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Springer Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana (SLNUMI) Books List

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Springer “Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana” (LNUMI) Books List

Series Introduction  (link)

LNUMI01  An Introduction to Navier-Stokes Equation and Oceanography, Tartar  (unfree)

LNUMI02  Topics on Concentration Phenomena and Problems with Multiple Scales, Braides et al  (unfree)

LNUMI03  An Introduction to Sobolev Spaces and Interpolation Spaces, Tartar  (unfree)

LNUMI04  Mean Oscillations and Equimeasurable Rearrangements of Functions, Korenovskii  (unfree)

LNUMI05  Transport Equations and Multi-D Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Ambrosio et al  (unfree)

LNUMI06  From Hyperbolic Systems to Kinetic Theory, A Personalized Quest, Tartar  (unfree)

LNUMI07  The General Theory of Homogenization, A Personalized Introduction, Tartar  (unfree)

LNUMI08  Zeta Functions over Zeros of Zeta Functions, Voros  (unfree)

LNUMI09  Hilbert Functions of Filtered Modules, Rossi, Valla  (unfree)

LNUMI10  Hyperfinite Dirichlet Forms and Stochastic Processes, Albeverio et al  (unfree)

LNUMI11  Convolution Operators on Groups, Derighetti  (unfree)

LNUMI12  Harmonic Functions and Potentials on Finite or Infinite Networks, Anandam  (unfree)

LNUMI13  Phase Change in Mechanics, Fremond  (unfree)

LNUMI14  Factoring Ideals in Integral Domains, Fontana et al  (unfree)

LNUMI15  Homological Mirror Symmetry and Tropical Geometry, Castano-Bernard  (unfree)

LNUMI16  Elementary Symplectic Topology and Mechanics, Cardin  (unfree)

LNUMI17  Evolution Equations of von Karman Type, Cherrier, Milani  (unfree)

LNUMI18  On the Geometry of Some Special Projective Varieties, Russo  (unfree)

LNUMI19  Elliptic Regularity TheoryA First Course, Beck  (unfree)

LNUMI20  Nonlocal Diffusion and Applications, Bucur, Valdinoci  (unfree)

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