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Springer Series in Soviet Mathematics (SSM) Books List

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Springer Series in Soviet Mathematics (SSM) Books List  (10)

Springer Series List (link)

Differential Equations, Tikhonov et al  (unfree)

Game-Theoretical Control Problems, Krasovskii, Subbotin  (unfree)

Introduction to Random Processes, Rozanov  (unfree)

Lagrangian Manifolds and the Maslov Operator, Mishchenko et al   (unfree)

Learning Higher Mathematics, Part I : The Method of Coordinates Part II : Analysis of the Infinitely Small, Pontrjagin  (unfree)

Lie Groups and Algebraic Groups, Onishchik, Vinberg  (unfree)

Local Methods in Nonlinear Differential Equations, Part I The Local Method of Nonlinear Analysis of Differential Equations Part II The Sets of Analyticity of a Normalizing Transformation, Bruno  (unfree)

Methods in the Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems in Astrophysics and Gas Dynamics, Bogoyavlensky  (unfree)

Partial Differential Equations, An Introduction to a General Theory of Linear Boundary Value Problems, Dezin  (unfree)

Sobolev Spaces, Maz’ya  (unfree)

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