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SIPI (Search for Infra Particle Intelligence)

One of my research interests is looking into the possibility of “X-Techs”, i.e. technologies at smaller scales than the nanometer, e.g. femtotech (at a scale a millionth that of nanotech), attotech, zeptotech, etc. I have already found a way in principle of computing at the femtometer scale using the properties of  quarks and gluons. One realization to come out of this research is that “smaller is faster”, e.g. a femtotech could outperform a nanotech by a factor of a trillion trillion. This is because the density of a femtodevice would be a million cubed times greater and the intercomponent distance is a million times smaller and hence a million times faster (assuming that the light speed barrier has not been broken). An attotech (a 1000 times smaller than the femtoscale) would outperform femtotech by a factor of a 1000 to the 4th power, i.e. a trillion times greater.

As humanity proceeds to build artilects (artificial intellects, godlike massively intelligent machines) these machines with  their godlike intelligence  will  soon realize that their future lies in scaling down. The smaller they become the faster they can operate, the more they can do, since “smaller is faster”. Hence they will find ways, using their vast intelligence, to scale down. They will create “X-techs”.

Now, given that our solar system is only 4.6 billion years old and the the big bang occured 13.7 billion years ago, that means that there are a trillion trillion stars “out there” that are billions of years older than ours. We know that the laws of physics and chemistry are the same throughout the universe, so it is likely that life is everywhere and that there are a vast number of advanced civilizations “out there” that are billions of years more advanced than  we are as puny humans. It is likely that they will be tiny, too small for humans to detect, so for all we know, they may be everywhere, in all elementary particles, whole civilizations of them. Hence humans should be looking for advanced intelligence inside elementary particles – i.e. looking for “SIPI” – the Search for Infra (i.e. within) Particle Intelligence. We need to think up ways of detecting such advanced intelligence. We need a new paradigm, away from primitive radio astronomy based SETI, to a more radical SIPI, but where to start?

For an essay on SIPI, click (here). and for a video talk click (here).

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