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Springer “Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics” (IMM) Books List

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Springer “Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics” (IMM) Books List  (12)

Series Introduction  (link)

An Introduction to the Boltzmann Equation and Transport Processes in Gases, Kremer  (unfree)

Energy Methods in Dynamics, 2nd. edn., Le, Nguyen  (unfree)

Entropy and Energy, A Universal Competition, Muller, Weiss  (unfree)

Global Formulations of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics on Manifolds, A Geometric Approach to Modeling and Analysis, Lee et al  (unfree)

Macroscopic Transport Equations for Rarefied Gas Flows, Approximation Methods in Kinetic Theory, Struchtrup  (unfree)

Material Inhomogeneities and their Evolution, A Geometric Approach, Epstein, Elzanowski  (unfree)

Modeling Nonlinear Problems in the Mechanics of Strings and Rods, The Role of the Balance Laws, O’Reilly  (unfree)

Non-commuting Variations in Mathematics and Physics, A Survey, Preston  (unfree)

Qualitative Methods in Inverse Scattering Theory, An Introduction, Cakoni, Colton  (unfree)

Topological Derivatives in Shape Optimization, Novotny, Sokolowski  (unfree)

Variational Principles of Continuum Mechanics, I. Fundamentals, Berdichevsky  (unfree)

Variational Principles of Continuum Mechanics, II. Applications, Berdichevsky  (unfree)

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