because Jewish banksters and their Frankist Satanist cronies control the broadcast media, and Hollywood (hence the many Holocaust hoax movies), and publishing. The only thing they don’t yet control and censor is the internet, but they are working hard on that.

The most effective way to destroy these Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, is to destroy their belief in Frankist Satanism. One could just kill them all, but that is probably not a viable option, because many would escape and continue their satanic beliefs. Much better is to destroy the beliefs themselves, in a way similar to what happened with earlier beliefs in witchcraft, sorcery, negro slavery etc, i.e. by pushing other beliefs that make Frankist Satanism look ridiculous, retarded, stupid, ignorant, not believable.

What are these other beliefs that have the power to wipe out Frankist Satanism, that so controls and enslaves the minds of these Jewish bankster Satanists who are planning to wipe out the goy? SCIENCE!  Science is the greatest enemy of these Frankist Satanists.

Science is the greatest knowledge generating system that men have ever invented. It is based on a simple idea, namely that it is not enough to simply believe some hypothesis. You should go out into the real world and test that hypothesis, and if possible using numerical measurements to test it. Modern economies and societies are based on this simple “scientific method” idea. It should be applied by people to the whole of society.

Religionists need to be confronted by scientists with scientifically based ridicule. This needs to be done especially against Frankist Satanists, and very especially against Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists. Jewish MGTOWs/masculists could have a conversation with a Jewish Frankist similar to – “You believe in that Frankist garbage? What are you, nuts? You still believe in that centuries old crap? I thought you were a modern person, well informed in the scientific method, but I see in reality, you are still a mental slave to prescientific drivel. I’ve lost my respect for you. Worse, is that you are prepared to abuse your enormous financial power to wipe out millions of goy. You would not do such a thing, if you did not believe this Frankist Satanist crap. You would see the goy as fellow human beings, and not hate them, then they would not hate you back, then Jews could merge genetically into their host cultures and lead much happier lives.

You are a mental slave. You believe ideas created a few thousand years ago, that the modern world no longer takes seriously. You are an intellectual fossil, and a very, very dangerous fossil. You deserve to be hated. I suggest you have an escape plan, because when the dollar crashes, you will be on a black list for assassination. The white Christian majority in the US doesn’t like Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, and will take you out, if you remain locked into your mental slavery. You should be stuffed and put into a museum.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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