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“Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy” Books List

“Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy” Books List (41)

Springer Series List (link)

NOTE : Early texts are mostly in German, later texts in English.

TNP1  Linearized Analysis of One-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Flows, Gundersen  (unfree)

TNP2  Differential- und Integral-Ungleichungen und ihre Anwendung bei Abschätzungs- und Eindeutigkeitsproblemen, Walter  (unfree)

TNP3  Konstruktive Methoden der konformen Abbildung, Gaier  (unfree)

TNP4  Approximation von Funktionen und ihre numerische Behandlung, Meinardus  (unfree)

TNP5  Viscometric Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids, Theory and Experiment, Coleman et al   (unfree)

TNP6  Studies in Non-Linear Stability Theory, Eckhaus  (unfree)

TNP7  The General Problem of the Motion of Coupled Rigid Bodies about a Fixed Point, Leimanis  (unfree)


TNP9  Magnetoelastic Interactions, Brown  (unfree)

TNP10  Foundations of Physics, Bunge  (unfree)

TNP11  Some Improperly Posed Problems of Mathematical Physics, Lavrentiev  (unfree)

TNP12  Nachwirkung in Ferromagnetika, Kronmüller  (unfree)

TNP13 Approximation of Functions: Theory and Numerical Methods, Meinardus  (unfree)

TNP14  The Physics of Large Deformation of Crystalline Solids, Bell  (unfree)

TNP15  The Confluent Hypergeometric Function with Special Emphasis on its Applications, Buchholz  (unfree)

TNP16  Mathematical Foundations of Network Analysis, Slepian  (unfree)

TNP17  Nonlinear Differential Equations of Chemically Reacting Systems, Gavalas  (unfree)

TNP18  Introduction to the Theory of Bases, Marti  (unfree)

TNP19  Uniqueness Theorems in Linear Elasticity, Knops, Payne  (unfree)

TNP20  Relativity and the Question of Discretization in Astronomy, Edelen, Wilson  (unfree)

TNP21  Obtaining Generating Functions, McBride  (unfree)

TNP22  The Thermodynamics of Simple Materials with Fading Memory, Day  (unfree)

TNP23  Analysis of Discretization Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations, Stetter  (unfree)

TNP24  Variational Methods Applied to Problems of Diffusion and Reaction, Strieder, Aris  (unfree)

TNP25  Monotonie: Lösbarkeit und Numerik bei Operatorgleichungen, Bohl  (unfree)

TNP26  Integral Geometry and Inverse Problems for Hyperbolic Equations, Romanov  (unfree)

TNP27  Stability of Fluid Motions I, Joseph  (unfree)

TNP28  Stability of Fluid Motions II, Joseph  (unfree)

TNP29  Relativistic Theories of Materials, Bressan  (unfree)

TNP30  Heat Conduction Within Linear Thermoelasticity, Day  (unfree)

TNP31  Boundary Value Problems of Finite Elasticity, Local Theorems on Existence, Uniqueness, and Analytic Dependence on Data, Valent  (unfree)

TNP32  A Commentary on Thermodynamics, Day  (unfree)

TNP33  The Theory of Pseudo-rigid Bodies, Cohen, Muncaster  (unfree)

TNP34  Rational Kinematics, Angeles  (unfree)

TNP35  Continua with Microstructure, Capriz  (unfree)

TNP36  A Development of the Equations of Electromagnetism in Material Continua, Tiersten  (unfree)

TNP37 Rational Extended Thermodynamics, Mueller, Ruggeri  (unfree)

Extended Thermodynamics, Müller, Ruggeri  (unfree)

TNP38  An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of the Navier-Stokes Equations, Vol. I : Linearised Steady Problems, Galdi  (unfree)

TNP39  An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of the Navier-Stokes Equations, Vol. II : Nonlinear Steady Problems, Galdi  (unfree)

TNP40  Phase-Integral Method, Allowing Nearlying Transition Points, Fröman, Fröman  (unfree)



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