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Springer “Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences” (CMCS) Books List

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Springer “Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences”  (CMCS) Books List  (11)

Springer Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences (CMCS)  (link)

CMCS1  The Mathematics of Knots, Theory and Application, Banagl, Vogel  (unfree)

CMCS2  The Arithmetic of Fundamental Groups, Stix  (unfree)

CMCS3  Scientific Computing and Cultural Heritage, Contributions in Computational Humanities, Bock et al  (unfree)

CMCS4  Model Based Parameter Estimation, Theory and Applications, Bock et al  (unfree)

CMCS5  Emil Artin and Helmut Hasse, The Correspondence 1923-1958, Frei et al  (unfree)

CMCS6  Computations with Modular Forms, Bockle, Wiese  (unfree)

CMCS7  Iwasawa Theory 2012, State of the Art and Recent Advances, Bouganis, Venjakob  (unfree)

CMCS8  Conformal Field Theory, Automorphic Forms and Related Topics, Kohnen, Weissauer  (unfree)

CMCS9  Multiple Shooting and Time Domain Decomposition Methods, Carraro et al  (unfree)


CMCS11  Modeling Cellular Systems, (eds.) Graw et al  (unfree)

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