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This title needs some explanation, even to people who have read most of my MGTOW/masculist flyers.

My first thought for the title was “Should a MGTOW/masculist twaytwef with a fluffie?”, but that would be an oxymoron, because the very definition of twaytweffing is that the woman a FIP MGTOW/masculist twaytwefs with, is a FIP, i.e. not just two apartments, but also two FIPs.

So twaytwef became simply “tway” i.e. 2A = two apartments. So twaying is just a relationship where the man and the woman have their own apartment each, but with no emphasis on the idea that the woman should be a FIP (financially independent person).

The motivation behind the title came from a “devil’s advocate” type question – “If the couple have their own apartment each, then if the woman is a fluffie (a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’ money) does that matter much to the twaying man?”

You could argue that the answer is no, because if the woman starts putting pressure on the man to give her money, then he can simply dump her the way a twaytweffing man could do with his FIP girlfriend, so is there any point in making the distinction between FIP and fluffie status for the girlfriend?

Discussing this question is what this flyer is about, i.e. talking about the pros and cons of twaying vs. twaytweffing, i.e. insisting or not insisting on the woman being a FIP.

So there seem to be two possibilities, two viewpoints here, so I’ll take both points of view and try to justify them both, starting with twaying, i.e. where the girlfriend is a fluffie.

If the MGTOW/masculist sees women largely as vaginas, as sex objects, then it doesn’t matter much whether he tways or twaytwefs. A hole is a hole. When the woman starts behaving like a fluffie, putting pressure on him to have a baby, or to give her money, or starting to behave like a child, not taking responsibility for her life, nagging, playing the blame game, etc, then he can quickly dump her, because she has her own apartment.

So I can imagine there are a lot of MGTOWs/masculists are so pissed off with women, that they see women only as cunts, in the literal sense (and in many cases, both.) To such men, they may operate on a policy of pump and dump at a relatively high frequency (with all the risks of getting an STD, that having many sex partners implies, which is always the downside of rapid pumping and dumping.)

The other big down side with twaying is the respect issue. If the MGTOW/masculist is a real FIP and accepts as his main life focus, that women should be FIPs, and be responsible adults, then even a few weeks or months with a fluffie may be painful, even if the sex is good and exciting due to its newness. The weeks or months during which the relationship sours due to the contempt that the man has towards the woman because of her fluffie attitudes, make for an unpleasant fraction of his time. If a man is spending let’s say, a quarter of his time in the negative portion of the relationship, then that’s a lot, which could be avoided to a large extent by twaytweffing.

Twaytweffing will give the man a higher chance of him respecting the woman, who by definition is a FIP. She will be much more adult, and responsible, behaving much more as an adult, not nagging him as much if at all, and certainly will not badger him to spend money on her. So the twaytweffing MGTOW/masculist is likely to have a better quality relationship with the FIP woman that the fluffie.

There is also the consideration of the after-effect, i.e. what happens after the man dumps the woman. A fluffie is probably more likely to feel she is a victim and has been wronged by the man than will a FIP woman. Fluffie women are more likely to have childminds, putting the blame for their condition on anyone else but themselves. So the man may get more flak (perhaps even more legal flak) from a fluffie than a FIP woman. That possibility should not be discounted.

But you may say, a FIP woman, and a fluffie are both women, and are genetically programmed to want kids, especially when their biological clocks are ticking in their 30s, so the man needs to take certain basic precautions, i.e. always use a condom, so that he cannot be lied to by a woman (fluffie or FIP) that she’s taking the pill, who is desperate to have a baby while she still can, in the last few years of her fertility window. The man should also quickly flush the condom down the toilet so his sperm is gone and cannot be sperm jacked by a criminally dishonest woman, who then may force a paternity suit on him. When it comes to having a kid, women are not to be trusted.

Another aspect of a twaytwef relationship is the possibility of greater compatibility. A man who tways just for the sex, may be prepared to sex a woman who is very fuckable, with lovely curves and a grippy, creamy cunt, but looks down on her for her lower IQ, class, status, etc, and hence not benefit from a relationship with a FIP woman who is more likely to be his match, i.e. compatible with him, sharing basic attitudes, particularly regarding FIPdom, i.e. feeling the moral obligation for a woman to pull her financial weight, and not parasite on a man.

A FIP woman will probably be brighter than a fluffie, simply because she if FIP, she probably selected herself in wanting to have her own career, and got a decent education to do that, etc. A smarter woman, so long as she is not 5+ IQ points smarter than him, will probably be more interesting, and compatible for him. (Actually, research shows that if the IQ gap within a couple is over 5 IQ points, then the relationship usually dies. People are highly sensitive to their partner’s IQ.)

Personally, I can’t suffer fools. If a woman is an ignorant illogical idiot, she is quickly out the door for me.

I would prefer to twaytwef than tway. Sex is just a few hours, and then what. What do you talk about? If the woman is truly thick, although deliciously curvy, then boredom will set in fast. I could not pretend to be interested in her female prattle about her clothes, shoes, previous boyfriends, next trip, etc. Now if she could talk in an informed way about ideas, if she reads serious books, then I would be a lot more interested, but truly thinking females are rare, unfortunately, so many decades ago I resigned myself to the bitter reality that feminism was incapable of making women “interesting” i.e. really worth talking with, having a stimulating, interesting, engaging, informative conversation with, the way I do with my few male friends whose intellects I really respect. I rarely have that experience with women. For me, women are truly the inferior sex.

So in my book, the closest to ever getting to a “mindfucking” relationship with a woman would be to twaytwef. Twaying alone, would be a nonstarter for me. I couldn’t tolerate sticking my dick in a cunty fool. That would be passionless.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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