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This flyer makes some suggestions on how to go about selecting a woman to have regular sex with, and to get a bit of agreeable companionship from. It lists various kinds of women to be avoided, in degrees of their negativity, and lists the kinds of women that MGTOWs, masculists prefer.

I’ll start from the bottom and work up, i.e. from the most repulsive, to be avoided at all costs, to the top, the most desirable, given MGTOW-masculist criteria.

The absolute worst kind of woman is triply handicapped from a MGTOW/masculist point of view, and she is the fat fluffie feminazi. If she’s fat, then she will be sexually repulsive, a veritable “cock shrinker” or as the French say so graphically, a “grosse imbaissable” i.e. a “fat unfuckable.”

If she’s a fluffie, then she will be trying to make you a manslave, so that she can live in a middle class house to raise HER kids, and have you pay for it all, i.e. the house, for her, and her kids. A decade later, when she’s bored with you, she’ll want to drag you into a divorce court to financially massacre you, taking your house, the kids, getting the court to force you to pay her child support and alimony, so that she can continue to parasite off you after the divorce, the way she did before the divorce.

Fluffies are hated by the masculists. They are the enemy of the masculists, whose prime political goal is to wipe them out, by refusing to have anything to do with them, not even fucking them, as a way of punishing them, forcing them to become FIPs or they rot on the shelf to extinction.

A feminazi is a real bitch who will harangue you with feminist PC (politically correct) bullshit, that for the most part does not stand up to cynical scientific analysis. Feminazis are so not nice to be with that most men ignore them, so most feminazis are manless. Many other young women see this, so suppress their innermost feminist feelings, for fear of putting off men.

So a fat, fluffie, feminazi bitch is the most repulsive of females, and to be avoided at all costs. She is the gold standard by which all less repulsive woman are judged.

So what about a non fat, fairly attractive fluffie feminazi? Well, maybe to have sex with for a one night stand, if she’s quite sexually attractive, but its risky. If she’s a feminist, she might turn on you and make all kinds of false claims, that may get you in trouble. Its better to avoid such a female, even if she’s slim and curvy, and quite fuckable.

If she’s a non fat, FIP feminazi, then she is less likely to try to parasite on your money, because she has her own, since she’s a FIP, but if she’s still a feminazi, being with her will still be painful, because she will harangue you with feminazi attitudes and be a thorough pain in the arse.

If she’s slim, curvy, FIP and a feminazi, you could try haranguing her right back with masculist/MGTOW ideas. That might work, and get her to shut up. That might be worth a try. Once she learns that her feminist bullshit is mostly that, i.e. PC (isscienate fairy) bullshit, then she might fear haranguing you with her feminist garbage, because she knows she will get harangued right back, with interest, with masculist/MGTOW venom.

Its a judgement call on your part. If she’s open to argument, and she strikes your fancy as a penisable woman, then maybe. Personally I wouldn’t. Feminists are not entirely sane in today’s world.

So how about a woman who is FIP, not fat, and not a feminazi? Now you’re beginning to be in the ball park of women who might be worth having some kind of relationship with.

I suggest you might twaytwef with her, i.e. have a regular sexual relationship with her, but insist that it be on the basis of having two apartments, so that when it ends, as most do, both can just walk away at zero cost to the man, back to their two apartments. The enormous advantage of twaytweffing for a man is that it forces the woman he twaytwefs with to be nice to him. If she’s not, he just quietly walks away, and finds another woman to penis and have a bit of companionship with.

If the twaytweffing woman starts putting pressure on him to have a kid, or she withholds sex, or she tries to change his habits etc, then he can walk away.

Twaytweffing, it goes without saying, is a lifestyle for men that avoids having kids (a complete no-no in today’s fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, where one married man in four get financially massacred. MGTOWs/masculists think that only fools marry in todays world. In the US and Japan, 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids, and spend their money on themselves.

Twaytweffing means there is no divorce, because no marriage, no child payments, because no kids, no alimony, because the twaytweffing partner woman is a FIP.

So is twaytweffing the optimal method to get regular sex and some companionship from a FIP woman? No, buts its not bad. Better would be to twaytwef with a woman who is ideologically committed to being nice, i.e. nurturative, to her man.

MGTOWs/masculists need to push the idea onto women, that at a deep level in men, is the infantile memory they have of being with their mothers, who nurtured them totally. Men have a deep need to be nurtured like that as adults, and will be very nice to a woman who can genuinely nurture him (rather than initially pretending to be like that so as to manslave him, so that he pays for her kids.)

A woman who is ACTIVELY NICE, ACTIVELY NURTURATIVE to a man she twaytwefs with is about as ideal as a MGTOW/masculist can get. She wont be totally happy herself, because she is being denied her biological destiny, i.e. to have a kid, but until the divorce courts are made menfair, until the Parer (paternity rejection right) is brought in, men will continue to reject fatherhood, and women will continue to go childless.

MGTOWs/masculists ought to push women politically to put pressure on the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, so that men become more willing to be fathers. That’s not going to happen until most women are so desperate that they start assassinating gender politicians to force them to menfair the gender laws.

In the meantime, the best that women can do is to be FIP, to be nurturatively nice to a man that she wants to twaytwef with. She’s not going to get the traditional wedding, the house, the manslave,  the kids, the divorce, the alimony. Those days are gone. Men have woken up and REFUSE to be manslaves. You can view masculism as essentially A REBELLION BY MEN AGAINST WORKING FOR WOMEN. Only FIP women will be able to twaytwef, because most men will only spit on fluffies, as manslaving vermin, once they have had their MGTOW/masculist consciousnesses raised, which is what the masculists/MGTOWs are doing now with their YouTube videos and flyers, etc.

Will millions of women accept these restrictions? Can they adapt to being nurturative FIP twaytweffers? They will have to, because we men are nearly all FIPs. We have the power to wipe out fluffies, if we refuse to go near them. We can force women to suppress their cravings to have a kid, otherwise they get dumped. Things will remain this way, until women go crazy, and start putting real pressure on the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws.

Of course, masculists will be putting pressure on the gender politicians too, by continuing to crash the population size, pointing the finger at the gender politicians, accusing them of being genocidal criminals, of being bribed by the Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists to have men and woman at each others throats, and to wipe out the goy by wiping out the population. The pressure on the gender politicians will have to be SEVERE to get them to move.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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