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Springer Verlag “CMS Books in Mathematics” Books List

Springer Verlag “CMS Books in Mathematics” Books List (41)

Springer Series List  (link)

17 Lectures on Fermat Numbers, From Number Theory to Geometry, Krizek et al  (unfree)

A Concrete Approach to Classical Analysis, Muresan  (unfree)

Abelian Groups and Representations of Finite Partially Ordered Sets, Arnold  (unfree)

An Introductory Course in Lebesgue Spaces, Castillo, Rafeiro  (unfree)

Applied Impulsive Mathematical Models, Stamova, Stamov  (unfree)

Banach Space Theory, The Basis for Linear and Nonlinear Analysis, Fabian et al   (unfree)

Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions as Dual Spaces, Dales et al   (unfree)

Best Approximation in Inner Product Spaces, Deutsch  (unfree)

Biorthogonal Systems in Banach Spaces, Hajek et al   (unfree)

Classical Topics in Discrete Geometry, Bezdek  (unfree)

Combinatorial Methods, Free Groups, Polynomials, and Free Algebras, Shpilrain et al  (unfree)

Computational Excursions in Analysis and Number Theory, Borwein  (unfree)

Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces, Bauschke, Combettes  (unfree)

Convex Analysis and Nonlinear Optimization, Theory and Examples, Borwein, Lewis  (unfree)

Convex Functions and their Applications, A Contemporary Approach, Niculescu, Persson  (unfree)

Convexity and Well-Posed Problems, Lucchetti, Roberto  (unfree)

Counting and Configurations, Problems in Combinatorics, Arithmetic, and Geometry, Herman et al   (unfree)

Differentiable Optimization and Equation Solving, A Treatise on Algorithmic Science and the Karmarkar Revolution, Nazareth  (unfree)

Differential Geometry of Varieties with Degenerate Gauss Maps, Akivis, Goldberg  (unfree)

Duality for Nonconvex Approximation and Optimization, Singer  (unfree)

Dynamical Systems in Population Biology, Zhao  (unfree)

Equations and Inequalities, Elementary Problems and Theorems in Algebra and Number Theory, Herman et al   (unfree)

Functional Analysis and Infinite-Dimensional Geometry, Fabian et al  (unfree)

Generalized Inverses, Theory and Applications, Ben-Israel et al  (unfree)

Interpolation and Approximation by Polynomials, Phillips  (unfree)

Interpolation and Sidon Sets for Compact Groups, Graham, Hare  (unfree)

Mathematics and the Aesthetic, New Approaches to an Ancient Affinity, (eds.) Sinclair, Higginson  (unfree)

Mathematics and the Historian’s Craft, (eds.) Kinyon, van Brummelen  (unfree)

Ordering Block Designs, Gray Codes, Universal Cycles and Configuration Orderings, Dewar, Stevens  (unfree)

Orthogonal Polynomials for Exponential Weights, Levin, Lubinsky  (unfree)

Quiver Representations, Schiffler  (unfree)

Recent Advances in Algorithms and Combinatorics, (eds.) Reed, Linhares-Sales  (unfree)

Reflection Groups and Invariant Theory, Kane  (unfree)

Simplicial Structures in Topology, Ferrario, Piccinini  (unfree)

Solving the Pell Equation, Jacobson, Williams  (unfree)

Techniques of Variational Analysis, Borwein, Zhu  (unfree)

The Riemann Hypothesis, A Resource for the Afficionado and Virtuoso Alike, (eds.) Borwein et al   (unfree)

Two Millennia of Mathematics, From Archimedes to Gauss, Phillips  (unfree)

Variational Methods in Partially Ordered Spaces, Göpfert et al   (unfree)

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