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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

Feminazis have become genociders and have to be stopped. Men don’t need bullets to do this, merely the palms of their hands. This flyer explains what is meant by this statement.

Feminazis have taken over the divorce courts and have made them so toxic for males that two thirds of young men under 35 now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. This rejection of paternity is wiping out whole populations, so indirectly these hated feminazi bitches are causing the population to crash, i.e. they have become genociders, and hence have to be stopped.

Japan has already seen its population start to decline as a result of the MGTOW (actually in Japan it’s called the “herbivore” movement) induced drop in population from its peak of 128 million to 127 million 5 years later. In 20 years, after the baby boomers have died off, the Japanese population will have shrunk to about 80 million, i.e. to about two thirds of its current size.

Japanese politicians are pulling their hair out, trying to figure out how to persuade young Japanese men to be fathers again. There is even a cabinet minister of population devoted to the problem, but his admonition to young Japanese men of “Man up!” had the opposite effect. Young Japanese men simply refused to adopt the horrible life style of their salaryman fathers, with their 11 hour days, 3 hour commute times, getting home so late at night, that they orphaned their kids who were asleep when they got home, handing over their paychecks to their fluffie housewives, who gave him a meager allowance, and spent his money on the kids, the house and herself. He overworked, while she played tennis with her housewifey fluffie friends. No wonder Japanese young men are rebelling and going MGTOW/herbivore.

Japan is about a decade ahead of the west in this regard, so western politicians need to learn from Japan. What they need to learn is that men will not be willing to be fathers again, until the feminazi bitches have been stopped in their tracks, so that the gender laws can be menfaired, so that men can feel much safer about becoming fathers,  not risking being financially massacred by the feminazi controlled divorce courts, having a one chance in four, as a married father, of this happening.

The masculists really need to push the idea onto the public and the broadcast media, that the feminazis have to be stopped, otherwise our population gets wiped out, due to the paternity strike, caused indirectly by the feminazi takeover of the divorce courts, where feminazi bitches are taking their revenge on men whom they see as the hated enemy.

It is only a question of time, before most of the population wakes up to this reality and agrees that the feminazis have to be stopped. They will see with their own eyes in time, as the population keeps shrinking, as house prices tumble, due to their being more houses available than buyers, as whole villages depopulate, as is already happening now in Japan, as old people are no longer given pensions by governments, because there are too few younger people at work to pay for these pensions, etc.

These feminazi bitches have to be stopped, but how. How to stop them?

One way would be to do what the German Freikorps did just after the end of WW1, when the Jewish communists threatened to take over Germany the way they had in Russia, and then went on to commit the greatest holocaust in history, killing 66 million white Christian Russians (says the highly respected Solzhenitsyn in his two books “die Juden in der Sowjet Union” and “Zwei Hundert Jahr Zusammen” (200 Years Together) both books being blocked from publication in the English speaking countries by the Jewish publishing monopoly. The Freikorps used armored cars with machine guns to shoot down communists in the streets to suppress them and drive them out of Germany.

But the masculists don’t need bullets to stop the feminazis, we only need the palms of our hands. I need to explain.

The masculists and MGTOWs need to explain to the public that the feminazis have become genociders, as explained above. The public needs to be convinced that the feminazis have to be stopped, otherwise they will wipe out whole populations. They are becoming the greatest enemy of humanity ever. THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED!

There is a very effective, simple and cost-free way to do this. It is called bitch slapping, i.e. the slapping of bitches by men, using the full strength of a man’s chest muscles (three times stronger than a woman’s) to slap a woman’s cheek with his palm.

Such a slap is extremely painful for a woman and the force of the blow will send her flying across the room, screaming in pain and horror. A woman who has been bitch slapped once by a man, never wants to be bitch slapped a second time, so if she is threatened with bitch slapping a second time, she will go quiet, she will quietly slink away from the scene.

What is now needed is for the masculist strategy of bitch slapping the feminazis to be made socially acceptable, to be seen as politically necessary to stop the feminazis from wiping out whole populations.

The masculists need to pioneer this policy by regularly bitch slapping the feminazi bitches when they behave as monsters to men. By this I don’t mean that a man can go up to a random woman on the street and bitch slap her simply because she is a woman. That would be criminal, and unacceptable, but there are circumstances when such bitch slapping is to be recommended. Here is a list of such examples and recommendations.

  1. A masculist and a feminist get involved in a heated argument, with hatred expressed on both sides. The woman loses patience and feels she has the right as a feminazi to do two things, a) to hit a man who expresses hatred against feminazi crimes (as seen by the masculist), and b) that the masculist does NOT have the right to hit her back immediately.  So the feminazi slaps the man with the force she can manage as a female. The masculist is outraged at being so violated, and hits her back with equal force. The feminazi then explodes in hypocritical rage, screaming “How dare you hit a woman!” To the masculist, this feminazi hypocrisy (i.e. its ok for a woman to hit a man, but not ok for a man to hit a women back) is a red flag to a bull, so he bitch slaps her, sending her flying to the ground in screaming pain, teaching her a lesson, that she is never to hit a man again, through fear of being bitch slapped by a man a second time, reliving the excruciating pain.
  1. A feminazi speaker at a conference makes derogatory remarks about men to a mixed audience. A man emerges from the crowd, walks onto the stage and bitch slaps her, stating “Feminazis are genociders. They have to be stopped” then walks off the stage, to applause from the men and from some female masculists in the audience.
  2. Some feminazi politician makes a statement in the media that is totally unacceptable to the masculists. She is then stalked to her home, and bitch slapped. The media is then contacted to explain why.
  3. Feminazi hecklers at a masculist meeting attempt to close it down by collective feminazi noise. The several dozen feminazi hecklers are collectively bitch slapped by the masculists in the audience, who then go to the media and tell the journalists that “These feminazi bitches are now genociders, wiping out whole populations. They have to be stopped.”
  4. These bitch slapping incidents become so common place, the police turn a blind eye to them, so that the feminazis can no longer rely on “male feminist traitor” police to support them. They will then do what women have meekly done for millennia, they will submit to men, because they have no choice, they are physically and intellectually inferior to men, and should not pretend to be otherwise.
  5. Public pressure builds up and up against the hated gender politicians and feminazi dominated divorce court judges and lawyers, so that on a regular basis, feminazi divorce court judges and lawyers are bitch slapped in their thousands, by masculists wearing masks.
  6. The public begins to associate masculists with bitch slapping. It becomes a hallmark of the masculists, a stereotype, a cultural norm, a cultural expectation, i.e. “Feminazis are genociders. Feminazis have to be stopped. Masculists stop them by bitch slapping them. It works, it’s cheap, and it has to be done.”

In time, social pressure against the feminazi divorce court judges and lawyers and especially against the hated gender politicians becomes so strong, that the gender laws are menfaired. The broadcast media gets behind the issue and turns public opinion against the feminazis, so that they get wiped out, they die off. They learn that everyone hates them, so they crawl away and die, into oblivion.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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