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Springer “Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies” (BSMS) Books List

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Springer “Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies” (BSMS) Books List  (26)

Series Introduction  (link)

BSMS1   Combinatorics, Paul Erdos is Eighty, 1, Miklos et al  (unfree)

BSMS2   Combinatorics, Paul Erdos is Eighty, 2, Miklos et al  (unfree)

BSMS3   Extremal Problems for Finite Sets, Frankl et al  (unfree)

BSMS4   Topology with Applications, Csaszar  (unfree)

BSMS5   Approximation Theory and Function Series, Vertesi et al  (unfree)

BSMS6   Intuitive Geometry, Barany, Boroczky  (unfree)

BSMS7   Graph Theory and Combinatorial Biology, Lovasz et al  (unfree)

BSMS8   Low Dimensional Topology, Boroczky et al  (unfree)

BSMS9   Random Walks, Revesz, Toth  (unfree)

BSMS10  Contemporary Combinatorics, Bollobas  (unfree)

BSMS11  Paul Erdös and His Mathematics, Halasz et al  (unfree)

BSMS12  Higher Dimensional Varieties and Rational Points, Boroczky et al  (unfree)

BSMS13  Surgery on Contact 3-Manifolds and Stein Surfaces, Ozbagci, Stipsicz  (unfree)

BSMS14  A Panorama of Hungarian Mathematics in the Twentieth Century, I, Horvath  (unfree)

BSMS15  More Sets, Graphs and Numbers, Gyori et al  (unfree)

BSMS16  Entropy, Search, Complexity, Csiszar et al  (unfree)

BSMS17  Horizons of Combinatorics, Gyori et al  (unfree)

BSMS18  Handbook of Large-Scale Random Networks, Bollobas et al  (unfree)

BSMS19  Building Bridges, Grotschel, Katona  (unfree)

BSMS20  Fete of Combinatorics and Computer Science, Katona et al  (unfree)

BSMS21  An Irregular Mind, Barany, Solymosi  (unfree)

BSMS22  Cylindric-like Algebras and Algebraic Logic, Andreka et al  (unfree)

BSMS23  Deformations of Surface Singularities, Nemethi, Szilard  (unfree)

BSMS24  Geometry – Intuitive, Discrete, and Convex, Barany et al  (unfree)

BSMS25  Erdös Centennial, Lovasz et al  (unfree)

BSMS26  Contact and Symplectic Topology, Bourgeois et al  (unfree)

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