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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics (SPM) Books List

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics (SPM)  Books List  (17)

Series Introduction  (link)

PM1   Dynamics, Games and Science I, (eds.) Peixoto et al  (unfree)

PM2   Dynamics, Games and Science II, (eds.) Peixoto et al  (unfree)

PM3   Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems, (eds.) Georgoulis et al  (unfree)

PM4   Finite Volumes for Complex Applications VI Problems & Perspectives, (eds.) Fort et al  (unfree)

PM5   Mathematical Image Processing, (ed.) Bergounioux  (unfree)

PM6   Analysis for Science, Engineering and Beyond, (eds.) Astrom et al  (unfree)

PM7   Stochastic Differential Equations and Processes, (eds.) Zili, Filatova  (unfree)

PM8   Complex and Differential Geometry, (eds.) Ebeling et al  (unfree)

PM9   Contributions in Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory, (eds.) Blomer, Mihailescu  (unfree)

PM10   Buildings, Finite Geometries and Groups, (ed.) Sastry  (unfree)

PM11   Probability in Complex Physical Systems, (eds.) Deuschel  et al (unfree)

PM12   Numerical Methods in Finance, (eds.) Carmona et al  (unfree)

PM13   Approximation Theory XIII: San Antonio 2010, (eds.) Neamtu, Schumaker  (unfree)


PM15   Pattern Formation in Morphogenesis, Problems and Mathematical Issues, (eds.) (eds.) Capasso et al  (unfree)

PM16   The Mathematical Legacy of Leon Ehrenpreis, (eds.) Sabadini, Struppa  (unfree)

PM17   Global Differential Geometry, (eds.) Bar et al  (unfree)

PM18  Mathematics and Modern Art, (ed.) Bruter  (unfree)

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