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I’ve been playing devil’s advocate with myself the past few days, wondering whether it is strictly necessary for a woman to be a FIP in order that a man will be willing to twaytwef with her. In other words, should a man twaytwef with a fluffie?

First some definitions, for readers who are not familiar with the above terms. A FIP is a financially independent person, the type of woman masculists demand that women be, otherwise masculists refuse to have anything to do with them. A masculist is a men’s libber, rebelling against the traditional male role of being a manslave to a parasitic fluffie. A fluffie is a traditional woman who expects to parasite off a man’s money.

Twaytweffing (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) is a relationship between a FIP man and a FIP woman, each with their own apartment, so that when the relationship fails, as nearly all do, they both return to their own apartment, cost free. There is no divorce, because no marriage, no child support from the man, because no kids, no alimony, because the woman is a FIP. Twaytweffing is a popular lifestyle with many MGTOWs (men going their own way, refusing to marry and refusing to have kids, spending their money on themselves, because they are fed up with our gynocentric society, and especially the toxicity of the divorce courts for men, where roughly one married man in four will be financially massacred in the divorce courts, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony to a fluffie ex-wife, perhaps for life.)

Twaytweffing has the considerable advantage for a MGTOW-masculist in that he gets regular sex from a woman, plus the considerable advantage that the threat that he can walk away from the relationship so easily, keeps the woman in fear that she must always be nice to him, otherwise he can so easily end the relationship, at no cost to him.

BUT, couldn’t a twaytweffer man have a similar relationship with a fluffie? Strictly speaking, by definition, the woman MUST be a FIP, otherwise the man is NOT a twaytweffer, because having a relationship with a fluffie would make him a “2A1F”er. But that’s “taking the letter of the law.” What about having 2 apartments, and getting the regular sex that he needs, but with a fluffie, and if she starts manifesting fluffie attitudes, i.e. nagging him to give her money, nagging him to have a kid with her, etc, then he could dump her just as readily as he could dump a female FIP.

Yes, he could, and so in practice, I can imagine a lot of men will choose to do something like this, so perhaps a new label might be useful at this point. Since the essence of the idea of twaytweffing, is having two apartments, and a having a relationship that can be easily stopped cost free to the man, then how about “twapping”, the “twapping lifestyle” i.e. the (2A) two apartment” lifestyle, i.e. no moving in together.

So twapping may be quite popular with a lot of guys. I remember decades ago, in my 20s, living in Cambridge, England, the guy upstairs to me, who is now a famous mathematician, had a real fancy for his dishy girlfriend, who must have been 50 IQ points dumber than him. He liked her curvy body and her cunt and nothing else. She used to complain bitterly, in tears, “You don’t love me!” which was true. (My first wife and I could hear her cries from the apartment above.) He told us “I really fancy her!” and that was fully understandable, because she was deliciously fuckable. But by twapping, as they both did, he was able to walk away cost free, once her nagging really got on his nerves and her greatly lower intelligence began to bore him more than he liked her cunt.

BUT, there are distinct DISADVANTAGES with twapping. If the woman is a fluffie, then twapping might work for a few years when the woman is in her 20s and her biological clock is not ticking hard, because she knows she has maybe a decade more of reproductive life ahead of her, so there’s no rush to find a robot male manslave to pay for a middle class house that she can raise her kids in. Twapping with a childless woman in her 30s is decidedly DANGEROUS. She may know you are a conscious, ideological twapper (a masculist, a MGTOW) and resent you for it. She may lie to you about the pill, and “accidentally” get pregnant, and given the gynocentric, menunfair gender laws, you as a male will be screwed. You will be financially massacred.

You could always use a condom, and flush it immediately down the toilet, so as not to be “sperm jacked” as so many desperate women in their 30s do, to have a baby.

A fluffie will nag you, if you are a twapper and she is in her 30s. When you dump her because of that, she may turn really hostile towards you, because she realizes that she may remain poor, because you are never going to give her any money to have a kid with.

Twaytweffing is superior to twapping because the woman will have a different attitude  towards men, because she is a FIP. She has made the effort to educate herself into a career competent field, and makes good money. When the twaytwef relationship ends, she will not have the financial existential fear that a fluffie would probably have, because the FIP knows she can take care of herself financially, whereas the fluffie will be forced to abandon any hope she has of extracting money from her twapping ex boyfriend.

Also, a twaytweffing boyfriend will have more respect for his FIP girlfriend. She is much more likely to be his equal, in many respects, so he admires her more than a fluffie. A FIP male who twaps with a fluffie woman, just for the sex and her good looks, will respect her less because of her fluffie lifestyle, her fluffie parasitic attitudes towards men. The twap relationship will thus be more fragile, and more likely to fail, which can create emotional suffering. A twaytwef relationship will be more egalitarian, more respectful, and hence more likely to survive, and be successful.

SO, in my book, some men may choose to twap, but its riskier than twaytweffing, so I recommend the latter.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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