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Springer Verlag Book Series List (math) (m)

  Springer Verlag Book Series List (math) (m)

Springer Mathematics Books (link)


How to read Springer book sample pages. Click on the blue (or black) book title. Then click on any chapter title. You should then be able to read the first 2 pages of that (and any) chapter. You can zoom those pages, by clicking on the horizontal triplet of dots at the upper right, and using the slider bar at the bottom to center the page. You can thus read about 10% of the book. If the book has 20 short chapters as many do, that’s 40 sample pages or about 20% of the book.

How to read Amazon book sample pages.  If the book has the “Look inside” feature, click on the book cover. If you want to read the first pages, click on “First Pages.” To remove the left hand side column, click on the small double left pointing arrows. Keep clicking on the Zoom+ button at the top until the page fills the screen. Hold down the left clicker of the mouse to drag and center the text using the little hand icon. Amazon’s “Look inside” feature allows you to read about 10% of the book. But Amazon also provides a “Surprise me” feature which allows you to see a sample of 6 consecutive  pages randomly taken from the book. You can use the “Surprise me” feature maximum 3 times on the same book, before you are blocked from using it a fourth time. So that’s 10+ 3*6 = 28 pages that can be sampled with Amazon.

Combining Springer and Amazon sampling : Combining Amazon’s 28 sample pages with Springer’s reading of the first 2 pages of each chapter, i.e. a further 30-40 sample pages, that’s roughly 60-70 sample pages. Assuming the book is about 200 pages long, you get to sample read about a third of the book, which is not a bad browse. Of course, if Google supplies a full contents (full text) link to the book, then who cares about sampling a book when you can read the whole thing!


85, 144, 189, 449, 829, 1134, 1286, 1434, 1464, 1468, 2145, 3791,

Algebra  (link)  (2145)  now doing Springer and Amazon links

Analysis  (link)  (3791)  now doing Springer and Amazon links

Applications  (link)  (1464)

Computational Science & Engineering  (link)  (1134)

Dynamical Systems & Differential Equations  (link)  (829)

Geometry & Topology  (link)  (1286)

History of Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (449)

Mathematical & Computational Biology  (link)  (189)

Mathematical Physics  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (85)

Number Theory & Discrete Mathematics  (link)  (1434)

Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes  (link)  (1468)

Quantitative Finance  (link)  (144)

SERIES   (A-L Springer math book series list)   (M-Z Springer math book series list)

NOTE : Series marked in blue are major sources (i.e. > 40 books)!

Undergraduate Level

Modules and Monographs in Undergraduate Mathematics and its Applications   (link)  (6)

Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done   (22) 

Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series (SUMS)  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done, partially FULL TEXTED  (78) 

Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics (UTM)  (link)  Springer & Amazon links done   (216)


Graduate Level

45, 45, 46, 46, 46, 46, 47, 47, 47, 50, 53, 53, 54, 54, 56, 57, 66, 66, 68, 69, 70, 78, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 89, 91, 96, 98, 98, 99, 99, 101, 104, 104, 111, 116, 120, 135, 160, 163, 166, 181, 233, 260, 296, 393, 424, 672, 2208,


Abel Symposia  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (12)

Abhandlungen und Vorträge aus dem Gebiete der Mathematik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik   (link)  (4)

Advanced Applications in Pattern Recognition   (link)  (4)

Advanced Courses in Mathematics – CRM Barcelona  (link)  (34)

Advanced Lectures in Mathematics  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (25)

Advances in Complex Analysis and Its Applications  (link)  Springer & Amazon links done  (5)

Advances in Mathematics  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (10)

Advances in Mathematical Economics  (link)  (21)

Advances in Mathematics Education  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (16)

Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics  (link)  (14)

Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics  (link)  (32)

Advances in Numerical Mathematics  (link)  (12)

The AKM Series in Theoretical Computer Science   (link)  (3)

Algebra and Applications  (link)  (23)

Algorithms and Combinatorics  (link)  (33)

Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics  (link)  (32)

Analysis   (link)  (2)

Annals of CEREMADE   (link)  (1)

Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games  (link)  (14)

Annals of Systems Research   (link)  (7)

Anwendung von Mikrocomputern   (link)  (16)

Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis  (link)  (84)

Applied Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (233)

Applied Optimization  (link)  (104)

Applied Probability   (link)  (4)

Aspects of Mathematics  (link)  (46)

Aspekte der Mathematik   (link)  (2)

Association for Women in Mathematics Series  (link)  (7)

Atlantis Briefs in Differential Equations  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (4)

Atlantis Studies in Differential Equations  (link)  (4)

Atlantis Studies in Dynamical Systems  (link)  (5)

Atlantis Studies in Mathematical Physics : Theory and Applications  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (2)

Atlantis Studies in Mathematics  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (6)

Atlantis Studies in Mathematics for Engineering and Science  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (14)

Atlantis Studies in Probability and Statistics  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (9)

Atlantis Studies in Scientific Computing in Electromagnetics  (link)  (2)

Atlantis Studies in Variational Geometry  (link)  (4)

Atlantis Transactions in Geometry  (link)  (2)

Aufbaukurs Mathematik  (link)  (11)

Automated Reasoning Series  (link)  (4)


Bachelorkurs Mathematik  (link)  (4)

Basler Lehrbücher   (link)  (1)

Bibliotheque  (link)  (1)

Biomathematics  (link)  (21)

Birkhäuser Advanced Texts Basler Lehrbücher  (link)  (33)

Birkhäuser Skripten  (link)  (11)

Bocconi & Springer Series  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (7)

Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (17)


Chaos und Fraktale   (link)  (1)

CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (4)

C.I.M.E. Foundation Subseries  (link)  (111)

C.I.M.E. Summer Schools  (link)  (83)

Classics in Mathematics  (link)  (47)

CMS Books in Mathematics  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done   (41)

Collection IRIS  (link)  (16)

Collegium Logicum  (link)  (2)

Colloquia (Scuola Normale Superiore)  (link)  (5)

Commercium epistolicum  (link)  (10)

Compact Textbooks in Mathematics  (link)  (11)

Computational Imaging and Vision  (link)  (45)

Computing Supplementa  (link)  (17)

Constructive Approximation   (link)  (1)

Contemporary Mathematicians  (link)  (53)

Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (10)

Control Engineering  (link)  (24)

Convergenze  (link)  (10)

Cooperative Systems  (link)  (3)

Core Books in Advanced Mathematics   (link)  (1)

Cornerstones  (link)  (14)

CRM Series  (link)  (18)


Denkschriften der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften   (link)  (20)

Denkschriften Öst.Akademie d.Wiss. Bd 116 (abgeschlossen)   (link)  (2)

Design Science Collection  (link)  (7)

Developments in Mathematics  (link)  (47)

Differential-Algebraic Equations Forum  (link)  (7)

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science  (link)  (19)

Dokumente zur Geschichte der Mathematik  (link)  (7)

Dynamics Reported. New Series  (link)  (7)


EAA Series   (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (18)

École d’Été de Probabilités de Saint-Flour  (link)  (24)

Einstein Studies  (link)  (13)

Elements of Mathematics  (link)  (1)

Encyclopaedia of Mathematics  (link)  (20)

Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (99)

Ergebnisse der angewandten Mathematik   (link)  (9)

Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 2. Folge  (link)  (98)

Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 3. Folge / A Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics  (link)  (68)

The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry  (link)  (20)


Fields Institute Communications  (link)  (18)

Fields Institute Monographs   (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (7)

Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics  (link)  (2)

Foundations in Signal Processing, Communications and Networking  (link)  (12)

Frontiers in Applications of Mathematics  (link)  (1)

Frontiers in Applied Dynamical Systems: Reviews and Tutorials  (link)  (5)

Frontiers in Mathematics  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (41)


Gelfand Mathematical Seminars  (link)  (1)

Geometry and Computing  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (11)

Geosystems Mathematics  (link)  (1)

Gesammelte Werke Collected Works   (link)  (6)

Gesellschaft, Recht, Wirtschaft   (link)  (1)

Graduate Texts in Mathematics (GTM)  (link)   FULL TEXTED!!  (275)

   (Springer’s GTM is the most famous series of graduate math texts on the planet)

Grundkurs Mathematik  (link)  (19)

Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften  (link)  393  ! (make non-edit)

Grundlehren Text Editions   (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (2)

Grundstudium Mathematik  (link)  (11)

Grundwissen Mathematik   (link)  (13)


Handbook for Automatic Computation   (link)  (2)

The Handbooks of Fuzzy Sets  (link)  (7)

HBA Lecture Notes in Mathematics  (link)  (3)

History of Mathematics Subseries  (link)  (2)

History of Topology  (link)  (3)

Husserliana : Edmund Husserl – Collected Works  (link)  (13)


IFSR International Series on Systems Science and Engineering  (link)  (27)

The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications  (link)  (160)

IMPA Monographs  (link)  (5)

IMSc Lecture Notes in Mathematics  (link)  (3)

Industrial and Applied Mathematics  (link)  (5)

Infosys Science Foundation Series  (link)  (4)

Infosys Science Foundation Series in Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (3)

Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics   (link)   Springer & Amazon links done    (12)

Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics  (link)  (56)

International Mathematical Series  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (16)

International Series in Intelligent Technologies  (link)  (19)

The International Series on Discrete Event Dynamic Systems  (link)  (8)

International Series of Numerical Mathematics  (link)  (163)

International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation  (link)  (11)


K-Monographs in Mathematics  (link)  (7)

Konzepte und Studien zur Hochschuldidaktik und Lehrerbildung Mathematik  (link)  (5)

Künstliche Intelligenz   (link)  (16)


Lecture Notes (Scuola Normale Superiore)  (link)  (13)

Lecture Notes in Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis  (link)  (1)

Lecture Notes in Biomathematics   (link)  (99) !

Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering  (link)  (116) !

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems  (link)  (672) !

Lecture Notes in Geosystems Mathematics and Computing  (link)  (5)

Lecture Notes in Logic  (link)  (3)

Lecture Notes in Mathematics  (link)   2208 !!

Lecture Notes in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics  (link)  (1)

Lecture Notes in Morphogenesis  (link)  (10)

Lecture Notes in Physics   (link)  (2)  ???

Lecture Notes in Statistics – Proceedings  (link)  (16)

Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (20)

Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modelling in the Life Sciences   (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (10)

Lectures in Mathematics. ETH Zürich  (link)  (29)

Leonhard Euler, Opera Omnia  (link)  (85)

Lévy Matters  (link)  (5)

Linear Operators and Linear Systems  (link)  (10)

Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik   (link)  (21)

LOMI and Euler International Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg   (link)  (1)


Matematica e cultura  (link)  (13)

Mathematica Gottingensis   (link)  (4)

La Matematica per il 3+2  (link)  (96)

Mathematical Biosciences Institute Lecture Series  (link)  (6)

Mathematical Biosciences Subseries  (link)  (13)

Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (42)

Mathematical Lectures from Peking University  (link)  (2)

Mathematical Modeling : Theory and Applications (link)  (8)

Mathematical Physics Studies  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (39)

Mathematical Programming Studies   (link)  (29)

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications   (link)  (28)

Mathematics and Biosciences in Interaction  (link)  (10)

Mathematics and Its Applications  (link)  (424)

Mathematics and its Applications, Soviet Series  (link)   (91)

Mathematics and its Applications, East European Series  (link)  (54)

Mathematics and the Built Environment  (link)  (1)

Mathematics : Theory & Applications  (link)  (9)

Mathematics and Visualization  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (43)

Mathematics, Culture, and the Arts  (link)  (1)

Monographs in Computational Science and Engineering  (link)  (1)

Mathematics in Industry  (link)  (24)

Mathematics of Planet Earth  (link)  (1)

Mathematics Textbooks for Science and Engineering  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (4)

Mathematik   (link)  (7)

Mathematik-ABC für das Lehramt  (link)  (12)

Mathematik für das Lehramt an Gymnasien   (link)  (2)

Mathematik erleben  (link)  (1)

Mathematik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler, Ökonomen und Landwirte  (link)  (46)

Mathematik für das Lehramt  (link)  (10)

Mathematik für Physiker und Ingenieure   (link)  (4)

Mathematik für Studienanfänger  (link)  (8)

Mathematik Kompakt  (link)  (26)

Mathematik Primarstufe und Sekundarstufe I + II  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (43)

Mathematik Vorlesungen für Ingenieurschulen   (link)  (1)

Mathématiques et Applications  (link)  (70)

Mathematisch-physikalische Bibliothek   (link)  (29)

Mathematische Annalen   (link)  (5)

Mathematische Bibliothek  (link)  (1)

Mathematische Grundlagen der Informatik  (link)  (9)

Mathematische, physikalische und technische Wissenschaften  (link)  (9)

Mathematische Vorlesungen an der Universität Göttingen  (link)  (1)

Mathematische Zeitschrift   (link)  (1)

Mathematisches Institut der Universität und Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn   (link)  (3)

Mechanics : Analysis   (link)  (9)

Mitteilungen aus dem Institut für Angewandte Mathematik   (link)  (4)

MLP Repetitorium: Repetitorium Wirtschaftswissenschaften  (link)  (20)

Modern Birkhäuser Classics  (link)  (101)

Monografie Matematyczne  (link)  (12)

Monographs (Scuola Normale Superiore)  (link)  (2)

Monographs in Contemporary Mathematics  (link)  (10)

Monographs in Mathematical Economics  (link)  (1)

Monographs in Mathematics  (link)   (27)

Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability  (link)  (13)

MS&A  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (16)

Multi Processing Algebra Lectures  (link)  (1)


Nankai Institute of Mathematics, Tianjin, P.R. China   (link)  (11)

Network Theory and Applications  (link)  (16)

Nexus Network Journal  (link)  (19)

Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications  (link)  (3)

Nonlinear Topics in the Mathematical Sciences   (link)  (3)

Numerical Methods and Algorithms  (link)  (6)


Opera mathematica   (link)  (31)

Opera mechanica et astronomica  (link)  (31)

Opera physica, Miscellanea  (link)  (12)

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications  (link)  (260)

Original Scientific Papers / Wissenschaftliche Originalarbeiten   (link)  (3)


Pathways in Mathematics  (link)  (1)

Personelle und Statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit   (link)  (2)

Perspectives in Mathematical Logic  (link)  (8)

Perspectives in Statistics  (link)  (8)

PNLDE Subseries in Control  (link)  (1)

Praktische Funktionenlehre   (link)  (7)

PRISTEM Storia  (link)  (7)

Probability and Its Applications  (link)  (19)

Probability at Saint-Flour  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (14)

Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling  (link)  (17)

Problem Books in Mathematics   (link)   Springer & Amazon links done, partially FULL TEXTED   (53)

Problems in mathematical analysis   (link)  (1)

Proceedings of the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics/La Société Canadienne d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Mathématiques  (link)  (2)

Progress in Mathematics  (link)  (296)

Progress in Mathematical Physics  (link)  (66)

Progress in Nonlinear Differential Equations and their Applications  (link)  (89)

Progress in Probability  (link)  (70)

Project 1072. DIAMOND   (link)  (1)

Pseudo-Differential Operators  (link)  (12)

Publications des Archives Henri Poincaré Publications of the Henri Poincaré Archives  (link)  (9)

Publications of the Scuola Normale Superiore  (link)  (135)


Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte der Mathematik Astronomie und Physik   (link)  (1)


Readings in Mathematics  (link)  (9)

Realitätsbezüge im Mathematikunterricht  (link)  (5)

Research Perspectives  (link)  (3)

Research Perspectives CRM Barcelona  (link)  (8)

Research Reports in Physics   (link)  (25)

RSME Springer Series  (link)  (2)


Sammlung Mathematisch-Physikalischer Lehrbücher   (link)  (1)

Schriften der Mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse  (link)  (28)

Schriften zur Datenverarbeitung   (link)  (4)

Schriften zur Informatik   (link)  (2)

Science autour de / around 1900  (link)  (5)

SCOPOS  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (16)

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa   (link)  (1)

SEMA SIMAI Springer Series  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (13)

Séminaire de Probabilités  (link)  (19)

Series in Contemporary Mathematics  (link)  (1)

Siberian School of Algebra and Logic  (link)  (7)

Simons Symposia  (link)  (5)

Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing  (link)  (3)

Sitzungsber.Heidelberg 51   (link)  (5)

Sitzungsber.Heidelberg 53-55   (link)  (2)

Sitzungsber.Heidelberg 65   (link)  (2)

Sitzungsber.Heidelberg 67/68   (link)  (5)

Sitzungsberichte der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften   (link)  (89)

Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences  (link)  (46)

Sources in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (18)

Springer Biographies  (link)  (15)

SpringerBriefs in Finance  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (16)

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Methods  (link)  (6)

SpringerBriefs in Mathematics  (link)  (87)

SpringerBriefs in the Mathematics of Materials  (link)  (2)

SpringerBriefs in Optimization  (link)  (30)

SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics  (link)  (4)

SpringerBriefs in Quantitative Finance  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (8)

Springer Collected Works in Mathematics  (link)  (104)

Springer Finance  (link)  (54)

Springer Finance Lecture Notes  (link)  (5)

Springer Finance Textbooks  (link)  (16)

Springer INdAM Series  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (17)

Springer-Lehrbuch Masterclass  (link)  (66)

Springer Monographs in Mathematics  (linkSpringer & Amazon links done  (189)

Springer Optimization and Its Applications  (link)  (120)

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (17)

Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics  (link)  (181)

Springer Series in Computational Mathematics  (link)  (57)

Springer Series in the Data Sciences  (link)  (1)

Springer Series in Information Sciences  (link)  (53)

Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering  (link)  (46)

Springer Series in Soviet Mathematics  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (10)

Springer Studium Mathematik – Bachelor  (link)  (7)

Springer Studium Mathematik – Master  (link)  (1)

Springer Textbook   (link)  (1)

Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy  (link)  Springer & Amazon links done  (41)

Springer VideoMATH  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done  (11)

Static & Dynamic Game Theory : Foundations & Applications  (link)  (5)

STEAM-H: Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Mathematics & Health  (link)  (1)

Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability  (link)  (78)

Stochastics in Biological Systems  (link)  (6)

Strukturtypen der Logik   (link)  (3)

Studienbücher Naturwissenschaft und Technik   (link)  (5)

Studienbücher Wirtschaftsmathematik  (link)  (47)

Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences   (link)  (18)

Studies in Universal Logic  (link)  (14)

Surveys and Tutorials in the Applied Mathematical Sciences  (link)   Springer & Amazon links done   (7)

Surveys in Applied Mathematics   (link)  (1)

Systems & Control : Foundations & Applications  (link)  (69)


Tafeln aus dem Gebiet der Theta-Funktionen und der elliptischen Funktionen mit 120 erläuternden Beispielen   (link)  (2)

Tata Institute Lectures on Mathematics and Physics Textbooks in Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (1)

Tata Institute Studies in Mathematics   (link)  (1)

Technician   (link)  (2)

Teubner-Archiv zur Mathematik   (link)  (10)

Teubners technische Leitfäden   (link)  (11)

Texts & Monographs in Symbolic Computation  (link)  (16)

Texts and Readings in Mathematics  (link)  (4)

Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences  (link)  (1)

Texts in Applied Mathematics  (link)  (86)

Texts in Computational Science and Engineering  (link)  (25)

Texts in the Mathematical Sciences  (link)  (23)

Texts in statistical science  (link)  ()  ???

Theorie geregelter Systeme   (link)  (2)

Theory and Applications of Computability  (link)  (5)

Theses (Scuola Normale Superiore)  (link)  (21)

The Tool Kit of Dynamic Activities  (link)  ()  ???

Topological Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications  (link)  (6)

Translations Series in Mathematics and Engineering   (link)  (4)

Trends in Mathematics  (link)  (88)

Trends in the History of Science  (link)  (8)

Tsinghua University Texts  (link)  (2)


UNITEXT  (link)  (166)

uni-texte  (link)  (45)

The university series in higher mathematics   (link)  (5)

University Series in Mathematics  (link)  (19)

Universitext  (link)  (390)  Springer & Amazon links done, now FULL TEXTING 

Unsolved Problems in Intuitive Mathematics  (link)  (4)

USSR Subseries   (link)  (1)


Vector Optimization  (link)  (8)

Vierter Band   (link)  (2)

vieweg stadium ; Aufbaukurs Mathematik  (link)  (50)

Vita Mathematica  (link)  (20)

Vladimir I. Arnold – Collected Works  (link)  (3)

Vom Zählstein zum Computer  (link)  (10)


The Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole Mathematics Series  (link)  (5)

Teubners technische Leitfäden   (link)  (11)

Wissenschaft und Kultur   (link)  (33)

Wissenschaftliche Grundfragen   (link)  (4)


Zweiter Band   (link)  (1)

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