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Springer “SEMA SIMAI Series” (SSS) Books List

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Springer “SEMA SIMAI Series” (SSS) Books List  (13)

Springer Book Series (link)

SSS1  New Challenges for Cancer Systems Biomedicine, (eds.) d’Onofrio et al  (unfree)

SSS2  Computing Qualitatively Correct Approximations of Balance Laws, Gosse  (unfree)

SSS3  Advances in Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering, Pares et al  (unfree)

SSS4  Advances in Differential Equations and Applications, Casas, Martinez  (unfree)

SSS5  New Challenges in Grid Generation and Adaptivity for Scientific Computing, Perotto, Formagia  (unfree)

SSS6  Mesoscopic Theories of Heat Transport in Nanosystems, Sellitto et al  (unfree)

SSS7  Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems, (eds.) Carballido-Landeira, Escribano  (unfree)

SSS8  Trends in Differential Equations and Applications, (eds.) Ortegon et al  (unfree)

SSS9  Numerical Simulation in Physics and EngineeringLecture Notes of the XVI ‘Jacques-Louis Lions’ Spanish-French School, (eds.) Higueras et al  (unfree)

SSS10  Advances in Iterative Methods for Nonlinear Equations, (eds.) Amat, Busquier  (unfree)

SSS11  Optimal Design through the Sub-Relaxation MethodUnderstanding the Basic Principles, Pedregal  (unfree)

SSS12  Advances in Discretization MethodsDiscontinuities, Virtual Elements, Fictitious Domain Methods, (eds.)  Ventura,, Benvenuti  (unfree)

SSS13  Computational Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and ApplicationsLecture Notes of the XVII ‘Jacques-Louis Lions’ Spanish-French School, (eds.) Mateos, Alonso  (unfree)

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