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Springer, Abel Symposia (AS) Books List

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Springer, “Abel Symposia” (AS) Books List

AS1  Operator AlgebrasThe Abel Symposium 2004, Vol. 1, (eds.) Bratteli et al  (unfree)

AS2  Stochastic Analysis and ApplicationsThe Abel Symposium 2005, Vol. 2, (eds.) Benth et al  (unfree)

AS3  Mathematics and Computation, a Contemporary ViewThe Abel Symposium 2006, Vol. 3, (eds.) Munthe-Kaas, Owren  (unfree)

AS4  Algebraic TopologyThe Abel Symposium 2007, Vol. 4, (eds.) Baas et al  (unfree)

AS5  Differential Equations – Geometry, Symmetries and IntegrabilityThe Abel Symposium 2008, Vol. 5, (eds.) Kruglikov et al  (unfree)

AS6  Combinatorial Aspects of Commutative Algebra and Algebraic GeometryThe Abel Symposium 2009, Vol. 6, (eds.) Floystad et al , Johnsen  (unfree)

AS7  Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationsThe Abel Symposium 2010, Vol. 7, (eds.) Holden, Karlsen  (unfree)

AS8  Algebras, Quivers and RepresentationsThe Abel Symposium 2011, Vol. 8, (eds.) Buan et al  (unfree)

AS9  Operator-Related Function Theory and Time-Frequency AnalysisThe Abel Symposium 2012, Vol. 9, (eds.) Grochenig et al  (unfree)

AS10  Complex Geometry and DynamicsThe Abel Symposium 2013, Vol. 10, (eds.) Fornaess et al  (unfree)

AS11  Statistical Analysis for High-Dimensional Data, The Abel Symposium 2014, Vol. 11, (eds.) Frigessi et al   (unfree)

AS12  Operator Algebras and Applications, The Abel Symposium 2015, Vol. 12, (eds.) Carlsen et al   (unfree)

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